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Why do the French prefer football and the Canadians hockey?

Sport occupies an important place in modern societies. Whether amateur or professional, it’s a great way to commune with other practitioners or with a cheering crowd. Nevertheless, sports disciplines the most loved and revered vary greatly from region to region.

On the one hand, this is due to the history and culture of the countries. Here, find out why the ice Hockey is the flagship discipline in Canada while the French prefer football!

Why Canadians Prefer Hockey?

Understanding the preferences of a people generally requires knowledge of their history and ways of life. If ice hockey is the sport of choice in Canada, questioning its emergence and its place in the culture of the country gives excellent indications of the causes of this.

The birthplace of ice hockey

Ice hockey is a sport that European settlers created in Canada by borrowing parts from other games . It derives primarily from the field hockey widespread in 18th century England and Scotland and the lacrosse-like stick-and-ball game played at the time by Aboriginal people.

These interactions contributed to the birth of the current form of Canadian ice hockey, which was played for the first timein an indoor stadium in 1875 in Montreal. It is now possible for anyone to make gains through this discipline by going to a special site for Canadians.

Hockey is an imported discipline in France . In addition, the short winter period (from January to the end of February) does not allow you to focus on this sport at the time. Disciplines like rugby and the soccer often qualified as summer sports are more suited to the climate of France.

Although this sport is practiced alternatively with the field hockey for a long time, the French ice hockey federation only saw the light of day in 2006. More than 100 years after the first championship games in Canada.

Hockey: A Canadian Culture

Hockey is an integral part of the Canadian universe. A national sport, many agree that the rise of hockey is tied to that of Canada. We have to take into account that Canada is a winter countryand that its climate is detrimental to the practice of so-called summer sports.

The fact that hockey was born in this country also gives a traditional character . This sport is passed down from generation to generation. In France, the pioneer sport was rugby. For a long time the most practiced discipline, it was gradually joined by football, the favorite sport of workers, immigrants and the clergy.

Why do the French prefer football?

If football is currently the banner of French sport, this was not always the case. The enthusiasm aroused by football in France is mainly due to the accessibility of the discipline and the exploits of the French team.

An accessible and unifying sport in France

If the French football federation was born in 1919, football had already conquered most of the French. soccer is born in europein a country that maintains strong ties with France. It is therefore one of the first nations to adopt this sport.

Second, of all sports, the rules of football are among the most easy to assimilate . There are basic principles within everyone’s reach. Moreover, in some countries, the main argument against football is that of an activity that does not require much thought.

Football is also less demanding in terms of equipment. A ball and a wasteland then the rest adjusts. Players mainly need a shirt and a suitable shoe.

This ease of rules and the low financial requirement contribute to the appropriation of this sport by the working class and immigrants. These being the majority in the population at the beginning of the 20and century, it is no surprise that football has conquered the industrial and agricultural cities French.

This has not been the case in Canada where climatic conditions have limited the adoption of football. The practice of this sport is almost impossible on frozen ground.

The exploits of French football

Football has a rich history with the French, especially with the world cup victories of team A. The first football world cup was organized under the impetus of Frenchman Jules Rimet, FIFA president from 1923 to 1956. The trophy at the time bears his name and is the work of a French craftsman .

France also participated in the first world in 1930. It will know in the 50s the birth of its early legends with exceptional players like Raymond Kopa or Just Fontaine who holds the record for the number of goals scored (13) in a World Cup edition. Each French team has its own talents internally.

The 80s and 90s are in many ways a major turning point in French football. Led by a gala Michel Platini, 1984 was the year of the European title and the Olympic Games. This fine trend in French football was confirmed with the success of Marseille in the European Club Cup in 1993.

In 1998, the French team made his finest feat by winning the World Cup at home against Brazil. With renowned players like Zidane and Deschamps, it is communion with the whole country. France will repeat this feat in 2018, having lost the final in 2006.

Canada, on the other hand, does not have a particularly exciting footballing history. He will participate in a World Cup finals for the second time in 2022. There is not really a Canadian football legend on a global scale.

The sports differencesobserved between Canada and France can be attributed to their history and culture.

The climate of France has facilitated the emergence of summer sports. Easy access football quickly became part of the French way of life. It’s a way for them to gather and hang out around of a collective ideal.

In Canada, hockey has easily taken hold. The generational transfer and the brilliant successes of the country’s teams let the magic work. Hockey is almost a religion there today.

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