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the Roche Vendée Basket Club promote female entrepreneurship

On this occasion, the RVBC and Bpifrance did things on a grand scale by bringing together their respective ecosystems at the Halle des Sports des Oudairies: young students from Audencia, the club’s economic partners, member companies of the Bpifrance Excellence network and local entrepreneurs who testified during a round table.

Les Leaders, a community of entrepreneurs

By way of introduction, Philippe Provost, president of the RVBC, welcomed the participants by rejoicing at the fact that his club belongs to the community of Leaders of Bpifrance: “ I am delighted that our club is part of the Leaders and this for the 4th year in a row “. For his part, Patrice Bégay, Executive Director of Communication for Bpifrance and Bpifrance Excellence recalled that: “ The event is dedicated to women “.

In Caen, Bpifrance is building the excellence of tomorrow

Overcome recruitment difficulties

Before giving the floor to the panel of the round table, in particular on the problems of recruitment of companies, Alexandre Rigal, director of development of Bpifrance, reaffirmed the bank’s support for local entrepreneurs: “We want to highlight women to emphasize the entrepreneurial dynamic, because women’s entrepreneurship is a theme that is dear to us. “.

Then, the microphone was passed on to Karine Bouhier, manager of LCA Construction, a company member of the Excellence network, specializing in wood-based structural work, which has 70 people including 13 apprentices. “ Alternation is a device that means a lot to us. It allows young people to be trained in rapidly expanding professions and to overcome the problems associated with recruitment. “. She then continued her sharing of experiences by mentioning the support of her company by Bpifrance.

After this first intervention, Katia Bourmaud, project manager on the Audencia campus in La Roche-sur-Yon, discussed the importance for students of discovering companies. ” The impact of internships and work-study programs is very significant. We encourage our students to have experiences in companies, including abroad “. To do this, the students of the business school have several formulas to choose from: expatriation and operational internships, specific courses during the summer…

Attract and seduce young people

Just before the testimony of other entrepreneurs, Alexandre Rigal spoke again to indicate that: “ The use of work-study programs is a good way to discover companies and get young people started there”, then to ask the question: “How to promote the employer brand? “. To answer this, Delphine Barbeau, co-founder of the communication agency One X Fidlid, confirmed that recruitment is the major challenge of the moment: “ With our partner Audiencia and its Family and Social Entrepreneurship Chair, as well as our expertise in communication, we try to help companies decipher the world of tomorrow, identify the levers of visibility and put in place tools of influence.

This is essential to meet the demand for meaning demanded by candidates on the job market. However, the employer brand is not the sole responsibility of the company, it is also a collective work with other actors to make a territory attractive. “.

Dare to undertake and have confidence

The continuation and the end of the round table gave rise to speeches on trust. Delphine Bury, director of DB Métamorphose, a company specializing in the coaching and professional retraining of women, said: “ The message I want to emphasize is that you should not be afraid to dare and take the plunge, when six out of ten women find themselves in a professional dead end due to a lack of confidence”, then describe the Bouge ta Boîte initiative “It’s a national network whose objective is to boost businesses run by women. It is a network of recommendations, which is organized in circles and composed of 1700 leaders “.

Finally, Marine Souverain, trainer within the RVPC, returned to her role and more generally to sport with young people: “ Our job is to be educators and facilitators so that they express themselves and emancipate themselves in a group. At the training center, our support is focused on the athlete and especially on the school level with general, technological and professional streams. “. At the end of these exchanges, Patrice Bégay recalled a slogan that could not be more topical: ” Entrepreneurs, in 2022 see life in I dare “.