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the Montparnasse tower is heading for the NBA!

His great rookie season in Betclic Elite with Paris Basket ended, Ismaël Kamagate will no longer atomize – except unforeseen – the circles of the French championship. His ambition? Splashing the cainris with his talent. Nine years after the export of the Eiffel Tower Rudy Gobert, will we have the right to the infernal Montparnasse tower in the NBA?


  • Age: 21 years old, he blows out his candles the same day as Michelle Obama, François Damiens, Jamy de This is not rocket science, Dwyane Wade and Antoine Diot. The common birthday can wreak havoc.
  • Position: Pivot or wall, we hesitate.
  • Team: Paris Basketball
  • Height: 210 centimeterslike Nikola Jokic.
  • Weight: 104 kgnot like Nikola Jokic.
  • Wingspan: 221 centimeterswhich is the size of a very large rug.
  • Statistics 2021-22: 11.8 points at 64.8% shooting, 6.3 rebounds, 0.7 assists and 1.5 blocks for 27.4 minutes of play on average over the season.
  • Comparison : Rudy Gobert on the ceiling, Ian Mahinmi on the floor? Cocorico times twice!
  • TrashTalk Forecast: why not at the end of the first round?


Ismaël Sindou Kamagate was born in the 19th arrondissement of Paris and has never left the City of Lights. He begins sports outside of school by being a goalkeeper in the football club in his neighborhood, but he doesn’t like it too much, and he even loses the pleasure of it. When he was 11, one of his friends took him to try out at the Montrouge club. It is the revelation. From that day on, Ishmael won’t stop playing basketball and will continue to climb the ladder until today, when he finally decides to run for the draft. After having played in the youth categories at national level with Paris-Levallois, the pivot took the direction of Orléans to evolve there in U18 then in Espoirs. In 2019, a year after the creation of the Paris Basket club in Pro B, Ismaël Kamagate has only one desire: to play again under the colors of his city. With Juhann Begarin, they therefore join the capital club with the main objective of raising the club to Betclic Elite.

After a first season cut short by the pandemic, the second is that of revelation for Paris and its young people. By finishing 2nd in Pro B, Paname finally reached the elite and kept all his minots. In Paris, with Coach JC Prat on the bench, the priority is above all development and training. This season, we don’t really know what to think of Paris Basket. The club finished 15th (13 wins for 21 losses) without having managed to beat a team lower in the standings. With great victories against the big leagues like ASVEL or the Metropolitans 92, we can even say that the season has been successful. Relegation was averted, and the spectacle – to some extent – ​​ensured. On the side of the individual season of Gâté, as SCH says very well, the season is excellent. Elected All-Star France mid-season, he finished third best average blocker in Betclic Elite and received the DPOY title. His very good performance with 9 blocks against Roanne will be the climax of his season, a small tarp behind the French championship record. “Yes my spoiled”, you are finally ready for the NBA. We therefore leave you to wait with some of its highlights over the season.

As for the physical, one has the impression that the Parisian pivot is mounted on stilts. Long legs with very long arms, super heroes exist, with the incredible Elastiboy before your eyes. On the offensive aspect, the game near the circle of the Frenchie is very good. In terms of footwork and the menu available near the circle, there are quite a few moves in the painting able to delight the fans, with chef Kamagate’s specialties, carbonara hooks and bolo dunks. Then on the other side of the field, his average of counters speaks for him: 1.5 “not in my house” per match, the addition is salty for the opposing interiors. The jump timings are clean and the covers devastating. Then, it is very important to emphasize that the Frenchie has never stopped evolving. Since his first season in Paris where he also played at the Pôle France intermittently – he was then shooting at 8 points on average – the Parisian is no longer the same player today. The apprenticeship in France was successful, and we must now hope that it continues its momentum in the US, knowing that his role as a defender and finisher near the circle is easily transposable to the NBA. About this, we were able to ask Dustin Sleva, the American captain of Paris Basket who has been playing with him since the start of his professional career in Paris, what he thought of Ishmael’s evolution during these three seasons. as a player and teammate.

“Ishmael is an excellent teammate. Someone who works hard and is very pleasant to be around. By being with him for three years, I could see him progress from year to year. He has the skills and the mentality to become a great player and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him! » – Dustin Sleva, his captain in Paris, for TrashTalk

As we said just before, the Spoiled is progressing but is not yet perfect. With such a game, he causes a lot of free throws, but does not convert them enough. His 65.4% success behind the line in 2021-22 is a stain, and the Frenchie will have to put in the work to increase this percentage and become a better threat near the circle. Otherwise, his opponents will continue to foul to avoid the poster. Also, to be more effective on pick-and-roll, pick-and-pop, pick-and-peak-and-colegram games – whatever – Ishmael needs to work on creating a little mi shot – distance at least at the head of the racket, in order to be less predictable. Finally on the other side of the field, in the NBA unlike in France, there are few very fine pivots who do not like pure and hard contact. To avoid waltzing with each bicep shot from Bam Adebayo or Steven Adams, you will also have to go through the muscu box to develop your upper body a little more.


Strong points :

  • Finish near the circle
  • Circle Protection
  • Progress from year to year

Weak points :

  • Free throws
  • Mid-range shot
  • Upper body to develop


  • ESPN announces Ismaël Kamagate in 43rd position in the 2022 Draft.
  • Bleacher Report announces Ismaël Kamagate in 29th position in the Draft 2022.
  • The Athletic announces Ismaël Kamagate in 45th position in the 2022 Draft.
  • Draft Room announces Ismaël Kamagate in 26th position in the Draft 2022.
  • Tankathon announces Ismaël Kamagate in 34th position in the 2022 Draft.

With his qualities very useful near the circle for any franchise, it is possible that a team that would like to recover a non-leaking interior and already ready for the NBA, could be seduced by the Kamagate idea.

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