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The left foot, the destructive weapon of Kevin De Bruyne: what is the secret of the Red Devil?

Sensational, amazing, masterclass. Words fail to describe Kevin De Bruyne’s four-star performance against Wolverhampton. Four, like the number of roses he planted against Wolves despite the anecdotal goal scored by Leander Dendoncker.

One of the right for a surgical finish. And three from the left, his “weak foot”. But can we really speak of weakness when we observe his perfect striking technique? Clearly, KDB has proven yet again what a complete player he is. A secret weapon that allows him to be incredibly unpredictable.

“It obviously helps me a lot at the moment”

In 24 short minutes, the playing master of Citizens had already scored a hat-trick with his left foot. The third fastest in Premier League history. In all, the Red Devil has scored 24 of his 86 goals for the Skyblues in this manner. That is 27% of all of its pralines. An impressive figure that could suggest that the player is ambidextrous.

However, this address is the fruit of hard work. And this, since his childhood. “When I was young and playing football with my friends in the garden, there were two small goals. But I could only shoot from the right”he explained after the meeting. “Then I was forbidden to shoot from the right because I was killing all the flowers in the garden! I was ordered to shoot from the left because I had less power. So I practiced a lot and it became It’s natural to shoot with either foot. Obviously, it helps me a lot at the moment.”

A long-term job that allows him today to be very precise. As evidenced by his third goal at Molineux Stadium. At 25 meters, he sent a millimeter ball into the small net of José Sa. Great art.

Perfect striking technique

Whether right or left, KDB is one of the most accurate players in the world. If he can give the ball a floating trajectory, he usually focuses on a pure shot with power. What is his secret? “I think it’s about shooting the ball at the right moment with the speed of the movement. The goal is not to dominate the ball. In my opinion, it’s enough to hit the ball cleanly, especially on a straight shot. It’s just my style and the way I shoot. Some players are better with floating balls. My style is a more pure and relatively straight shot. Behind that there’s also a lot of power.”

He never hid it, Kevin De Bruyne always preferred to distil assists than to shake the nets himself. However, with 19 goals this season, he excels in this second exercise. “I think I took the right chances to score. I should have even scored five to be honest (against Wolves). At the moment it’s just about doing what it takes to win the games. You make a decision on what you think is best on the pitch and I was in a good position to shoot and when you score that much it helps.”

KDB, essential pawn for the title

Pep Guardiola is also no stranger to this prolific season. The Catalan brought him closer to the opposing area in order to use his finishing clinic. However, not so long ago, the 30-year-old Belgian played in a more remote role, a bit like a quarterback. A positioning just behind the striker which allows City to dominate the Premier League.

With a three-point lead, the Slyblues are in a good position to win their second Premier League in a row. But the Mancunians have just lost Aymeric Laporte, and possibly Fernandinho, for the rest of the season. It starts to do a lot when you know that Kyle Walker, John Stones and Ruben Dias will also be unavailable. “We can see that the team is a bit tired and that the season has been tough”, comments KDB. Especially since the next meeting promises to be perilous. “We don’t have a lot of players. West Ham’s move is a very tough game. They’re a very good team who’ve had a good season so we’re definitely not going to underestimate them. We’re going there. going to win the game and then we’ll see what happens.”

Suffice to say that Guardiola is counting more than ever on his leader to win the battle against the Hammers. “We are going to give it our all. Then in ten days we will have a little break before leaving for the national team.” Hoping that he will show his same exceptional left paw to the Belgian public against the Netherlands, Poland and Wales.

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