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the Frenchie is promising and finally ready to take off!

In France at the moment, we talk a lot about the 2002 generation with Matthew Strazel, Juhann Begarin, Ismaël Kamagaté. We talk a lot about the 2004 generation with Victor Wembanyama too. But we tend to forget to talk about kids born between the two years. The French generation of 2003 is certainly less talented than its colleagues, but it contains beautiful pearls like Ousmane Dieng.


  • Age: 19, born on the same day as FIFA. But not the same year.
  • Position: Winger versatile
  • Team: New Zealand Breakers
  • Height: 208 centimetersthe wingspan of Will Barton.
  • Wingspan: 213 centimeters
  • Statistics 2021-22: 8.9 points at 39.8% shooting, 3.1 rebounds and 1 assist for 20.4 minutes of play on average over the season.
  • Comparison : Paul George on the ceiling, Nicolas Batum on the floor? Cock-a-doodle Doo !
  • TrashTalk Forecast: 12th place.


Ousmane Dieng was born, grew up in the city of Villeneuve-sur-Lot, then played from an early age in the club of his city, the Villeneuve Basket Club. Big up to all our readers from Lot-et-Garonne. After passing the youngest categories, little Ousmane is spotted by the executives of the biggest basketball club in the region. At 13, he joined the minimal France team of the JSA Bordeaux, and began to follow the same path as a certain Elie Okobo. Two years later, we feel that the Frenchie can go even higher. And after overflown selections, the young winger joined the Pole France. From his debut in National 1, the kid takes a real role in this U18 team, and progresses as quickly as he takes centimeters. The INSEP canteen forced the soup, position 3 reached 2m and at 16, he was the team’s second best scorer with 10.1 points on average ahead of a certain Ismaël Kamagaté. During his second season at the Pole, Ousmane asserts himself, he becomes the leader on the field and in the scoring of the team with 12.6 points on average.

After having had his baccalaureate, everyone is snatching the signature of one of the best hopes of French basketball. G League Ignite, American university programs, French clubs… None could obtain the signature of position 3, in the end heading for the NBL and the New Zealand Breakers! He becomes the first European to join the “Next Star Program” set up by the Australian league, just ahead of his teammate Hugo Besson who will make the same decision a little later. Even if the Breakers’ collective season is not very flamboyant (5 wins for 23 losses), Ousmane was able to develop throughout the season and be ready to fly back to the US. For fun, here is one of its finest caviars of the season.

For his rather imposing physique for a post 3, Ousmane remains a very fluid athlete. He comes out of a very good season with the Breakers, his start was relatively long at the start of the season, then he gained strength over the rest, with in particular 13 points on average over the last 11 games of the season. The Frenchie is above all a promising boy, with enormous potential still hidden behind his weak points. For a position 3, its playmaking far exceeds that of its competitors. For him, the first option is not the shot but the pass, he has a very good vision and reading of the game, as we have seen on the pick-and-roll games at the Pôle France mastered with brio. His very good dribbling accompanies him in his passing ability, without that position 3 would have a lot more trouble freeing himself and his teammates to find easy shots.

But as has been said previously, there are still shadows in Ousmane Dieng’s game. For a position 3, his shot is not developed enough. On situations in the NBA where he will have to alternate between finishing near the circle and catch-and-shoot from the parking lot, it still lacks finishing. This season he only achieved 27.1% 3-point success, and within the League, against tougher players, you will have to know how to be effective from afar while being able to finish cleanly in the circle without suffering the contact. On the other side of the field, it also gets complicated. Position 3 is large and therefore still lacks versatility in defense. His lateral mobility too low to defend on opponents smaller than him. And when they are bigger, the Frenchie is not strong enough to resist contact. Mr. Dieng will therefore have to go to the weight room to work on his mobility and also his explosiveness on the fast starts in the drive towards the circle.


Strong points :

  • Young potential
  • Playmaking
  • Handle

Weak points :

  • Finish at the circle
  • outside shooting
  • Lateral mobility in defense


  • ESPN announces Ousmane Dieng in 12th position.
  • Bleacher Report announces Ousmane Dieng in 21st position.
  • The Athletic announces Ousmane Dieng in 12th position.
  • Draft Room announces Ousmane Dieng in 12th position.
  • Tankathon announces Ousmane Dieng in 14th position.

According to the American media, Ousmane is well approached on the side of OKC, with potentially Chet Holmgren who could land at the Thunder at the same time as him. Then alongside Théo Malédon and Jaylen Hoard, the native of Villeneuve-sur-Lot should not forget his native language. Having playing time in a franchise that trusts young people with a unicorn in the racket: nice rookie season, isn’t it?

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