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the French sensation finally arrives in America!

For two years, Hugo Besson has continued to mark the minds of French basketball fans thanks to his flashy game and his crazier highlights. After two seasons at the top of his form, the Var kid is finally ready to join the League in which he has played since childhood.


  • Position: Back scorer
  • Team: New Zealand Breakers (NBL)
  • Height: 194 centimeterslike Austin Rivers.
  • Weight: 89 kgtwo pounds from Austin Rivers.
  • Wingspan: 196 centimeters
  • Statistics 2021-22: 13.9 points, 4 rebounds and 2.3 assists for 27.6 minutes of play on the season.
  • Comparison : difficult to say on the ceiling, Rodrigue Beaubois on the floor? We remain patriotic.
  • TrashTalk Forecast: 42nd place for the Knicks, not bad, right?


Hugo Besson was born in Angers but grew up in the Var, more precisely in the Toulon region. He started basketball at the ASPTT Toulon Basket but quickly flew to Antibes to play in the French championship, then in the U23 championship. After a first season with almost 5 points on average, the back joined Elan Châlon and doubled his points average. There is potential in Hugo Besson to develop, but the latter is starting to have fun in U21 and alongside waxes the bench in pros. The Jeep Elite club at the time therefore decided to lend it to the Saint-Quentin club which was playing in Pro B. And there is the explosion in broad daylight. With an average of 19.3 points, he was voted the best young player unanimously and was even a finalist for the title of Pro B MVP. All the clubs are interested in the Besson phenomenon, but he has only one dream: to play in the NBA. After having refused great offers in France and in Europe, such as that of ASVEL, he finally joined the New Zealand Breakers with his compatriot Ousmane Dieng within the framework of the “Next Star Program” of the Australian league. For this season in the NBL, he finished second best scorer for the Breakers this season with in particular very good performances spread over the season. For him, the change of scenery has been very good, even if he has not yet learned what the sign of JUL means to Australians.

Hugo Besson is a born scorer. Here, we are not here to cut corners, we will lose otherwise, he is a scorer. Whether it’s finishing near the circle, mid-range shooting or parking, the Frenchie can be lethal. With 30.6% success behind the arc this season, it shows that you shouldn’t leave him alone for more than a second otherwise it’s going strong. The Var is also capable of taking heat over short or long periods: in a match against Perth, Hugo Besson scored 14 points in a row. Fourteen. That’s a lot there, isn’t it? Besides that on the offensive aspect, the back is a very good playmaker and manages to put his teammates in very good shooting situations. His basketball IQ is also very good, he knows how to find opportunities for his Breakers friends to also put him in good shooting conditions.

However, one of the biggest questions hovering around Hugo’s profile is about his physique. In Europe or Oceania, his lack of speed did not handicap him, but in the NBA, the situation will change drastically. In defense, the Frenchie will clearly lack lateral mobility. Position 2 is struggling to hold its one-on-one, and it will be targeted by enemy attacks because of it, for sure. At the level of the musculature, it will also be necessary to go through the weight room box to avoid waltzing with each contact a little too hard. Finally in the offensive aspect, we spoke to you earlier about his hot shots earlier, but even if it does not fit, position 2 will not hesitate to take additional shots even if they are very forced . With or without apparent lucidity, his shot selection is very poor at times and could well annoy his open teammates who were just waiting for the Frenchman’s caviar.


Strong points :

  • Scoring
  • basketball IQ
  • Playmaking

Weak points :

  • Physical
  • Defense
  • Selection of shots


  • ESPN announces Hugo Besson in 42nd position.
  • Bleacher Report announces Hugo Besson in 52nd position.
  • The Athletic announces Hugo Besson in 56th position.
  • Draft Room announces Hugo Besson in 51st position.
  • Tankathon announces Hugo Besson in 48th position.

Despite a very good Combine, Hugo Besson sees a lot of people passing in front of him. Even if he sees himself having to spend a little time on the G League floors to obtain a suitable place within an NBA roster, it does not scare him. Hugo still needs to develop a bit, but when he’s ready, he can wreak havoc within the League.

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