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The EDF Aqua Challenge is always thinking bigger

Nothing new for this 5th edition of the EDF Aqua Challenge, but returns like those of Bordeaux and Vichy, canceled last year, which allow the circuit to reach the number of thirteen stages. A record that should allow all lovers of the genre to find their happiness and to be even more numerous at the start. Discover, now, the complete program of this 5th edition and register here!

May 21-22 – Le Prêcheur- Saint-Pierre (Martinique) – “Lyan’ Naj Karayb”

For the first time on the EDF Aqua Challenge calendar in 2019, the “Lyan’ Naj Karayib” has, like many other stages on the circuit, suffered the effects of the health crisis. Canceled in 2020, moved to July in 2021 when it was initially scheduled for May, the only event organized overseas should therefore finally be able to find its true cruising speed. In any case, this is what Robert Marajo and the friends of the Longvilliers Club are hoping for, who have built a most attractive program with four races (500 meters, 1, 2 and 3 kilometers) on Saturday May 21 and a 10-mile race on Sunday. May 22 between the communes of Le Prêcheur and Saint-Pierre, along the northwest coast.

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June 4-5 – Cannes (06) – Bocca Cabana Cup

As in the last three editions of the EDF Aqua Challenge, it is the Bocca Cabana Cup that opens the ball for the metropolitan events. Masterfully organized by the CN Cannes, it has been further expanded this year with a 1 kilometer race which will take place on Saturday afternoon between the playoffs and the final of the spectacular “BBC Warrior”, where the participants alternate parts swam and crossing obstacles! More classic, Sunday will start at 8:30 am with a 5 km whose last winner for men is none other than a certain David Aubry. The double record holder of France (800 and 1500 m freestyle) and bronze medalist at the 2019 world championships in the 800 m had also had a field day last season since he had chained himself by winning the 2.5km and the 3×500 meter relay with Yohan and Benjamin, his brothers.

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June 5 – Bordeaux (33) – Swimming across Bordeaux

Unfortunately canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to the health crisis, the Traversée de Bordeaux à la nage is finally making its return to the EDF Aqua Challenge calendar. Good news for a legendary event that had disappeared for half a century before being brought up to date in 2007 thanks to the late Olympic champion Jean Boiteux and Marc Lafosse, former French champion in the 50m breaststroke. Originality of this competition, the departures take place in four successive waves (wave of wriggling eels first, followed by those of wild shad, nutria and tidal bore), depending on the time that the participants expect to take to complete the 1,700 meters of the course on the Garonne, in the heart of the city. Between the Ponton du quai Richelieu and the Port Bastide, the competitors will have plenty of time (if they stick their heads out of the water a little) to discover the famous Place des Quinconces or the no less famous Place de la Bourse. Particularly eco-responsible, this event is also very secure since there is one rescuer (on paddle or jet ski) for every four competitors!

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June 19 – Martigues (13) – “The Martigues Etang de Berre Trophy”

If Martigues has been welcoming Philippe Lucas and his training group since the start of the season, the “Venice of Provence” had shown its attachment to open water from 2019 by integrating the EDF Aqua Challenge circuit with the “Martigues trophy – Pond of Berre”. It is, in fact, from the Ferrières beach, on the shores of the Martegale lagoon, that the start of the four individual races (500 m, 1, 2.5 and 5 km) and the 4×500 m relay on the program of this new edition. But as was already the case last summer, the competitors of the 2.5 and 5 terminals will make an incursion into the city center via the Baussengue canal. Note that for each commitment to these two events, €1 will be donated to the Lions Club for the benefit of a humanitarian association.

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June 23-26 – Marseille (13) – “The Monté Cristo challenge”

Three days of competition, ten races (from 1 to 6 km, with or without fins, alone or in a team), 5,000 participants of 50 different nationalities: the figures speak for themselves and prove – if it is still necessary – that the Monte-Cristo Challenge is indeed the most important swimming event at sea, in France, but also in Europe! In addition to the legendary crossing between the island of If (where swimmers are brought by boat) and the beach of Petit Roucas Blanc, in the wake of Edmond Dantès, the famous Count of Monte Cristo hero of the eponymous novel by Alexandre Dumas , the organizers also invite open water enthusiasts to meet up for an after-work on Friday June 24 at 7 p.m. The opportunity for those who are not yet on vacation to do a few lengths (2 kilometers all the same) in the Big Blue before sharing a dish of pasta and ending the evening with music at the foot of the Bonne Mère.

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July 2-3 – Moustiers-Sainte-Marie (04) – Verdon Swim Experience

The first edition organized last summer having been a total success, the CREA Sports Organization association, in partnership with AC Hyérois, has therefore decided to do it again this year. And to once again offer swimming in the exceptional setting of Lake Sainte-Croix and the Gorges du Verdon, which attracted nearly 600 competitors during the first Verdon Swim Experience. As in 2021, participants in the 3.5 and 6 km will have the privilege of swimming in the very heart of the Grand Canyon, whose turquoise waters at the foot of 700-meter-high cliffs are just a delight. Or how to live your passion while savoring the beauty of a protected natural site!

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July 9-10 – Quiberon (56) – “The Quiberonnais Challenges”

Created by sea swimming enthusiasts and enjoying a setting that could not be more conducive to the practice of open water, Quiberon Atlantique Natation was, of course, one of the first clubs to join the circuit of the EDF Aqua Challenge since its creation in 2018 with its Défis quiberonnais. This summer again, Ken En Treh Bay will host five events over two days, four of which (the Fireworks Challenge over 1,500 m, the Carl Bech Challenge over 3 km, the Port Maria Challenge over 6 km and the Ultra Challenge of Port Maria with its 10 terminals) are also labeled Coupe de France and Coupe de Bretagne. This shows how much these races, which spectators can easily follow from the Grande Plage while enjoying the exceptional sunshine of the Breton peninsula (2,000 hours per year, the equivalent of Toulouse!), attract each year the best specialists in the discipline. The double 25 km world champion, Axel Reymond, won there twice in 2016 and 2021!

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July 22-23 – Vichy

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July 31 – Savines-le Lac (05) – “The crossing of Serre-Ponçon”

Arrived on the circuit in 2020, the “Crossing of Serre-Ponçon” has nonetheless become in just two editions an essential step for lovers of the genre. It is true that the Serre-Ponçon lake, the largest in mainland France, is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular settings in which to experience your passion for open water. Maintained against winds, tides and COVID, the stage organized by the Dauphins Embrunais also has a complete and now well-rehearsed program of which the 3 and 5 km are the high points, but where the general public is not forgotten with a 500 meters, a 1.5 km and a 3×500 relay always eagerly awaited. Only small change this year, the program is gathered on the single day of Sunday, Saturday being devoted to the removal of hats and animations.

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August 15 – Annecy (74) – “Crossing the lake”

Canceled in 2020 and reduced to the minimum portion last summer (only the 2.4 km and the 1 km had been maintained) due to the health crisis, the Traversée du lac d’Annecy is back in all its glory this year with a complete program of four races! And this is obviously only fair for an event which in 2019 attracted more than 1,500 competitors and which will experience its 90th edition on August 15th! To celebrate this oh so important anniversary, the Dauphins d’Annecy (it can’t be invented!) have also decided to innovate by offering Sunday August 14 in the afternoon an astonishing disguised entertainment race which should appeal to all audiences. New also with regard to the 10 terminals since the swimmers who will start from the port of Annecy-le-Vieux will make a loop to Les Guerriers before returning through the port to reach the finish located behind the Ile aux Cygnes in the enchanting setting of the Parc des Jardins de l’Europe.

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September 3-4 – Six-Fours-les-Plages (83) – “Six-Fours Swim Cup”

Placed for two years “in competition” with the Parisian stage, the Six Fours Wim Cup has, this time, its own weekend. The opportunity for the local Cachalots club to offer an even denser and still attractive program since the departures of the 7.5 km (a novelty) and the 5 km will be given from the exceptional site of the island of Grand Rouveau, the one of the five main components of the famous Embiez archipelago. Taken by sea shuttle to the foot of the lighthouse, the competitors will then have only one mission: to reach the beach of Bonnegrâce, the largest in Six-Fours and a mecca for surfing and windsurfing. Another good reason to participate: the 300-meter event organized on Saturday at 8 p.m. is a charity challenge for the benefit of the France Choroidérémie association.

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September 10-11 – EDF Aqua Challenge Paris (75)

Swimming in the heart of Paris is a rare opportunity offered by the EDF Aqua Challenge. This year again, the Bassin de la Villette will host no less than four events (5 km and 4×500 m on Saturday September 10; 1.25 and 2.5 km on Sunday September 11) open to everyone, from beginners to to confirmed champions. It will also be recalled that in September 2021, on the “M” which had attracted nearly 200 participants, the victories had gone to the international Océane Cassignol and the Rio Olympic medalist, Marc-Antoine Olivier. All to the sound of the DJs who surround the EDF Aqua Challenge village and the quays of the basin throughout the weekend.

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September 17-18 – Nice (06) – “Prom Swim”

Never change a winning team. Except when it’s to do even better! It is for this reason that Loïc Branda, who of course remains at the helm of the Nice stage created six years ago, has decided to bring together the Prom Swim and the Verdon Swim Experience in a way by proposing a new challenge: the Verdon Nice Swim South Challenge. If on a mathematical level it will simply be a question of adding up the rankings of the 6 km races of the Gorges du Verdon and the 5 km of the Promenade des Anglais, in fact this will allow lovers of open water to indulge in their passion on two of the most magical sites of the EDF Aqua Challenge 2023. For the rest, the Prom swim remains the Prom Swim with its four races open to 11-99 year olds (10 km, 5 km with or without fins and open or French Cup, the 2 km and 1 km), its two relays (3×3.3 km and 3×500 meters) and its children’s event (500 m).

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