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The ASPTT Limoges introduced young people to ice hockey

On the ice of the Limoges rink, the young fiery bulls showed their hockey skills to their friends who had come to discover this sport. This Wednesday, the ice hockey club organized its open days, as well as the “Bring your buddy” event to attract new young people to its ranks. A very successful evening.

“The future is them”

After two years of reorganization upset by the crisis, the only hockey club in the department is trying to win back the hearts of the youngest. “Before the covid, we had nearly 250 licensees, this year there are 165, including 120 children. This type of event therefore allows us to introduce this sport and to recruit those who wish to get started, ”explains Cédric Coiffard, president of the club since November 2021.

From 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., the U15s and U17s, who followed a first coaching module, helped the beginners in uniform to show them the essential equipment and gestures. “If I work, it’s for children. The objective is to make them evolve in all categories. The future is theirs,” the president emphasizes.

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If the parents do not always think of registering their child for ice hockey, Cédric Coiffard wants to reassure them: “Even in the U15 category, there is no contact. Afterwards, we always fall on the ice, but there are very few major injuries insofar as the players have suitable equipment. And at this age, they are not apprehensive about fall”.

Supported by the French Federation

In order to perfect the learning, the club has two full-time coaches who are present to accompany the children. “The little ones – the club welcomes children from the age of 3 – first learn to skate before holding a stick. A hockey player who knows how to skate well tires much less and has more fluid gestures, “says Cédric Coiffard.

As for little Henri, four years old, don’t panic. With the help of his chair, he takes small steps, all smiles, who knows maybe, towards a professional career.

On the occasion of its open days, the club benefited from the support of the French ice hockey federation and its Daikin Ice Club system set up for the occasion. After the French men’s team, then recently the French women’s team, the French leader in climate engineering solutions renews its wish to extend its actions by getting closer to clubs and more specifically to young people.

“What interests me is to provide children with the necessary equipment”

Cedric Coiffard (club president)

After Montpellier, Nantes and Dijon for the 2020-2021 season, it is the turn of the clubs of Marseille, Strasbourg, Lyon, Tours, Wasquehal and Limoges to benefit from the Daikin Ice Cub for this 2021-2022 cycle.

“The policy of the federation is to help clubs in terms of recruitment. To do this, several clubs are selected each year, and we are very happy to be part of it this year. This allows us to support our communication with the public and to invest in equipment. What interests me is not to recruit American players, but to provide the children with an infrastructure and the necessary equipment, ”rejoices Cédric Coiffard.

A discount of equipment “that feels good”
to small clubs”

During its open days, the ASPTT Limoges received equipment from the Daikin Ice Club.

The system of the French ice hockey federation was put in place two years ago, shortly before the pandemic. After a successful first edition, the Daikin Ice Club is repeating its tour of French clubs this year by distributing equipment.

A precious help “which is good for small clubs” according to Cédric Coiffard, the Limougeaud president. The Daikin Ice Club offered the fire bulls: 100 pucks, 100 chasubles, 20 cones, two goal targets, a tripod (driving/technical), two coaches’ outfits, a storage bag and other training tools.

“We wondered how to go from spectator to actor of our actions. We thought that a material would be welcome, so we chose the endowment as a solidarity and disinterested act. We don’t just want to be a sponsor. For us, it’s a modest contribution, but rather than financial support, we prefer to provide concrete material support, especially since hockey does not have the means for a sport like football, “explains Philippe Garyga.

The objective through this endowment: to promote practice among young people: “The name Daikin appears on the jerseys of the French men’s and women’s teams, so young people are happy to wear a jersey like the great professional players”, notes the manager. communication.

Emilie Montalban


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