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The 16 films added to Disney+ from May 6, 2022

The first week of May holds quite a few surprises in terms of novelties. This is particularly the case with the addition of 16 films to the catalog of the streaming platform. Disney+. With so much content to discover right away, subscribers won’t be bored.

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There is enough to have a good time sitting comfortably on your sofa. Here are the movies to see very soon.

Mike and the Mad Dog (May 6)

The movie “Mike and the Mad Dog” looks back at the story of the American sports radio show of the same name. Hosted at the time by duo Mike Francesa and Christopher Russo aka Mad Dog, this show aired on WFAN. The adventure with this network lasted from 1989 to 2008.

As the show became very successful, it started airing on television as well. This part of the show went to the television channel YES Réseau. Discover through this film the great epic of this sports program.

Qualified (May 6)

When we refer to motorsport, we often think of Formula 1. However, we cannot put aside the iconic Indianapolis 500. For many years, this competition was considered the best race that can exist.

This film directed by Jenna Ricker tells the incredible story of Janet Guthrie. She is the first woman in history to win a place at Indianapolis. She managed to shine in a mainly male event.

Long Gone Summer (May 6)

If you are a sports enthusiast and especially baseball, this film should please you. This film looks back on one of baseball’s most incredible seasons. The facts date back to the summer of 1998. The protagonists of the season in question are Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals team and Sammy Sosa of the Chicago Cubs team.

These two players are on a wild ride in pursuit of one of baseball’s most incredible records. This crossover between these two competitors animated the debates and provoked the excitement of the fans.

Muhammad and Larry (May 6)

Directed in 2009 by Bradley Kaplan and Albert Maysles, this documentary film looks back on an anthology fight that pitted legends of the noble art against each other. Rediscover the heavyweight title fight that pitted the great Mohammed Ali against his former sparring partner Larry Holmes.

With an aging Mohammed Ali at the end of his career facing a Larry Holmes at the top of his game, the confrontation promises to be unbalanced. The man known as “The Easton Assassin” was clearly not there to do some extras.

D. Wade: Life Unexpected (May 6)

This film released in 2020 is directed by Bob Métélus and looks at a basketball star. Dwayne Wade is an NBA icon and has quite an incredible career. He played for many years in the NBA and is one of the best basketball players of his generation. But in his career, he has not had all the good times.

Victories and defeats are part of the daily life of athletes as well as injuries. From his beginnings until his retirement, the film “D. Wade: Life Unexpected” looks back on the carrier, but also on the life of this great player.

Love at first sight in Bangkok (May 6)

Laura Brunel is a very promising architect who is entrusted with a brand new project. To do this, she must fly to Bangkok. This is a great opportunity for her, because the agency she works for is taking part in a tender for the construction of a shopping center. Although his life is dedicated only to his work, an encounter will upset his plans.

She will fall under the spell of Marc Lavoisier, head of an NGO who devotes his life to an orphanage. The latter has lived in Bangkok for 10 years and also falls in love with the attractive Laura. Although nothing seems to bind these two people, an event will still bring them together.

Love at first sight in Andalusia (May 6)

On her way to Andalusia to attend her little sister’s wedding, Claire Denizot (Maud Baecker) meets a very handsome man. His name is Alvaro Los Montès (Agustin Galiana) and turns out to be his sister’s fiancé.

When she arrives, she learns that her sister has disappeared without a trace. Hoping that she gives a sign of life, she stays in Andalusia with the fiancé’s family. If she is worried about her sister, Claire cannot put aside the fact that she is falling in love with Alvaro.

Love at first sight in Bora-Bora (May 6)

Valentine is in love with her best friend Jérôme. In addition to being very close, they are also associated. Although they see each other every day, Jérôme has no idea of ​​the feelings that Valentine has for him. The latter is finally decided to confess everything to him. Valentine intends to seize the opportunity to declare her love during their stay in Bora-Bora.

If Valentine thinks she has everything planned, a big surprise awaits her. Jérôme did not come alone. The situation gets complicated when she realizes that her girlfriend is also present. But she does not intend to let it go and will do everything to achieve her ends.

Love at first sight in Mauritius (May 6)

While she is in her forties, Doria Cabriol feels that she is missing out on her life. Her daughter is no longer a child and takes flight and her husband to a mistress. In this story, she is left behind and struggles to come to terms with the situation.

At the end of her tether, she sets off for Mauritius to spend time with her mother. During her stay, she meets Théo, a young man who is 20 years younger than her. Despite the age gap, she succumbs to his charm and discovers a second youth.

Once upon a time in Monaco (May 6)

Medhi (Rayane Bensetti) aged 30, still lives with his mother. As for the question of his future, he is not really clear on the subject. While he spends his days doing nothing productive, he has the nice surprise of winning the euro million.

With a nice little jackpot in his pocket, he dreams of winning even more. He decides to put his poker skills to good use and takes the road to Monaco. In the city that welcomes people from high society, Medhi poses as a member of the royal family of Morocco. He hopes to blend into the background.

Love at first sight in Saint Petersburg (May 6)

Marie Chabrier played by Helena Noguerra is an attractive single mother who does not have her tongue in her pocket. As she pursues the course of her life, she learns with astonishment that she is the heiress of an old Russian family. Overnight, she finds herself the owner of a large tourist park.

If she is living a waking dream, Marie will quickly come into conflict with Vania, the park manager. He doesn’t trust this new owner who comes out of nowhere and doesn’t know anything about it. While they are clearly starting off on the wrong foot, they will gradually come closer.

Love at first sight in Jaipur (May 6)

Anne is in love with François and the same goes for him. This couple seems made for each other and is ready for marriage. Scheduled to be held in Jaipur, India, François must go there sooner than expected because of his work. Separated for some time from his fiancée, the latter is to join him in a few days.

Francis asks him to bring his mother’s urn so he can scatter her ashes in Jaipur. But she will misplace the urn during the trip. It was then that she met an attractive young man named Ravi. This meeting is likely to upset his plans.

Love at first sight at Christmas (May 6)

Charlotte Marton (Julie de Bona) is a court administrator who wants a change of scenery. Following a disappointment in love, Charlotte is forced to go to Lapland to close a business on the brink of the abyss.

Once there, she meets Martial (Tomer Sisley), a business manager who will brighten up her stay. The Christmas spirit will be there and a love story will be born.

Tommy (May 6)

– A3.4 I6.6 R70-

“Tommy” is a movie released in 1975 and directed by Ken Russell. This film highlights the members of the rock group “The Who” and revolves around their fourth album. Entitled “Tommy”, this rock opera album released in 1969, focuses on the story of a young man named Tommy Walker.

This young man is deaf, mute and blind who, despite his handicaps, has become a pinball champion. And one thing led to another, even managed to become a religious leader. The film returns to anecdotes that marked the release of this album.

Enemy Hearts (May 6)

This James Kent film tells the story of Rachel Morgan played by Keira Knightley. After the war in 1946, Rachel joined her husband Lewis Morgan (Jason Clarke), a colonel in the British army. The latter is entrusted with the mission of helping to rebuild the city of Hamburg, which was totally devastated following the war.

Rachel and Lewis move into a new house and find themselves sharing it with the former German owners. It is a father and his daughter. Although Rachel is offended to share the same home as the German enemies, she will gradually get to know this family.

The Forgotten First (May 6)

It has been years since Axel (M. Pokora) has not seen his mother Françoise (Muriel Robin). This distance follows a family drama for which he was considered to be at fault. While no sign of reconciliation seems possible, Alex learns that his mother has Alzheimer’s disease.

If Françoise seems to remember her other children, all these memories related to Alex have disappeared. This situation saddens Alex and as if that were not enough, he learns that the family wants her to be admitted to the center. But Alex is against this idea.


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