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Tennis: “I still have this desire in me”, assures Jérémy Chardy

It is from Segovia in Spain, where Humbert, descended 152e world player after being 25ein 2021, participate in a Challenger, which Jérémy Chardy took the time to mention this…

It is from Segovia in Spain, where Humbert, descended 152e world player after being 25e in 2021, participates in a Challenger, that Jérémy Chardy took the time to talk about this new role as coach which forces him to take a new look at a tennis that still fascinates him so much.

In June 2021, the Mosellen Ugo Humbert reached the 25th world rank, his best ranking, the same as Jérémy Chardy in 2013. The two men who befriended during the Tokyo Olympics, now work together until the end of the season.

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“When I resumed at the start of the year, I was ready to play again, except on serve, where I felt severe knee pain. By the way, it bothered me even while walking. I no longer had a choice, I had surgery on my right knee in Paris during Roland-Garros. It forces me to six months of additional convalescence (after having needed several months to recover from the after-effects of the anti-Covid vaccine and then from a foot injury, editor’s note), which means an off season. I did my first six weeks of rehabilitation in Pau, with Florian (Pannetier, editor’s note), one of the Pau FC physiotherapists, and Doctor Pouget. On tournaments, I am followed by ATP physiotherapists. Next week I can start cycling. Then it will be a little more each week until I resume physical training and then tennis at the end of October at the beginning of November. »


“I really want to succeed in my rehabilitation because I want to resume, to enjoy myself on the courts. Next year, I will benefit from a protected classification (88e) with twelve tournaments in the season where I could use it, including the Grand Slams. If my knee is fine, I have a chance to have another good season. I still want to experience emotions on the pitch. If it goes well, I will continue. At least I left to do one more season. »


“It’s frustrating because at my age (35), some people want to quit, but not me! I still have this desire in me. Before all my glitches, I was playing well. I am still very motivated to come back. And the fact of being with Ugo on the tournaments, it itches me even more, it allows me to stay in the middle. I’m waiting, even more excited. I also see tennis differently”.


“In the spring, the Australian Alexei Popyrin, 22, trained at the Mouratoglou Academy, whom I have known since he was very young, asked me to help him. I did four weeks with him, until Roland, with the victory at the Bordeaux Challenger just before. It was a very pleasant experience. After my operation, Ugo (Humbert), who hadn’t had a coach for three months, called me with his agent to offer me to share my experience with him to help him return to the 100s and then to his best level. . We started after Wimbledon, after six difficult months for him where he fell from the 40e at the 150e square. »


“With Ugo we get on very well. In Tokyo, at the Games, we spent three weeks with our two beds pushed together, it brings us closer (laughs)! It went super well. We’re eleven years apart, I’m kind of the big brother. At the Games, we talked a lot about tennis together. Then, each time we saw each other, he asked me questions, he took my advice, we talked a lot. I’ve always said that I wanted to share everything I’ve learned throughout my career. As I adore him, I am happy to do it with him. While waiting to return to the game next year, it allows me to stay in the competition. »


“To prepare for my sessions, I watch a lot more tennis, videos too, than when I play. I prepare the training, the technical aspects to work on, the direction of his game, it’s very interesting. During matches, you can no longer act, these are totally different emotions. On the other hand, when I see that he is putting in place what we have worked on in training, that he is playing well, it is very satisfying. »

“This six-month period has also allowed me to see if I really like coaching. There may be a problem if things go very well between us, that Ugo wants us to continue together when I resume competition, because a player still active who trains, that has never been seen (laughs)! »


“After Segovia, a little rest. Then, Ugo comes to London at my place, ten days, to prepare the North American tour which will start with Vancouver and will end with the US Open, where he received a wild card. We’ll see at the end what the result is, tennis isn’t magic, but in the meantime we’re having a lot of fun. »


“The date of the next edition has not yet been decided. It depends on the changes at the ATP with the Masters going to twelve days. Normally, the Teréga will be at the end of February, but it is not yet confirmed, we will know after the US Open.

In any case, I’m happy to see that Quentin Halys, the last winner, clicked with his victory in Pau. Behind, he wins his first match at Roland, then at Wimbledon, enters the 100. Holger Rune who was semi-finalist in November, made quarter-final at Roland-Garros, he is 27e today. Bublik, who won the first year, finished the season in the Top 50. This is proof that big Challengers like the one in Pau can act as a trigger. We also see it with Maxime Cressy, beaten by Rune in Pau, who won his first ATP 250 in Newport after his final in Eastbourne, or with the young Gabriel Debru, to whom I had given a wildcard and who in June won Roland Garros junior a year ahead of schedule. For the tournament, it’s very good. »

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