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Switzerland – Denmark (Olympic Games, Group B) | National Teams – Ice Hockey

Switzerland faces Denmark for the last pool match. The Scandinavians went for the victory against the Czechs while the Helvetians still seem to be looking for that little extra that rocks a match. This challenge is therefore essential to relaunch Patrick Fischer’s team. But, good news, Denis Malgin is making his return after his COVID isolation, and he is even launched directly into the center of the first line.

At the last World Cup, Denmark had been annihilated by Switzerland. Will the surprise team of these Olympic Games still find its master?

If Denmark erects its usual wall at the blue line at the start of the match, it is not satisfied with it. He then proceeds to practice aggressive forechecking. The shots counter for last May’s match (4) was reached in just a few minutes… The Swiss were embarrassed and not at ease. And yet, they open the scoring. Alone in the slot, Enzo Corvi takes a serve from behind Yanick Weber’s cage (16’00: 1-0). The first goal is essential when you face the men of Heinz Ehlers.

But at the start of the second period, an unnecessary penalty is whistled against Denis Malgin. And it takes barely longer than the face-off is made, for Reto Berra to be beaten. It was Peter Regin, the Ambri-Piotta player who equalized in superiority (20’46: 1-1). And there everything seems to change, because 21 seconds later, it’s on a harmless shot from Frederik Storm, that Lukas Frick deflects the puck into his cages (21’07: 1-2).

Denmark took control of the match and increased their lead with Mikkel Bødker, a Lugano player who beat Berra with a shot between the legs (33’12: 1-3). The success escapes Switzerland with a shot from Weber on the post before the second break. This third completely missed by the Swiss is extended by the fourth goal, at the start of the third period, by Nicolai Meyer on the rebound from a shot by Jensen (41’55: 1-4). The Swiss reaction arrives with a one-timer from Romain Loeffel during a prison Storm (44’53: 2-4).

Denmark manages to hold its lead until the exit of Reto Berra. Fabrice Herzog manages to pick up the score by directly taking over a good pass from Corvi (57’37: 3-4). Patrick Fischer played all out and took out his goalkeeper again, but this time Corvi lost the puck in the neutral zone and Bødker definitively crucified the Nati in an empty cage (59’01: 3-5).

Switzerland had however taken the game by the right end, but a missed second period plunged the team into defeat. The last pool place is far from its claims. She will have to go through a play-off, probably against a team she already knows, the Czech Republic. Nothing seems to stop this Denmark with its formidable efficiency.

2022 02 12 sui dan3

Post-match comments

Sebastian Dahm (Denmark goalkeeper): “We knew these guys can play under a lot of pressure, and we really tried to be ready not to fall into that trap (…) I think we played extremely well , and it also allowed us to get more chances to score than at the World Championship last year, when we had a difficult time. »

Mikkel Bødker (Denmark striker): “I think both teams came to play. Obviously, we have gained confidence in the last two games. We have proven that we can play with the biggest nations. We got a little more confidence in the offensive zone, we attacked the cage a little more and it paid off. »

Reto Berra (Switzerland goalkeeper): “I don’t know what happened. We wanted it too much, I guess. We weren’t happy with the first two games. We lost but actually we didn’t play that badly. But still, we weren’t happy and wanted this one so badly. I don’t like to concede four goals, it’s too much. We gave them a lot of very good chances, 2v1s, breakaways. We lacked discipline, we sat on the penalty box too often, especially in the second half… Now we have to know how to draw the right conclusions from this defeat and grow as a team. »

Switzerland – Denmark 3-5 (1-0, 0-3, 2-2)
Saturday February 12, 2022 at 2:10 p.m. at the Wukesong Sports Center. 620 spectators.
Referees: Roman Gofman (RUS) and Kristian Vikman (SWE) assisted by Andreas Malmqvist (SWE) and Nikita Shalagin (RUS).
Penalties: Switzerland 14′ (2′, 8′, 4′), Denmark 6′ (0′, 4′, 2′).
Shots: Switzerland 31 (7, 10, 14), Denmark 30 (9, 11, 10).

Score evolution:
1-0 at 15’59: Corvi assisted by Weber and Thürkauf
1-1 at 20:46: Regin assisted by Storm and N. Jensen (num. sup.)
1-2 at 21’07: Storm assisted by NB Jensen and Russell
1-3 at 33’12: Bødker assisted by Russell and O. Lauridsen
1-4 at 41’55: Meyer assisted by NB Jensen and Jakobsen
2-4 at 44’53: Loeffel assisted by Untersander and Corvi (num. sup.)
3-4 at 57’37: Herzog assisted by Corvi and Untersander
3-5 at 59’01: Storm assisted by Russell (empty cage)

Swiss (2′ for excess)

Denis Hollenstein (-2) – Denis Malgin (-3, 4′) – Sven Andrighetto (-3)
Grégory Hofmann (-2) – Gaëtan Haas (A, -2) – Simon Moser (2′)
Calvin Thürkauf (+1) – Enzo Corvi (+1) – Andres Ambühl (A, +2)
Joel Vermin (2′) – Christoph Bertschy (2′) – Fabrice Herzog (+1)
Killian Mottet

Mirco Muller – Raphael Diaz (C, -1)
Lukas Frick – Ramon Untersander (-1)
Romain Loeffel – Yannick Weber
Santeri Alatalo (-1, 2′)

Guardian :
Reto Berra [sorti de 56’07 à 57’37 et de 58’10 à 59’01]

Substitute: Leonardo Genoni (G). In reserve: Sandro Aeschlimann (L), Michael Fora (R), Dario Simion (Covid-19 isolation).


Mikkel Bodker – Frans Nielsen (A, +1) – Nicklas Jensen (-1)
Frederik Storm (+2) – Peter Regin (C, +1) – Patrick Russell (+3)
Mathias Bau Hansen – Morten Madsen (-1) – Nicolai Meyer (+1)
Morten Poulsen (-1) – Julian Jakobsen – Mikkel Aagaard (+1)

Oliver Lauridsen (+2) – Jesper Jensen Aabo (+1)
Markus Lauridsen (-2) – Matias Lassen (-2)
Nicholas B. Jensen (+3) – Oliver Larsen (+2, 2′)
Emil Kristensen

Guardian :
Sebastian Dahm

Subs: Frederik Dichow (G), Jesper Jensen (A). In reserve: Patrick Galbraith (L), Phillip Bruggisser (R), Nick Olesen (Covid-19 isolation), Matthias Asperup (Covid-19 isolation).

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