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Soccer. The suspense is complete in R3: who from Mondeville, Troarn or MOS will go up?

Troarn will try to lead his career in the Normandy Cup and the fight for the rise to the top of the Regional 3 table. ©Aline Chatel

While Dives’ reserve team has settled the matter in Group C, with its six-point lead over AG Caen, and Villers-Bocage continues its incredible run in Group B (16 points ahead of the second!), suspense reigns at the top of group D of Régional 3. Three teams stand in a pocket handkerchief while two days remain to be played and that, oh miracle, no one has a game late. Reading the ranking is just easier.

Mondeville has its destiny in hand

The reserve team of Mondeville, which had flown over the start of the championship, has a small point lead over Troarn and Maladrerie B. The Caennais have continued to nibbling their delay since the break. They then recorded a deficit of… 13 points! “Mondeville is in a favorable position, relates their trainer Jean-Baptiste Piquet. However, I think Troarn does have the most favorable schedule on paper. »

Troarn has the calendar advantage…

The Troarnais will face two badly classified, Livarot and Hérouville. “These are teams that play the maintenance, however specifies Romain Frémond. These are never easy matches. “Sunday May 15, 2022, when Troarn will go to Livarot, Mondeville will receive the red lantern Athis and the MOS will go to the penultimate Bourguébus. The first three against the last three. The following week, the calendar will be tougher for everyone: Mondeville will go to Blainville, fifth, the MOS will welcome Lisieux, fourth, and Troarn will face Hérouville, eighth.

… a funny calendar!

“In terms of form, Troarn and Mondeville have the advantage, still believes Jean-Baptiste Piquet. They had the opportunity to play cup matches or late matches which allowed them to maintain a steady pace despite the aberrant schedule of our Normandy league, with no less than six weeks of break between two championship days. “The last match of R3 de la MOS was on April 2 against Potigny. After sticking seven in Mondeville (7-1), the Maladiens had passed the same correction in Potigny (7-0).

The MOS is the fittest

Admittedly, the Maladrerie does not arrive with the same rhythm as Troarn, still in contention in the Normandy Cup. But its dynamic, which includes two victories against its direct competitors at the end of winter, is excellent. In 2022, cartons took over from cartons. The MOS is by far the best attack in the championship. “We are lucky to work in a good structure with excellent players and coaches at all levels, which allows us to still hope for a little something even if we made mistakes on the first leg. »

“No excuses” for Mondeville

The keys, Mondeville has them. Two wins and the case will be settled. But where is this team crushed by the MOS at the end of March and held in check by Thury-Harcourt at the beginning of April? “We are ready to give everything for the last two games we have left, assures coach Antoine Rochette. We have been first in the standings since the start of the season. It’s up to us to do the job to stay that way until the end. »

We will have our full squad. Whatever happens, there will be no excuses.

Antoine Rochette

Parameter cut for Troarn

Troarn cannot imagine finding more excuses in its particular calendar where the round of 16 of the Normandy Cup (a trip to Nord-Cotentin on a Wednesday evening!) will fall between the last two days of the championship. “I postponed this match to better prepare for the one against Livarot, explains Romain Frémond. We will mix the team and train accordingly. For the Troarn trainer, the three protagonists leave with equal luck. “It’s 33-33-33. »

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The promoted “will deserve it”

What everyone dreads is feeding regrets at the end of the last final whistle. “No matter which team will be champion in this three-way sprint, they will deserve their victory and I wish them the best for the future in R2, concludes Jean-Baptiste Piquet. Let’s not forget that football is still a game! »

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