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Rookie Republic: the master of vintage jersey

The question of finding nba jersey sellers Where NCAA reliable, in France, often comes up on the table.

Between an NBA Store with an incomplete offer and laborious customer service; and the few cities with specialized shops, not always easy to get a swimsuit online and find what you’re looking for. In this article, we do not propose to find an answer to everything.

On the other hand, we offer you an excellent answer if you are a fan of vintage jersey or other old school products.

If you are beginning to recognize yourself, I present to you: Rookie Republic.

Indeed, in its history, the NBA has seen several equipment manufacturers. Today, Nike holds the contract with the big league, a contract snatched from Adidas at a high price.

However, whether you’ve been a longtime Orange Ball fan or a more recent fan, you’ve probably coveted the brand’s jerseys before. Mitchell & Ness, founded in 1904 by Frank Mitchell and Charles Ness.

Not the most internationally renowned equipment supplier that the NBA has had, it has nevertheless left its mark on several generations with original, colorful jerseys with a very strong identity. So much so that even today, Nike uses some of its models for annual editions. Timeless, branded swimwear Mitchell and Ness remain in high demand.

Well if you are one of those who covet them, let’s take a look around the owner.

A fan of US Sports

Founded in 2018, the boutique Rookie Republic is mainly intended for offers around the NBA. A passion shared on social networks but also on Rookie Republic’s “Retro Blog”.

However, the creator of the site is a fan of US sports as a whole, and that is why you will also discover NCAA or NFL products, even if in marginal quantities compared to the offers of the big league.

How does he tell his story?

The adventure started in the summer of 2018, I was about to finish my work-study studies, about to go on vacation completely exhausted by a job that I didn’t necessarily like. And this vacation with friends was going to change the course of my life.

Direction Miami to taste the US culture, between baseball game, US football, sports shops, it was really a dream! On the way back, talking with friends, we said and why not us?

Why don’t we have this kind of US sports shop where when you come in, it makes you dream, you don’t know where to start, sometimes you even feel like you’re entering a museum. It is therefore at this moment that the story of Rookie Republic began to write itself.

But it turns out that in the end, the project wasn’t done in a group, but I did it alone, with the help of a young and dynamic company, with whom we created the rookie brand as well as the website, and a whole strategy around my future shop.

What will I find in the store?

As mentioned in the introduction, the Mitchell and Ness brand is featured on Rookie Republic. If this does not speak to you, here is a very far from exhaustive list of mythical jerseys made by the brand (and among my personal favourites):

  • The Vancouver Grizzlies cyan blue jersey
  • Jordan’s Chicago Bulls black and red jerseys (among others)
  • The black and blue jerseys of the Orlando Magic by Shaq
  • The famous Pistons jerseys from the end of the 90s
  • One of the most covered versions of the Nuggets skyline
  • The Los Angeles Lakers jerseys from Magic to Kobe
  • Larry Bird’s Boston Celtics jerseys
  • LeBron James’ first Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys
  • The Seattle Supersonics jersey version Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp
  • Jazz jerseys Stockton-Malone version
  • And I pass mythical and classic

To maintain the interest of his customers, Jonathan, founder of Rookie Republic continues to expand his product line every quarter and therefore continues to build his offer.

In addition to a nice range of swimsuits, the site offers “Drops”. 3 to 4 times a year, a selection of very rare retro jerseys is put online. The fastest can therefore have a field day. NBA jersey purchase hard to find is one of your expectations? Take advantage of the work of Jonathan who carefully follows the reissues of Mitchell and Ness.

Clothing & other objects

Moreover, beyond the jerseys you will find a “Book & Posters” section selected by Rookie Republic, but above all, a whole collection of ready-to-wear around US Sports among which :

  • Accessories (wide range of backpacks in the colors of your team),
  • Anoraks,
  • Jackets,
  • tracksuit tops & bottoms,
  • T Shirts,
  • Shorts (the Spurs Fiesta version shorts, so hard to find, are for example available), something to put together with the rest of the outfit,
  • Caps And Beanies,
  • Other accessories.

As you will have understood, the goal is to have real enthusiast products in stock. Rookie Republic, of which you can find an interview here, wants to offer mythical products but also to forge a link with its customers and share its passion.

This is why its products are always accompanied by goodies or little attentions:

Giving my client the impression of receiving a gift and not a package, small attentions at the reception so that each box opening is special with vintage collector cards, or a handwritten note from the founder for a special occasion.

So… Don’t hesitate any longer!

Author: Jeremy Peglion

Passionate about writing, and fascinated by the NBA universe, I created the QiBasket site to make the collective adventure – Fan of Denver, yes it exists!

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