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Robin Roussel, fully charged

Coming by his own admission to seek confidence in competition rather than to allow himself a week of rest between two tournaments of the European Tour, Robin Roussel left Pian-Médoc with the gauge at maximum. Winner this Saturday French professional championship MCAthe player trained in Ozoir-la-Ferriere golf course (77) signed a reference week, as it had not happened to him for a long time. Despite the heat wave that weighed down the Medoc Golf Resort for four days, despite the demands of a Châteaux course at its best, and despite formidable competition, Roussel proved to be the strongest. “I haven’t played my best golf, but I’ve played a lot better than I’ve had in a while, so that really does me a lot of good.”he said after his victory. “It’s been a very long time since I’ve produced four rounds with a level of play that is both constant and very high. I can lean on it. »

“It’s been two years that I haven’t played as I would like”

This week in Gironde, from all points of view crowned with success, could constitute a solid foundation for the elevation of Robin Roussel within the European hierarchy. Holder of a small game category (16c) on the DP World Tourhe has only played 12 tournaments this season, none of which Rolex Series. And with only three cuts cleared and a 37th place in mid-May in Belgium as a benchmark result, the balance sheet is for the moment far from living up to its ambitions. “There are weeks that go better than others, but overall it’s not as good as I would like”he comments. “It’s been two years, since the recovery after the Covid, that I haven’t played as I would like. I used this French championship to try to let go a little more, since there is less at stake for me than in a Tour tournament. It allowed me to play a little less on restraint; and it did me good because I really need to get as many good shots as possible”continues the current 185th in the European ranking.

It was very hard to decide to stop with Benoît, because he’s someone I really appreciate, and to whom I owe most of my little golfing career.

Still, the 28-year-old hasn’t identified any major shortcomings in any particular area. “It’s a global problem”he summarizes. “Less and less technical, because I work a lot in this sector and things are getting better and better. Today, it’s mainly a question of commitment and self-confidence. » To remedy this, Robin Roussel did not hesitate to step out of his comfort zone, putting an end to his technical collaboration with Benoit Ducoulombier. “I realized that I didn’t feel like I was progressing over the past three years. And I didn’t want to end this season, and potentially lose my card, telling myself that there were alternative solutions that I hadn’t tried. I didn’t want to regret not having tried anything, so I’m trying. » For two months, he has been training like this with Jamie Gougha South African coach well known to European Tour players – Joost Luiten, ryan fox, David Drysdale, Chris Paisley or Ewen Ferguson train with him – and especially his friend Matthew Pavonwho joined in 2019.

Good shots better, bad shots less bad

But leaving his historic coach was not easy, as Robin recounts: “It was very hard to decide to stop with Benoît, because he’s someone I really appreciate, and to whom I owe most of my little golfing career. But I had to think about my goals and my situation as a player, so I made this decision that I absolutely do not regret from a professional point of view. » And if the first effects of this new collaboration have not yet been felt in terms of results – at least on the European Tour! – the Ozophorician is convinced of the correctness of his decision: “What I like a lot with Jamie is that we always work the same way. It’s very square and that’s exactly what I need, because it’s easy to stick to. And with him, I have a real long-term vision of how I want my swing to be, how I want my ball flight to be. The idea is really to gain consistency in hitting the ball, to make my good shots better and my bad shots less bad.he explains.

The season is still long, and Robin Roussel will have many opportunities to apply the teachings of his new coach on the field. Starting this week in Germany, or the week after in Ireland, and perhaps even early July in the United States at Barbasol and the Barracuda Championship, two events co-sanctioned with the PGA Tour in which he hopes to return. “Even if it costs a big ticket, I would go without hesitation because it’s a crazy opportunity! » he assures. While waiting to be fixed on his medium-term deadlines, the brand new French champion is ready to restart the machine in BMW International Open which starts on Thursday in Munich. With a boost of confidence, of course, but always a good dose of humility: ” Yes, I filled up with confidence, but I didn’t arrive… I arrived nowhere: this week, we are starting from zero, and we will have to do the same thing. »

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