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Recap of the 1st day of the championship

The 2022/23 Ligue 2 season is now on! This Saturday marked the start of the French second division championship with in particular the first meetings of Saint-Etienne and Bordeaux, freshly relegated from Ligue 1. While the Greens started their Ligue 2 season with a defeat in Dijon, Bordeaux gleaned an already valuable point at the start of the season. Diverse fortunes for the promoted, card of Guingamp as well as Le Havre and Grenoble which neutralize each other, return to a first day of Ligue 2 which has kept all its promises.

The disappointment of Saint-Etienne, the Girondins take a point

  • Dijon 2-1 Saint-Etienne (Le Bihan 29′, Soumaré 41′ / Aiki 69′)

The day after a disastrous Ligue 1 season ended with relegation on penalties against AJ Auxerre, Laurent Battles’ Stéphanois traveled to Dijon for a Ligue 1-style duel. supporters of the Greens had made the trip, the offensive inclinations of Reims quickly showered the hopes of Saint-Etienne by scoring two goals in the first half, Le Bihan taking over a cross from Rocchia before seeing Soumaré take charge of making the break on a bad ball repelled by Etienne Green.

Throughout this first half, the Saint-Etienne defense seemed really badly organized, with a lot of waste and an Etienne Green who often played the guardian angels as if on a shot pushed back at close range (17th). The return from the locker room will not change much for Saint-Etienne who in the 50th minute concedes two shots in less than 30 seconds which should have worsened the score for the Dijonnais. Without real inspiration, Ayman Aiki, 17 years old and having replaced Yvan Maçon after the break, came to save the Saint-Etienne match by scoring a very good goal from an opening by Denis Bouanga. First match and first defeat for Saint-Etienne against a solid Dijonnais without being exceptional but who really knew how to take advantage of the shortcomings of Saint-Etienne.

  • Bordeaux 0 – 0 Valenciennes

The team lined up by David Guion had enough to leave you speechless, the workforce of the Girondins de Bordeaux is (still) under construction. If the Bordeaux defense has largely seduced and in particular its pistons with Jacques Ekomie on the left and Malcom Bokele on the right, the midfield and the Gironde attack have largely left something to be desired. Rather sterile over the 90 minutes, despite a far from uninteresting match from the duo Maja – Bakwa, Bordeaux came up against a northern hinge Cuffaut – Debuchy who played the experience card very well.

Start of the season therefore in halftone for the two teams which will have to do better from the next day with a trip to Rodez for the Bordelais and the reception of Le Havre for Valenciennes.

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Laval surprises Bastia, Annecy gives up at home

  • Annecy FC 1-2 Chamois Niortais (Temanfo 63′ / Merdji 29′, Boutobba 39′)

The promoted experienced different season openers with a defeat at home for Annecy who quickly gave in by conceding two goals in ten minutes which allowed Niort to make the break. If Arnold Temanfo allowed the Savoyards to open their goal counter in Ligue 2, we will have to raise the bar as soon as they travel to Amiens next season.

  • Bastia 0-2 Stade Lavallois (Naidji 16′, 63′)

We promised a complicated first meeting at the Stade Lavallois on the move to Bastia on the island of beauty, but nothing came of it. Olivier Frapolli and his team contained the Corsicans well in attack and Zakaria Naidji offered himself a double to open his season. Julien Maggiotti could have tripled the bet on a penalty conceded by Dominique Guidi but Johny Placide took it upon himself to push him away to avoid an even more salty addition for the Bastiais.

Guingamp takes the lead, Le Havre and Grenoble do not advance

  • Guingamp 4-0 Pau FC (Livolant 22′, Gaudin 32′, 52′, Merghem 34′)

Large winner of Pau on the score of four goals to zero, Guingamp takes the lead of the championship in particular thanks to Jules Gaudin author of a hat-trick and who left his mark on this meeting. For the Palois, the defense has been in great difficulty and this will be the priority of Didier Tholot’s work over the coming weeks.

Defense duel between two contenders for the rise this Saturday in a padlocked match and where the attackers will have had very few chances even if the Grenoble residents, with four shots on target, could have left with the three points with a little more realism.

  • Metz 3-0 Amiens (Gueye 20′, Mikautadze 44′, Niane 48′)

Without being exceptional, saved several times by an Alexandre Oukidja author of four parades yesterday, Metz confirmed the hopes placed in them for the rise in Ligue 1. With a workforce that seems to be one of the best in Ligue 1, Georges Mikautadze led the messin game to perfection by offering a goal and an assist for a success that launched the season in the best possible way.

  • Nîmes Olympique 0-1 Caen (Kyeremeh 90’+3)

Often cited among the teams capable of moving up to Ligue 1 at the end of the season, Caen had a complicated first day with the Nîmes. Very close to opening the scoring shortly after half-time, the opening came at the very end of the match for Stade Malherbe through Godson Kyeremeh, trained at the club.

  • Quevilly-Rouen 0-0 Rodez AF

If we had to cite a disappointing match during this first day, this poster between Normans and Ruthénois would most certainly be in pole position. Despite the good will and a good offensive going from the visitors, the Ruthénois were not sharp enough to deceive the vigilance of Nicolas Lemaitre.

The ranking after this first day

  1. Guingamp, 3 points
  2. Metz, 3 points
  3. Laval, 3 points
  4. Niort, 3 points
  5. Dijon, 3 points
  6. Caen, 3 points
  7. Maroon, 1 pt
  8. Grenoble, 1 pt
  9. Le Havre, 1 pt
  10. Quevilly-Rouen, 1 pt
  11. Rodez, 1 pt
  12. Valenciennes, 1 pt
  13. Paris FC, 0 pts (match this Monday)
  14. Sochaux, 0 pts (match this Monday)
  15. Annecy, 0 points
  16. Saint-Etienne, 0 pts
  17. Nimes, 0 pts
  18. Bastia, 0 pts
  19. Amiens, 0 pts
  20. Paul, 0 pts

Last match of this day of Ligue 2, Paris FC will travel to Sochaux this Monday as part of the closing of this first day.

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