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Reactions after MHR-UBB: “For “Fufu”, the speech and the motivation were found easily”

After the victorious semi-final of the MHR against the UBB (19-10) this Saturday, June 18, staff and players presented themselves at a press conference. Extracts.

Matthieu Jalibert (opener of Bordeaux-Bègles) : “We hit a wall for 80 minutes. We had difficulty in conquest. We did not know how to put our game in place, we never found speed. That’s what is the most frustrating “Today Montpellier was superior. We seemed without a solution, we have trouble finding each other, struggling to move forward. It’s a second disappointment after the semi-final of last year. There’s never too much tension (with coach Christophe Urios). Things had been said in the press. We explained ourselves with Christophe. My words after the Racing match were a little misinterpreted. I just wanted to say that little no matter what he said in the press, it wasn’t necessarily our main source of motivation. But we never let go of Christophe. Christophe never let us go. There was never a break in the locker room. Come and see how we train, we’ve always been tight. There was obviously tension because we wanted to win, but it shouldn’t be too much. uter crates”.

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Anthony Bouthier (back of Montpellier, qualified for the final of the Top 14): “We were 23 to have the chance to wear this shirt tonight, many stay on the side. There is “Fufu” (Fulgence Ouedraogo, editor’s note) also who did not have this chance. So for these players, We couldn’t miss the state of mind. We won thanks to that. Hats off to everyone, now we have to recover. The main thing is to win, after good or bad, that, we do not care.

We are not necessarily going to play a revenge against Castres, but a final. Each time we entered their camp, we scored points. Keep that in mind for next week. Gela (Aprasidze), we knew he had + potato + in his legs. The day before he had hit 60 meters. There he had just entered and he was fresh, the final stages also means knowing how to take the points when they arise. Today the scorers were successful. “Fufu” is hard for him. He made his career at the club. We want to give him the most beautiful outing. There is also Guilhem Guirado who will stop, Benoît Paillaugue who will leave. We want to give them a good outing and the club have never lived (what it is) to win the Shield. We struggled a lot last season. We raised our heads at the end of the season with the maintenance and the title in the Challenge Cup. It helped us a lot.”

Olivier Azam (Montpellier forwards coach) : “We said it at the start of the season, we wanted to be difficult to play and we stuck to it. We are going to play Castres, which is a very good team. Beating Stade Toulousain with all its internationals is a huge performance (Castres qualified on Friday at the expense of Toulouse, Ed.) We will have one less day of recovery.

Having 15 days of preparation during this period gave us a bit of comfort, we were able to work on the basics that we had let slip. We made our match, we hung on. We were disappointed to give them seven points on a turnover but we didn’t give up. We were strong because Bordeaux is a great team. It was very hard, very tough. With the heat it was dantesque conditions. Gela (Aprasidze), at the end of all training he trains at 55, 60 meters. He is told that it is not necessary and in the end he is the one who is right.”

Guilhem Guirado (Montpellier hooker) : “There was a lot of determination in the group, a lot of desire, but also a lot of control. We didn’t panic too much, we stayed in our plan. I would have signed with both hands if we had said at the start of the season that the last game of my career would be a Top 14 final. Especially after what we went through last season, which was difficult to live between the health situation and the fact of playing maintenance. The epic of the European Challenge gave us a breath of fresh air, built a group and united us.It also allowed us to experience the level and the requirement of the final phase matches. ” I think that since the start of the season we have been riding this wave. We are all united, all united and we must congratulate all the players of the club as well as the staff. It will be a tough and bitter opposition in the final. The Castrais are impressive, they didn’t finish first (of the regular phase, editor’s note) for nothing. consistent throughout the season, without experiencing any lows, unlike all the others.”

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