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Quebec Games – Dominance of our men’s volleyball and triathlon team – Vingt55

It is with the entire family of athletes in the stands that the individual triathlon competition with sillonnagse began today. Laurent Tétreault (Drummondville), Ludovic Long (Victoriaville) and Victor Roy (Nicolet) started their first event at 9:30 this morning, followed by the girls Sarah-Maude Lévesque (Drummondville), Léa Turgeon (Victoriaville) and Ève Turgeon ( Drummondville). With the oppressive heat, it was not easy for our athletes to set their best race time. It is with a time of 30.22 minutes that Laurent crosses the finish line in first position, 15 seconds ahead of his nearest competitor. Laurent quickly stood out during the first swimming stage. He quickly outpaced the leading group on the bike stage. He ran with confidence and took full advantage of his experience. Victor Roy, who finished 6th in his class, did well despite a few glitches and challenges along the way. ” I gave it my all and it had an impact on the race, because I had more difficulty. I managed to catch up anyway he says. Ludovic also did very well during his competition, finishing in 5th position in his U17 category. Like Victor, Ludovic mentions that his race went well and he was able to take advantage of his partner Victor’s groove during the bike part. To follow up on the boys’ competition, the girls delivered great performances. Sarah-Maude Lévesque collects a 7th medal for Centre-du-Québec with her third place in her U15 category. She says she is very proud of her swimming since it is not her strength. On the bike, she did very well following a group and in the end the race was more difficult. Léa Turgeon proudly finished 6th in her U15 category. ” Despite the fact that I received several blows during the swim at the start of the course, I managed to hold on, I’m very proud of it. In the race, it went really well and to hear the people shouting who were encouraging me motivated me. “. Finally, Ève Turgeon, the only representative of the U17 women’s category, ranked 5th, arriving just behind her compatriot Sarah-Maude. All in all, the Centre-du-Québec delegation performed well and the competitions of the next few days will also be one to watch. The yellow and black supporters were present everywhere on the site. This team intends to represent its region over the next few days.

From victory to victory

It is with 7 wins in 8 games that our boys finish their 2e competition day. Our team finishes in the top 8 and goes to the quarter-finals tomorrow morning. The team has the wind in its sails! Led by Martin Nadeau (Drummondville), the troupe does not go unnoticed: “ We really have a dream team. For the elimination rounds, anything is possible “, he explains to us. In the regular season, the team ranks 10e rank. So that’s all an improvement! ” It was the team effort that paid off. The players play very good volleyball. We caused quite a surprise by downgrading the Laurentians team which was supposed to finish 3e of the tournament “, adds the trainer. It is therefore an appointment not to be missed tomorrow!

Soccer, mountain biking, archery

Under the heat of Laval, our soccer teams played their 3e match. Following the two 30-minute halves, the women’s team and the men’s team were defeated by a score of 5-0 and 6-0 respectively. For the girls, the game started with 5 injured players. The lack of confidence in the face of the ball and the lack of aggressiveness did not favor our Central team. However, we must highlight the magnificent performance of the goalkeeper, Marylie Paul (Victoriaville), who made 5 big decisive saves.

It was the Capitale-Nationale that faced our men’s soccer team, and believe me, our athletes were waiting for them! Coming back from half-time, the score was 3-0 for our opponents. That didn’t stop our team from putting pressure on despite being tired. We remember that yesterday, our team created quite a surprise by eliminating Lanaudière, which was a favorite region in the top ranking. With heads held high, our little bees lost by the mark 6-0. The team will play classification matches tomorrow.

For archery, Sophie Houle, the coach, says she is very confident for tomorrow’s elimination round: ” Amélie Vigneault (Drummondville) is maintaining her score very well, but the weather is not in her favor. If she keeps her consistency, we have good medal hopes “, she expresses herself.


Our golfing duos began their test of Vegas for two this morning. They caused us all a surprise by finishing in 3e place for the youth team and in 2e place for the bantam team temporarily. The Bantam team, made up of Guillaume Desmarais (Drummondville) and Adam Gauthier (Saint-Marjorique), stood out for its complementarity and their team spirit. Their communication was outstanding. For the juveniles Léo Beaudoin Labrecque (Victoriaville) and Vincent Laperrière (Drummondville), morale was more difficult. The stress was much more present than yesterday and the general classification weighed on the pair’s expectations. Despite everything, they delivered all that a performance!

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