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Pro League takes strong action following incidents: visiting fans banned from stadiums until end of year

In response to the excesses of the supporters noted, in particular, Sunday during the duel (stopped at the 88th) between Standard and Charleroi, and the other derby, Antwerp between Beerschot and Antwerp, the Pro League decided “that at From the next league matchday until the end of the calendar year, no more visiting supporters would be allowed in all Pro League matches (Jupiler Pro League, 1B Pro League and Belgian Cup (Croky Cup) editor’s note)”. Meeting on Monday, the Pro League had changed its agenda, prioritizing the issue of fan overflows that marred the 17th day of the Belgian championship on Sunday.

The Board of Directors recalled that it condemned the events that occurred in the stadiums, recalling that “the incidents that have marked the aforementioned matches are extremely regrettable. They are witnesses to unacceptable, even criminal behavior”.

“Both the analysis of the Covid measures and the security policy in the broad sense were discussed,” wrote the Pro League in its press release which made a decision.

“After consultation, the Board of Directors has decided that from the next match day until the end of the calendar year, no more visiting supporters will be allowed at all Pro League matches (Jupiler Pro League, 1B Pro League and Croky Cup).This measure will create a cooling-off period around our matches and, by temporarily stopping travel by bus for visiting supporters, will also have an impact on the circulation of the virus that we can thus limit”, can we read in the press release.

The next championship day in the Jupiler Pro League begins on Friday with the duel between Charleroi and Ostend.

“Over the past few months, the Pro League has worked intensively and constructively with the various cabinets and authorities. We will not let the incidents that took place yesterday compromise these consultations. It is for this reason that these processes will be intensified. with a focus on harmonizing measures, increasing the chances of identifying the perpetrators and eradicating their impunity,” added the Pro League.

Minister Annelies Verlinden once again calls the Pro League and its clubs to order

It should be noted that Annelies Verlinden called the Pro League football and its clubs to order – again – following the “incredible events of last weekend”, during which “the behavior of certain supporters put the safety of many at risk”. The Home Secretary is asking for a clear and unambiguous signal from the clubs and the Pro League and demands that action be taken to stop this behaviour.

Annelies Verlinden “reminds the Pro League and the clubs of their responsibility to ban the dangerous use of pyrotechnic devices in football stadiums. In addition, she also calls on supporters to strictly comply with covid measures, and clubs to strictly monitor their application”, recalling in particular the compulsory wearing of the mask.

“The incidents of the past weekend at several football stadiums are downright dangerous and totally reprehensible. The safety of fans, players and stewards is put at risk by a few,” Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden said. in a press release sent Monday. “I again call on the Pro League and the clubs to take action and stop this behavior. The enjoyment and safety of many must not be compromised by the behavior of the few.

The Minister wants the Pro League and the clubs to show more firmness when several meetings have already taken place, with the clubs (October 22) and with representatives of the supporters’ clubs (November 30).

“All participants have shown their willingness to put an end to the dangerous behavior of certain supporters. Before their words were cold, things got completely out of control in several stadiums last weekend. The misbehavior of a number supporters tarnishes the reputation of Belgian football,” the statement continued.

The Minister expects an unambiguous signal and clear measures which must also be applied by the clubs, so that the events of last weekend are not repeated.

During the week, a meeting is also planned with the heads of police zones which have a stadium of a 1A or 1B team on their territory.

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