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Playoffs D3: Metz Hockey Club must finish the job!

Metz Hockey Club receives Nice this Saturday at 6 p.m. at the Ice Arena in Longeville-les-Metz. The Graoullys must confirm their 9-5 victory in the first leg. Christer Eriksson, the Messin coach, talks about the meeting for Let’s Go Metz.

After a great 9-5 victory in the first leg on Nice ice, Metz Hockey Club must validate their ticket for 1/8 final of the D3 playoffs. However, the Messin coach Christer Eriksson is wary of the Nice opponent: “I have known Nice for a long time, the first team is in the Magnus League. Their players are former pros, they have playoff know-how. It is a club that has experience and experience at this level. The D3 is a special championship but there are good names on the score sheet. »

Like his captain Kevin Benchabane, Christer Eriksson took stock of the regular season of the Graoullys. The coach of Metz Hockey Club also mentioned his ambitions for the future: “Honestly, I think we have progressed sportingly. The club has also made great progress organizationally. The sporting record is more than correct, it’s a very tight championship. We finished 3rd and when we see the results of the matches, we were consistent. I think we are in our place (…) Our goal is to go as far as possible in the playoffs. In the long term, we would like to access the D2. But before that, you have to gather experience. »

Christer Eriksson, the most French of Swedes

Photo: Julien Buret/LGM

After many great years at the highest level, Christer Eriksson takes a step back from hockey after the start of the pandemic. That’s when Christophe Fondadouzepresident of Metz Hockey Clubcontacted him for an ambitious project. “Christophe called me to ask me if I could help him set up a hockey school. One thing leading to another, he wanted me to take charge of the first team and I accepted. It allowed me to keep one foot in hockey, I’ve always liked to build. There is potential here in my opinion. This club has all the means to be talked about in the future, Metz is a big city. I would like us to be able to develop young players to complete the team with our executives, who are experienced”.

Christer Eriksson knows two young players in the squad particularly well: his sons Nolan and Adrian. But no question of showing favoritism for the Swedish coach! “Nolan is 19 years old, he is still young. These are profiles like him, not because he’s my son, whom I want to grow. Adrian is 22 years old and he is our 2nd goalkeeper. It’s the first year that I train my sons but it’s not too complicated I think. They have the level, they know hockey and I’m not one to show favouritism. They study at the same time, it goes well with the club and the practice of hockey in D3. »

Will Christer Erikssen’s men validate their ticket to the round of 16 of the D3 playoffs? Meet at 6 p.m. at the Ice Arena in Longeville-les-Metz for the return match between Metz Hockey Club and Nice.

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