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one of the greatest in volleyball history?

It is one of the gondola heads of volleyball worldwide. In France, as elsewhere on the old continent, Earvin Ngapeth is rightly considered a true aesthete, a leader in the discipline as his talent and his performances are terribly eloquent. So many reasons enough to place him on top of the world in terms of legends of this sport? Decryption.

From father to son,

On the French sports chessboard in general and that of volleyball in particular, the name Ngapeth resonates like a name that matters and that does not date from today. Similarly, it is not plausible to evoke Eravin considered as one of the very best of his generation in the world without thinking of Eric, his illustrious father and predecessor. Indeed, Cameroonian and French international, the father of Earvin (named in tribute to basketball player Earvin “Magic” Johnson) Eric Ngapeth wore the colors of the France team 220 times in the 1980s. is he who launched his son in the pros at Tours VB in 2008. “If my father had not been my coach when I was 17, I would not be where I am today”, recognizes Earvin on bein Sports. Together, they won the Coupe de France in 2009, 2010 and 2011 as well as the title of French champion in 2010. These last three titles will have a particular emotional flavor, especially since they won them with the help of Swan Ngapeth, Earvin’s little brother, whom Eric also threw into the professional bath a year after the eldest. In 2016, the two brothers meet at Modena Volley, the most successful club in Italy and play together for two seasons. “I discovered another volleyball there, a very high level volleyball,” Swan told the New Republic.

A grandiloquent track record in clubs as in selection,

The career if not the prize list of Earvin Ngapeth in club is essentially limited to one club, that of Modena in Italy. If the latter was not the only team in which the French international cut his teeth, it is the one in which he wrote the most pages in the history of his odyssey and polished the most intelligible lines of his global aura. Even if his career in Italy first moves to Piemonte Volley with which he climbs to the final of the Champions League in 2013, lost against the Russians of Lokomotiv Novosibirsk; it was in Modena, between 2014 and 2019 that he won almost everything, even in the national team. By way of illustration, with the France team, he was crowned in the 2015 and 2017 World League with the title of MVP at stake during these two editions. The first year, he also won the European Championship with the Tricolores, a few months after winning the Italian Cup, in addition to the title of Italian champion which he won in 2016, with a title of best player. from SuperLega to the key. By triumphing for the first time at the Olympic Games with the blues in the summer of 2021 in Tokyo, the French striker has now added Olympic gold to an already well-stocked trophy cabinet. And as if it were written, the gain of the long-awaited grail coincides with his return announced in April 2021 in Modena, his club of heart which he had nevertheless left for Kazan in the hope of hanging the Champions League. The only trophy to date that is still missing from his list after a new final lost in 2019.

The Olympic Games and Ngapeth,

Before the Rio 2016 Games, Earvin said about RMC Sports “The Olympic Games are the dream of every athlete in the world. And despite a logically disappointing elimination in the group stage for Team Yavbou, the objective has never changed. “It was the first Games for our group and I think we were overwhelmed, overwhelmed by the event”, he declared to the Figaro a year after Rio. “We didn’t know how to prepare ourselves mentally for such an event. The next in Tokyo, we will be how to do. “Premonitory remarks, we will say… The proof, for the Tokyo Games finally held in 2021, due to the covid crisis, the Blues will take their revenge on history. This Saturday, August 7 of the same year, by defeating Russia three sets to two in the final of the Games almost two and a half hours after kick-off, the tricolors are making history. But Ngapeth admits to already thinking about the Games “at home”, those of Paris 2024. Earvin will then be 33 years old, not too late to win a second Olympic medal. “The Paris Olympics are the very big goal of my end of career,” he confided to Ouest-France. “I always want to embed myself even more and make history with the Blues”. Mark it a little more certainly.

Music, his other hunting ground: banal outlet or real passion?

When he’s not playing volleyball, Ngapeth goes straight to the recording studio to indulge in his other passion, rap. A dubbed time Climate, he is now simply called Earvin. After the release of his first title ”My life has no price” in January 2016, Earvin did it again three years later with the opus MATERIAL while playing in Kazan, Russia. For him, combining rap and volleyball responds to a logic, his own and should be perceived as something completely normal and natural. For the record, the tricolor star even released the title in 2015 Team Yavbou (the nickname of the Blues since a victory against Brazil in 2013) in support of the France team. Proof that man gives a preponderant place to RAP in his daily balance. “Rap easily takes me 3 hours a day. I can clearly say that I am in a dual career. And why not make a career in music [après le volley] ? “, he wonders in an interview with the radio Movement. It goes without saying that the music above all allows him to express himself off the pitch, as a kind of escape. “When I started music, it was really because I was looking for freedom. Now I have a name, I am recognized by all. If I continue music, it’s to express myself, but above all to positively impact my environment, my city, my country, Africa, the world, “he said in a post. instagram.

Each sport usually has its king which can vary from generation to generation, from epic to epic. French volleyball also has its own: Earvin Ngapeth who, beyond France, is undoubtedly one of the greatest in the discipline in the world. Even in the whole history of volleyball? In any case, on the scale of France, it is certainly the largest.

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