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Netherlands – Austria (Women’s D1A World Championships) | Women’s Hockey – Ice Hockey

After two cancellations, the Division 1A World Cup in Angers is a reality! In a rather well-stocked IceParc for a Sunday afternoon, the Netherlands, promoted from D1B, face an Austria with real ambitions. Indeed, it beat Germany in the TQO and came close to an Olympic qualification in November…

Austria breaks its teeth

The Netherlands start strong with a first incursion. Julie Zwarthoed, from behind the cage, finds Savine Wielenga infiltrated into the slot for the first chance of the match. Unfortunately, the second presence is more confusing; the Dutch find themselves with six players on the ice for several seconds before the officials penalize them with a surplus. Anja Trummer, served on the right, gets a good shot cleared on the other side by Eline Gabriele, who then freezes a lackluster long shot from Eva Beiter. The rest of the time passes without much danger and the Netherlands come back in full.

The Oranje are gaining confidence under the impetus of their trio Dijkema-Wielenga-Zwarthoed. Captain Wielenga thus causes Selma Luggin’s boot to stop on a deflected shot from the butt in the slot.

Austria are very close to opening the scoring on a shot from Antonia Matzka’s blue: the puck jumps with several deflections on the way, before failing on the end of Gabriele’s boot. Seven minutes from the break, Zoe Barbier tripped in neutral and put Austria on the numerical superiority. It takes a long time to settle in attack and only gets a shot from Trummer on the right, without success. Hengelmuller, shortly after the full comeback, tries in turn from distance, but her floating shot does not disturb the Dutch goalkeeper.

Far from backing down, the Netherlands insist and Zoe Barbier lacks amplitude on her turn of the cage. Austria, it struggles to approach the opposing goal. The best chances come from afar, like a shot from Annnika Fazokas controlled by Gabriele, then from Matzka who escapes a little from the goalkeeper’s mitt. The last minutes are rather favorable to Austria, with a shot from Emma Hofbauer which goes off target. At the break, the score of 0-0 seems logical. Both teams struggled to be truly dangerous; Austria abused long shots failing to get close to the goal, hampered by the aggressive forecheck and the opposing lacrosse game from the neutral zone.

Photo Nicolas Leborgne

Wittich opens the scoring

The second period begins with a foul by Matzka in the neutral zone. The Netherlands struggle to clear the puck cleanly; Well blocked in the neutral, the players of Marco Kronenburg do not manage to install their power play before the very last seconds. No shot threatens Selma Luggin.

Back in full, Austria camped in the opposing area. Trummer, very prominent, comes out of the corner and attacks the cage: Gabriele pushes back. Opposite, Kayleigh Hamers replies with a throw from the blue mid-height out of frame. Kimberley Collard then concedes two minutes for a trip in the neutral. Bieke van Nes misses to open the scoring with a strong break on the left, but Luggin wins. The change of line is missed and benefits Austria. Eva Beiter goes on a breakaway and Gabriele blocks the puck along her post. Then, on the takeoff, Austria fires into the slot. Emily Even blocks a shot from Anna Meixner as the cage seemed open, then, on the rebound, everyone rushes into the cage. Gabriele holds the fort with the help of a full-back lying on his line…

The match is unbridled with a hot sequence in favor of the Dutch in the axis and a leaping puck, finally cleared. But the game is taking place more and more in front of Gabriele’s cage. The Netherlands suffer and Michelle Noe is penalized for a severe shoulder strike, which propels Hofbauer against the boards. Beiter, alone in front of the cage, comes close to the first goal at close range. Charlotte Wittich will not miss her chance a few moments later, volleying a cross pass from Anja Trummer to the left circle (0-1).

And it does not get better since, on the commitment, Hilde Huisman is guilty of obstruction. Austria is becoming more and more insistent. Fazokas climbs from his blue, slaloms and throws from the backhand for a new save from Gabriele. Tamara Grascher in turn throws at the top of the circle and the La Hague goalkeeper has a hard time controlling the disc. The Netherlands have folded, but come back in full without damage.

The Oranje get a useful respite when, six minutes from time, Austria are sanctioned with a surplus. Hamers cut off an opposing 2-against-1, but, in continuity, Schafzal is alone in front of Gabriele. His high backhand is off target! The Netherlands seem to be running out of juice and are making more and more passing and control errors. They take no shots at this superiority.

The danger comes from Austria with an increasingly visible Theresa Schafzal, who is still failing closely. The puck circles around the Dutch cage until another foul, this time a high stick by goalkeeper Eline Gabriele. Tjin-a-Ton and van Nes start on the counterattack without managing to worry Luggin, then Austria settles in with another shot from Wittich well captured by Gabriele.

Netherlands - Austria
Photo Nicolas Leborgne

One goal, one shot for the Netherlands

On the restart, Austria rotated in superiority. However, no shooting position emerges, and the Netherlands come back in full. The match then closes. The Netherlands are rather harmless and Austria is looking for quick counterattacks. On one of them, Hofbauer eccentric and launches towards the goal where Schafzal deviates on the boots of Gabriele. A major stoppage, because on the next presence, Zwarthoed escapes on the left wing in two-against-two. Her shot is blocked by the defense but the disc comes back to her, and she deceives Luggin, out of position after reacting on the first shot (1-1).

The match remains hotly contested, but few shots. The spaces are locked and the duels intense. On one of them, Hilde Huisman is punished following a collision behind her goal. Superiority does nothing. The end of the match remains favorable to Austria, which dominates in possession in the opposing zone. The Netherlands suffer… Eline Gabriele holds the fort and snatches the extension.

The first three-on-three chance goes to Wielenga on the right and Luggin blocks the puck with difficulty. It is the Oranje who get the best chances at the start of the extension. But on an Austrian action, a trip against Zwarthoed is called. It remains 1’11, Austria finds itself in numerical superiority, and calls its dead time. Gabriele saves his side again on a final throw – his 43rd save – and the two teams find themselves in a penalty shootout.

Hamers starts the session with a superb feint, but Luggin makes a desperate save on his line.
Meixner fixes Gabriele well and opens the scoring with a high backhand (0-1)
Wielenga equalizes with a precise shot between the pads (1-1)
Wittich also scores with a half-high dry shot (1-2)
van Nes tries to fix Luggin but this one follows well.
Schafzal struggles to take his puck well and his inside-out feint ends up off target.
Barbier misses the target on the right.
Fazokas also tries to feint Gabriele, who releases the puck from the stick.
Dijkema loses control of his puck, which lands on Luggin’s boot.

Austria come away with the two points, a well-deserved victory given the number of chances. But that’s still a point lost in the race for the climb. The Netherlands for their part snatch an unexpected point in their race to maintain …

Named players of the match: Eline Gabriele (Netherlands) and Charlotte Wittich (Austria)

Austria victory
Photo Nicolas Leborgne

Netherlands – Austria 1-2 pens (0-0, 0-1, 1-1, 0-0, 1-2)
Women’s Division 1A World Championships Day One
Sunday April 24, 2022, 4 p.m. Ice Park of Angers. 1015 spectators.
Refereeing by Brandy Dewar (CAN) and Johanna Tauriainen (FIN) assisted by Erika Greenen (USA) and Julia Johansson (SUE)
Penalties: Netherlands 14′ (4′, 8′, 2′) Austria 4′ (0′, 4′, 0′)
Shots: Netherlands 8 (4, 3, 1), Austria 43 (11, 18, 14)

Score Summary
0-1 at 31’10: Wittich assisted by Trummer and Beiter (num. sup.)
1-1 at 46’58: Zwarthoed assisted by Hamers and Wielenga

Shoot to the net
Netherlands: Hamers (stop), Wielenga (goal), van Nes (stop), Barbier (missed), Dijkema (stop)
Austria: Meixner (goal), Wittich (goal), Schafzahl (stop), Fazokas (stop)

Netherlands (2′ for excess)

Maree Dijkema (+1) – Savine Wielenga (C, +1) – Julie Zwarthoed (+1)
Zoe Barbier (2′) – Esther de Jong – Kimberly Collard (2′)
Isabelle Schollaardt – Bieke van Nes (A) – Nicky Tjin-a-Ton
Larissa Haverkorn – Roos Karst

Jet Milders (+1) – Kayleigh Hamers (+1)
Michelle Noe (2′) – Michelle van Ooijen
Hilde Huisman (4′) – Emily Even (A)
Britt Wortel – Mandy Flink

Goalkeeper: Eline Gabriele (2′)
Substitute: Claudia can Leeuwen

Austria (2′ for excess)

Anna Meixner (C) – Emma Hofbauer – Theresa Schafzahl
Eva Beiter (-1) – Lena Daubock (-1) – Anja Trummer (-1)
Anna Hanser – Katharina Killius – Lena Artner
Hanna Schwartzer – Hanna Obermayr – Anna Billa

Antonia Matzka (2′) – Annika Fazokas (A)
Tamara Grascher (A, -1) – Charlotte Wittich (-1)
Karolina Hengelmuller – Leonie Kutzer
Laura Leitner

Goalie: Selma Luggin
Subs: Anja Adamitsch, Meilan Haberl

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