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NBA 2K22 Season 8 MyTeam: rewards, cards… the guide

The game NBA 2K22 is slowly preparing to give way to the next opus, released by its players who will leave on NBA 2K23 which is revealed little by little (we will talk about it later). Whereas season 7 of MyTeam looked like der des ders, corresponding with the last matches and the coronation of the Warriors, it objectively ended a little early for the players, deprived for too long weeks of MT. A season 8 has therefore arrived, with a non-negligible and astonishing content.

Julius Erving, Offline Triple Threat Award

© 2K

After Invincible cardswe are used to having some GOAT cards, ultimate versions of the best players, in the last weeks of the year MyTeam. Not this time. Taking up the term used by the community evoking the “end game” when you feel the end of the game coming, 2K launched a series of cracked cards with the same name. The first concerns Magic Johnson, then Scottie Barnes, etc. In the season 8, it rains twice a week, on Tuesday and Saturday. In addition to having all the stats in full, these cards also offer the best mechanics of shooting, dribbling, defense, and sometimes offer the player to occupy a position that is not his. Thus, Nikola Jokic, level 40 reward this season, can be a leading player, for better or for worse. These end game cards are still very expensive but are objectively the best in the game. They also disrupt the market and bring down the price of Invincibles considerably, even if they are not the only reason.
Nikola Jokic's card 99 reward level 40 in season 8 of NBA 2K22 MyTeam.

Nikola Jokic reward level 40

© 2K

The big innovation of this season 8 is to offer twice a week the release of two series of cards dedicated to the same player. The idea divides, surprises but allows to have very big players for not much. It all started at the launch of this season with 5 Kobe Bryant cards and 7 Shaquille O’Neal cards, all level 99, including new Invincibles and an end game each. It was then the turn of Carmelo Anthony, LaMelo Ball, Giannis, Yao Ming, Tacko Fall, JR Smith, Kevin Durant, Tracy McGrady, Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard, the duo of bosses with Michael Jordan and LeBron James, then Ben Simmons accompanied by Kristaps Porzingis. Others will follow after writing this article. If we get into small bets, let’s put a ticket on Luka Doncic, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Joel Embiid, Dwyane Wade or Tim Duncan… And why not Klay Thompson who had good cards this year? The Stephen Curry case ticks, the Warriors star having never been favored by MyTeam players, because of his size, his defense and his lack of punch. But he is MVP of the finals, defending champion, author of a crazy season, absolute record holder for 3-point shots, so he deserves his end game card and his honor. There are only 4 places left before the end of the season!

With his presence on the ultimate edition of 2K23, one could imagine that Michael Jordan was going to conclude this, just to symbolically pass the torch to the next game, but no, he came out mid-season with an overdue LeBron James in the mode this year. Kawhi, KD, Giannis are widely preferred over the Lakers star.

The MT Anniversary specific map series celebrates the anniversary of NBA 2K22's MyTeam mode.

The collection over the weeks

© 2K

A specific series accompanies this release of multiple maps for a few players: the one celebrating the mode’s anniversary, MT Anniversary. These cards are often very good (Tacko Fall for example) and cost almost nothing. Once the twenty cards have been obtained, we can choose an end game card from a proposed batch. Sacred farewell gift for 2K22.

2K also exceptionally offers a third card release in the week, on Wednesday with 3 “Season 8” cards with a very sober look as well as an Invincible card (Vince Carter and Derrick Rose for example). These cards are inexpensive, available in packs or by earning them in Triple Threat or Unlimited and can sometimes be surprising. Thus that of Ralph Sampson, the giant pivot of the Rockets, is monstrous, considered by many as above the end game of Yao Ming or that of Shaq, while it costs only 20,000 MT! Reggie Lewis is also a great choice if you want a fullback under 8000 MT.
American basketball player Kobe Bryant's MT Anniversary card on NBA 2K22 MyTeam.

We spoke to you above about a drop in the prices of the Invincibles. A logical element reinforced by the arrival of certain players so superior that they sweep away the others. This is essentially the case with Tacko Fall and Yao Ming, all of whose many versions released this season are superior to Shaq, Kareem, Wilt and other pivots. Only the late Mark Eaton is resisting. In fact, you can buy Mr. Abdul-Jabbar’s excellent Invincible card for 150,000 MT, but what’s the point? Tacko and Yao MT Anniversary at 10000 MT leave him in the locker room.

Basketball player Tacko Fall's 99 card is great on NBA 2K22 MyTeam game.

An excellent map of Tacko Fall

© 2K

If season 8 brings its share of big cards, some issues from past seasons remain hyper competitive. In the Next series (draft players) Dyson Daniels is an excellent leader, Jabari Smith always defends himself despite competition from T-Mac, Melo and KD, excluding end game cards of course. And how not to mention Luka Doncic Power Within and Michael Jordan’s Out of Position card, two old cards that are still just as cracking and still as pleasant to play? They will have definitely marked this edition of MyTeam.

Finally, note that 2K gave players two Invincible cards, one from Isiah Thomas, legendary Pistons point guard (at level 1) and one from Devin Booker when it was announced that the Suns star would be on the cover of the standard version. from NBA 2K23. Nice ! Other surprises will inevitably arrive before the end of this season 8, enough to keep us busy until the next opus.

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