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Major League Baseball’s Top 6 Draft Prospects

Like the NHL draft, the major league draft will take place a little later than usual this year, from July 17 to 19 in Los Angeles.

For the second time in four years, the Baltimore Orioles will be the first pick. As for the Jays, they still collected 91 victories in 2021 even if they did not participate in the playoffs, so they will draft far, more precisely in 23rd place.

Over the past week, Major League Baseball has also held evaluation camps (Combined), that is to say a gathering of the best prospects in one place to be able to demonstrate their talents in front of the major league baseball scouts.

But it is difficult to know if this exercise will really have an impact on the ideas of the great monks of Major League Baseball.

There are several good young players, but not one that definitely stands out. Some of them have an advantage, because their fathers have already played in Major League Baseball. It remains to be seen whether this will have an impact on the choice of the different teams.

We take a look at the top prospects in the upcoming draft:

1- Drew Jones – Outfielder – 18 years old

It is certain that when your father had a glorious career in the majors, that certain teams lean in your favor.

This is the case of Drew Jones, since his father Andruw played for 17 years as an outfielder in the majors, including a dozen with the Braves. Like his father, Drew is an excellent outfielder who has all the tools in his trunk.

Some scouts believe he still has a lot of work to do up front and unlike his father, he won’t be in the big leagues at 19. It remains to be seen whether the Orioles will be tempted or if they will go in a different direction.

2- Elijah Green- Outfielder- 18 years old

Unlike Drew Jones who is tall and slender, Greene is quite a man piece for an 18-year-old outfielder at 6-foot-3 and 225 pounds.

He is the son of former tight end Eric Greene, who has a very successful career in the NFL. Elijah Greene is very quick and has a lot of batting power, but some are worried about holes in his swing on breaking balls.

He represents a great long-term project for the team that chooses him.

3- Jackson Holliday – Shortstop – 18 years old

Several baseball fans are predicting in their mock draft that Holliday could come out on top and end up with the Orioles.

He is the son of former outfielder Matt Holliday, who had a very successful 15-year career in the majors, even participating in 7 all-star games.

It is said of his son that he can do everything on the pitch and that he is a hitting machine. However, he is often criticized for aiming the long ball too much instead of trying to hit the ball soaring, which has caused him some problems in the past. But the talent is there and he should definitely come out in the top 5.

4- Brooks Lee – Shortstop – 21 years old

He is also a shortstop player, but still different from Holliday. Firstly because he is an ambidextrous hitter and secondly because he is 21 years old.

He is an excellent hitter who is however criticized for some shortcomings in defense.

Many scouts see him more at 2nd or 3rd base because of the lack of power in his arm. But never mind, since many consider him the best hitter of the 2022 vintage.

5- Kevin Parada – receiver – 20 years old

There is no doubt that Kevin Parada has what it takes to become a very good hitter in the majors, who could hit 20 to 25 homers per season in the big leagues.

However, many doubt his ability to be a top receiver and think he could change positions quickly, depending on the team drafting him.

For his part, Parada hopes that the team that drafts him will give him the chance to work on his defensive game so that he can move up the ranks as a receiver.

6- Termarr Johnson – 2nd goal – 18 years old

Another beautiful project that is only 18 years old, but has a lot of potential. He’s a former shortstop who was turned into 2nd baseman due to a problem with his glove, but his stick is unmistakable.

Although he’s not very big at 5-foot-10 and 170 pounds, some observers think he could be a 30-homerun hitter due to his hand speed and ease in putting the big end of the stick on the ball.

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