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LIVE – OM-AC Milan: the Marseillais complete their preparation with a new defeat

Ended ! Another defeat for OM!

OM logically lost 2-0 against AC Milan for their last preparation match!

What a save from Blanco!

Gabbia places a missile in front of the outside of the area, Blanco flies away to deflect for a corner! The Spanish goalkeeper signs a new class stoppage in stride.

Tavares treats

The Marseille side delights his stadium with a tasty dribble on his left side. OM end the game in freewheel.

Blanco shines again

Saelemaekers take their chance away from goal. The Marseille goalkeeper pushes back, hampered by the rebound. He then intervenes in front of Lazetic.

A look at the stats

55% possession for AC Milan, which has 13 shots including 5 on target. 5 shots (1 on target) on the Olympian side.

Bakayoko comes into play

The French international replaces Bennacer. Lazetic also comes into play, in place of Giroud.

A little rhythm

Not helped by the exclusion of Touré, the meeting did not take off. The result seems to have been confirmed, which does not encourage the two teams to surpass themselves.


Second warning in a few seconds after a delayed tackle for the young defender, who is already leaving his partners!

Toure informed

The newcomer is already picking up a card for a foul away from his goal.

Maignan finally put to work

Milik strikes hard on the right of the surface. Maignan pushes back to the ground.

Ronnier is looking for Milik

The Marseille midfielder, who took the captain’s armband, cannot find his center forward.

Bakambu and Touré enter

They replace Payet and Gigot. On the Milan side, Kjaer, Saelemaekers, Gabbia, Florenzi, Ballo-Touré and Krunic are also appearing.

New fresh break

The players take the direction of the sidelines to hydrate. Tudor and Pioli take the opportunity to continue their coaching.

Time-out in Marseille

The pace drops to the Velodrome. Neither team manages to take the advantage in this second act.

Tavares starts well

Very good entry into play from the Olympian rookie on the left, who is playing his first minutes with his new team.

Corner for Milan

Clauss defends well in front of Messias, gone behind his back. Calabria’s strike flies into the south corner.

Giroud on the ground

The French striker complains about his foot after being involuntarily stepped on.

Leao misses himself

Launched on the left, Leao progresses but slips into the area when making his hook in front of Balerdi. OM are relaunching.

Still no shot on target for OM

It’s getting closer for the Phocaeans, who have not yet called on Maignan. 9 shots including 5 on target for AC Milan.

Pioli gets annoyed

The Milan coach receives a yellow card on his bench.

Clauss’ failure!

Superb outside of Payet for Tavares on the left. His cross to the far post finds Clauss, whose header in front of goal is completely missed.

Inaccurate payet

Payet’s cross from the right is too deep and ends directly out of goal. Mbemba was wanted.

Cardboard for Tonali

The young Italian cuts Payet and in turn receives a goalkeeper. Interesting free kick to come for OM.

OM are better

Despite a fright over the intervention of Tavares, the Marseillais got on much better in this second act. They retain the ball and progress into the opposing camp.

Red card cancelled!

Messias was offside, the VAR logically cancels the exclusion of Tavares!

Red for Tavares!

Barely entered the field, Tavares is excluded for a fault in last defender on Messias!

The entrants are already showing up

First ball for Tavares, who immediately finds Milik in the area. The strike of the Pole is countered and captured by Maignan. In the aftermath, Clauss comes up against the Milan goalkeeper, but shoots wide.

3 changes at OM

Tavares, Gueye and Milik replace Kolasinac, Guendouzi and Suarez. Opposite, Adli and Leao take the place of Diaz and Rebic.

Start of the second half!

It’s back to Marseilles. The Olympians kick off the second act and are expected at the turn.

Zlatan is in front of the game

The Swedish striker, who extended with AC Milan, is still nursing an injury and is not expected to play again until 2023.

Half time!

It’s the break in Marseille, the two teams return to the locker rooms under the bronca of the Vélodrome! AC Milan lead 2-0 without forcing their talent, thanks to goals from Messias and Giroud. OM and their defense are worrying a week before the resumption.

Messias Alert Blanco

The first scorer is still easily found the right. He takes his chance but only finds Blanco’s gloves.

Tavares in the warm-up

The new Olympian recruit is already on the move on the edge of the lawn alongside Milik or Dieng in particular.

Milan on a walk

The Lombard club had held the ball for several minutes and had OM running in a stunned Velodrome.

Guendouzi also called to order

The French midfielder is warned for a late tackle on his compatriot Giroud.

Rebic warned

Author of a nasty foul on Gerson cutting off an opportunity to counter, Rebic receives the first card of the match.

The Angry Velodrome

Whistles have been falling from the Velodrome for a few minutes. The show offered by OM does not please its audience.

Free kick for AC Milan

Calabria again takes its chance away from goal. His volley is well above.

Little alert for Clauss

Touched by Rebic, the French international takes a few seconds to get up. A blow obviously without consequence.

Blanco shows up

Double parade for the Spanish goalkeeper in front of Messias, decidedly in great shape. Note the new defensive blunder on the spot.


And 2-0 for AC Milan! Messias again takes Kolasinac on the right and crosses back towards Giroud, who can deceive Blanco with a quiet flat foot.

Theo twirling

The Milanese piston is very fit in this game. Clauss is forced to make a mistake to stop his progress on the left.

Freshness break

In the Marseille heat, the referee grants a cool break to the twenty-two players.

A single shot (not on target) for OM

AC Milan has 3 shots including 1 on target since kick-off. Visitors also dominate possession, with 57%.

Blanco does not reassure

The Marseille goalkeeper is completely missing in a clearance after a tricky back pass. The OM defense still seems as feverish as ever.


Both teams are struggling to hold the ball in a fairly lively encounter, despite a low number of chances.

OM in the hard

Free kick for AC Milan on the right. Tonali finds the post and Guendouzi’s header. Calabria does not fit his distant attempt.

Milan pushes

Under the impulse of Theo, the Rossoneri insist on the left and pass close to the second goal. The Marseille defense is struggling to emerge.


AC Milan opens the scoring in a very nice way! On their first opportunity, visitors find the opening. Served on the right side by Diaz, Messias catches cold Kolasinac before placing an unstoppable shot from the left, opposite corner.

Many mistakes

The whistles multiply in this first quarter of an hour. Both teams are quite nervous and clumsy.

Giroud pushes back with his head, Gerson tries

Payet’s free kick is dismissed at the near post by Giroud. In the aftermath, Gerson takes his chance from afar. It’s above.

Good free kick for OM

Rebic fouls Suarez near the box. Payet sets off…

The teams look at each other

Gerson commits a big foul on Theo in the Italian camp. The start of the match was fairly calm, despite an Olympian public that was pushing.

Clauss in legs

The right piston makes a great breakthrough in the axis, with success. Its transmission to Gerson on the right is not assured.

AC Milan on the attack

The ball navigates the Marseille camp in these first seconds of play, without danger for the moment.

Let’s go between OM and AC Milan!

As a symbol, Basile Boli gave the fictitious kickoff of the match. AC Milan then commits, good game to all!

The players are on the lawn

Entry of the two teams into a packed Velodrome! Immediate kick-off between OM and AC Milan.

Basile Boli superstar

The OM legend enjoys a walkabout at the Vélodrome

The OM group for the meeting

25 players have been called up by Igor Tudor. Among them, no Jordan Amavi, since the left side would have been removed from the group by the Croatian technician. Pau Lopez is also absent, having given up his place prematurely against Betis on Wednesday.

A poster to follow on RMC Story, RMC Sport 1 and BFM Marseille

OM-AC Milan will be broadcast live on RMC Story, RMC Sport 1, BFM Marseille-Provence and BFM Toulon Var.

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A nearly full velodrome

About 60,000 spectators, or even more, are expected this Sunday at the Vélodrome for this gala poster. Suffice to say that this remake of the 1993 Champions League final is of interest to the Olympian people.

One last pre-season match for OM

Hi there ! Welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to OM-AC Milan, the last preparation match for the Marseillais before the big resumption of Ligue 1 next week. Kick off at 6 p.m.

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