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LeBron James is “extremely happy” in Los Angeles

Arrived in 2018 in the city of Angels, LeBron James does not plan to leave the Lakers before 2024. In any case, this is what Marc Stein says, according to whom the King sees no reason to move again although the last two seasons have turned into real sporting failures. Why 2024? Maybe because a certain LeBron James Jr. will become eligible for the Draft that same year. As if by chance.

Don’t worry dear fans of Purple and Golddespite the catastrophic level and VERY below the expectations of your team, LeBron James will apparently not express the slightest desire elsewhere. Indeed, according to Marc Stein of SubstackBronBron would be “ extremely happy in Los Angeles, even when he had to become a site manager for a year to manage the plots that served as his teammates and the cinder blocks sent in gusts. Since arriving in LA four years ago, the James family has now more than found their feet, and are very actively involved in the local community. Well, as LeBron is first and foremost an NBA player, his sports performance also counts in the balance. The 2021-22 financial year? Well it’s simple, the King will loop it in 30/8/6 at 52.4% shooting including 35.9% from parking, all over 56 games and when he turned 37 last December. So yes we’re going to repeat ourselves again, but damn it’s not normal. To at what age will we finally be able to say: no LeBron it’s over there, you have to retire“. Because in this Lakers team where Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook are also part of the workforce, it is LBJ the best player, by far.

Besides, speaking of staying in Los Angeles, isn’t there a small step James is about to take next year? In the viewfinder of the cyborg, the career record of 38,387 points scored by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is in the foreground. With 37,062 units, LeBron is down to just 1,325 points of the legend of the… Lakers. Inevitably, going first in the all-time scorers’ rankings in the same jersey you’ve been chasing for almost 20 years – and maybe even in front of the same fans – is class. Concretely, to pass Kareem, James would, for example, need “only” 49 games at 27.1 points on average. We are not going to be made to believe that it is not in the strings of the King, of which we obviously do not expect him to play 82 games this season, since this has not happened since the 2017-2018 campaign. And then to come back to this story of departure, it must be said that all roads therefore lead to this famous year 2024, where LeBron will undoubtedly choose the franchise in which he will realize his ultimate dream: to play with his son.

Eligible for the 2024 Draft therefore, Bronny will not be able to choose the city in which he will land. However, one thing is certain, his daddy will come running to join him. Even recently in an interview for The Athletic, the King repeated it: I will play my last year with my son. Wherever he ends up, that’s where I go. I would do anything to play with my son for a season. The money doesn’t even come into play at this stage. Well that’s what is clear, especially since the contractual situation of LBJ will very quickly be clarified on the intentions of the man. Eligible for an extension as of August 4, LeBron will have several options: do nothing, sign a one-year extension, sign a one-plus-one extension. Unable to sign an extension for more than two years due to the Over-38 rule – but also because it would exceed the date of 2024 on which Bronny will land in the NBA – James therefore has no desire to play his last season for the Lakers in 2022-23. All the signals are green for the King to sign a one-year extension, which would give him $91.2 million over the next two years. Indeed, it’s enough to have nothing to do with the potential last contract he will sign in the NBA.

LeBron James is currently spinning a splendid love story with Los Angeles, which only the desire to play with his son Bronny seems able to break within two years. In a few days, we will probably know more about what will happen in the summer of 2024. In the meantime, we remain focused on California where our little finger tells us that the King has not finished surprising us.

Text source: RealGM / Substack

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