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Kaiden Guhle claims not to have decided anything yet

Currently, Kaiden Guhle is in the Memorial Cup tournament with his Edmonton Oil Kings. The hope of the Canadian, that his coach deems ready for the NHLis there for the second and last time in his playing career after being there as a member of the Prince Albert Raiders.

He went to the tournament in 2019 and 2022 and there was none in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. Every time he had the chance to go, he was there, which is pretty crazy when you think about it.

The difference between the two cases? The first time, he was a rookie in an old defensive squad, but now he is the cornerstone of the Oil Kings, who are counting on him to go far in the playoffs.

And he will do everything to win – and not lose the first three games like in 2019.

A bit like Shea Weber, who also participated in the tournament during his junior career, we are talking about a defender who hates losing. He will therefore focus on his current mission before thinking about what to do next.

And the rest of the things, in her case, she is charged. There is everything surrounding his arrival in the pros, but above all, there is the Junior World Championship which will be resumed this summer.

Will there be? We can believe so, and this, even if it would make him very tired for the next season on the sidelines of all the games that have been played by the defender this year.

But in fact, he says his decision is not made.

If I had to bet, I would say it will be there. And no, I’m not saying that just because he was the club captain during the holidays.

I say that because the guy is clearly looking for a sense of accomplishment and he will want to satisfy it. A bit like Shea Weber, the hope of CH will not want to abandon his family if he can play.

It is no coincidence that I have spoken of Weber a few times in my text.

In a text by journalist Arpon Basu, he tried in every possible way not to compare Guhle and Weber, but comparisons are natural and during interviews with some speakers regarding Guhle, the name of the former CH captain always comes up. .

The youngster has captain in his blood and he will clearly want to exercise his leadership this summer, according to my reading of the situation. This will also be his last opportunity to represent his country at this tournament.

Until then, a victory at the Memorial Cup could also greatly help his development… but since he is not one to do things by halves, I expect to see him play as much as he can.

A lot of

– Pierre Gervais thinks that Shea Weber will be hard to replace and that we should not appoint a captain who is too young.

– That would be a big blow.

– Jay Woodcroft is lining up to stay in Edmonton.

– Nikita Kucherov should play tomorrow, but not Brayden Point.

– A big end of series in perspective.

– A name to remember.

– Excellent news.

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