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it’s time to play, 8 great questions about All-Star Weekend to win… tickets for an NBA Playoffs game!

In a few days, the whole basketball world will be on hiatus to celebrate 75 years of the NBA and All-Star Weekend in Cleveland! A big orange ball party, just the way we like them. And who says big party says… gifts? That’s good, on this occasion, ParionsSport point of sale offers you to play a rather fun game, the All-Star Prono. The concept is very simple: 8 big questions to answer, and the possibility of going to the USA to experience an NBA Playoffs match there!

Until February 18 (this Friday), ParionsSport offers you to predict for free on the All-Star Game 2022, in partnership with the NBA.

The premise is as simple as it is exciting. As you know, we like to show up at All-Star Weekend every year with different favorites for each event. We have our favorite for such a three-point shooter, we feel that a star is going to get his Sunday night MVP trophy, there are young people who want to make a name for themselves at the Dunk Contest and we follow the old ones who could quite remind who the bosses of this sport are. The circus does not change, despite a few modifications here and there. However, in addition to our usual predictions sent on the fly on social networks, ParionsSport has decided to raise the temperature around this annual tradition.

Until Friday, you will have 8 questions to answer on their form available here.

Questions that obviously concern the All-Star Weekend and its festivities. We are not here to get your answers on climate change in Périgord, even if that interests us in itself.

Here are the 8 big questions that will have to be answered, and that you can find in their form with the odds for each favorite and participant.

  1. Which team will win the Skills Challenge?
  2. Which player will win the 3-point contest?
  3. Which player will win the Slam Dunk Contest?
  4. Which team will win the 2022 All-Star Game?
  5. How many points will be scored in the match?
  6. Which player will be voted MVP of the game?
  7. Which player will make the most three-point shots in the match?
  8. Who will be the game’s top scorer?

For the Skills Challenge, Team Antetokounmpo will have to battle with Team Cleveland who will be pushed by the public on site, while Team Rookie – favorite – will have to hold their own against the veterans.

For the 3-point Contest, the race is wide open and we know that the slightest heat stroke can decide the evening. Rather Trae Young, Luke Kennard, Desmond Bane, Fred VanVleet, Patty Mills, CJ McCollum, Zach LaVine or Karl-Anthony Towns?

On the Slam Dunk Contest side, the calves will have to heat up between Jalen Green the favorite, Cole Anthony, small size, Obi Toppin the dolphin from last season and Juan Toscano-Anderson representing the Warriors.

Team LeBron or Team KD? This is the biggest question, knowing which team will win the famous All-Star Game 2022. You should know that the King has won the last 4 editions, simply since the captaincy system was put in place…! The total points will also have to be determined, be careful because it tends to score seriously and not at all seriously defend at ASG.

Obviously, with the victory will come the most legendary photo, that of the MVP of the match. Who will win the Kobe Bryant Trophy? You have to be in the winning team, so depending on your preference on the winner of the match, the MVP will necessarily be in this group. Attention: if you want to select LeBron you will have to click on OTHERS.

Finally, the match’s leading scorer and the match’s leading gunner will also be in demand, with du Curry, Trae Young and VanVleet notably to catch fire on the back lines, while Luka Doncic, Giannis and Ja Morant will fight for scoring in a fast-paced game.

TrashTalk’s predictions on the Big 8 All-Star Weekend Questions:

  1. Team Riders
  2. Karl Anthony Towns
  3. Jalen Green
  4. Team LeBron
  5. Less than 323 points
  6. LeBron James
  7. Fred VanVleet
  8. Giannis Antetokounmpo


  • 1 trip for 2 people to see an NBA Playoff game
  • 1 autographed jersey
  • 1 NBA League Pass
  • 2x 100€ discount on the NBA Store

Send a form and then cross your fingers to end up applauding craziness in the Playoffs, we don’t know about you but we’re pretty excited. What if you don’t hit the jackpot? There is still a signed jersey, NBA League Pass to win and coupons on the NBA Store. At worst, at worst, even having everything good and not having been drawn, there will still be an increase in hexpertise and street cred on the networks. And that is beautiful.

So you know what to do, and you have until Friday to do it! This way to fill out the special ParionsSport All-Star Prono form, and look deep into your crystal ball because there is a trip to the US with an NBA Playoff match at stake. It’s not every day that you can say it, so you might as well take advantage of it.

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