“It is solely soccer, however…”

FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – Groups from France and Morocco will meet within the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar on December 14. The essayist Fatiha Boudjahlat, from an Algerian household, calls on younger Franco-Moroccans to like France in addition to their nation of origin.

Fatiha Agag-Boudjahlat is the writer of a number of exceptional books. She has notably revealed The Nostalgeriads (Deer, 2021).

It is solely soccer, after all, but it surely’s an instrument of soft-power for a rich Islamic monarchy, whose inhabitants had nothing to do with this sport. It is solely soccer, but it surely’s the nationwide anthems which are proudly sung in the beginning, all through the matches, then afterwards within the occasion of a victory. It is solely soccer, but it surely’s a Napoleonic pleasure for the French to beat the “perfidious Albion”. It is solely soccer, however after every victory, Moroccan gamers fly the Palestinian flag, whereas the Cherifian Kingdom has normalized its relations with Israel. It is solely soccer, however after their victories, the Moroccan gamers welcome their moms and their kids on the garden, their wives, no. Patriarchate which sanctifies moms and relegates wives… It is solely soccer, however he makes Leïla Slimani say within the JDD that she is for Morocco, that their victories and soccer make her ” to belong deeply to the folks “, whom she hardly frequents, particularly from the attractive Parisian districts. It is solely soccer, however the excessive leftist indigenist probes DNA, civil standing and household timber, to say that France is nothing with out foreigners. The acute proper of the intense proper does the identical, for one more goal.

It is not simply soccer. It’s the simplest enterprise of re-narcissizing peoples. It’s amusing that the good victories of Morocco are assimilated to these of the African continent, once we know the welcome that the Maghreb reserves for sub-Saharan migrants. Morocco within the semi-finals is the Arab world within the semi-finals, and it is usually Africa within the semi-finals. It is not simply soccer. It’s the revenge of the previous colonies. It is the Bandung Convention and extra festive. It is good struggle with out struggle, apart from Morocco or Algeria in reality, the defeats giving rise to looting, destruction, clashes with the police, as in Belgium or France in latest weeks. Wins additionally oddly.

The assist given to those international nations by our folks, born and raised in France, of international mother and father, but additionally of oldsters themselves born right here, hurts our nationwide feeling, a sense as respectable as that which animates our sports activities opponents.

Fatiha Agag-Boudjahlat

It is not simply soccer, it is also a query of allegiance. The assist given to those international nations by our folks, born and raised in France, of international mother and father, but additionally of oldsters themselves born right here, hurts our nationwide feeling, a sense as respectable as that which animates our sports activities opponents. As a result of there’s solely the technology of kids of immigrants. There may be the subsequent, simply as mired in these distinctive, opportunistic, schizophrenic attachments. We perceive that international nationals dwelling in France can assist their nations. It’s much less comprehensible that kids and grandchildren of immigrants, born in France to folks born in France, dwelling in France, forcefully show flags, horns, thunderous declarations, a single allegiance, that which fits to the bled… For a very long time, the one means for the Algerians and Franco-Algerians to assist France was for it to confront Morocco. “The enemy of my enemy is my buddy”. However resentment combined with reactivation of non secular group identification signifies that many Algerians will assist their hated neighbor. As a result of France is the last word enemy, a unifier.

We’re reassured by listening to some Franco-Moroccans say that the victory of France would even be a little bit of their victory, a comfort prize, that they might nonetheless have a group in play, which they might then assist. Opportunism of victory. When the stakes are actual, it’s Morocco that almost all of them select, or Algeria. The selection of the center. And that is what hurts us.

The identical individuals who howl at racism, and name themselves extra French than the French, are not so, they fracture the nationwide group, corrupt a second of collective jubilation, cut back France to a multi-service area of which they not develop into mere residents. . They make themselves strangers to us. There isn’t a identification with out identification, and no identification with out belonging. They don’t establish with France in a second as gentle as sport, how then would they belong to the nationwide group? As a result of their arguments usually are not solely these of the center or of sport, they communicate of revenge, the identical on social networks present a Lion (the group of Morocco is nicknamed the Lions of the Atlas) advancing in direction of France after conquering Portugal and Spain.

It’s throughout these worldwide sports activities conferences that it’s nonetheless tolerated to put on the nationwide colours, to sing our anthem with out being taxed as far-right.

Fatiha Agag-Boudjahlat

Nevertheless, Solomon’s judgment will not be replayed. We aren’t to decide on. Twin nationality ought to lead to twin allegiance. Addition. Two nations to like. Equally. Not a subtraction or a division. One thing that must be taught in school however that our Minister of Nationwide Training won’t ever discuss between all of the injunctions to speak about schooling in sexuality, gender, the surroundings, sport, well being. What if we discovered to like France?

The identical reproach applies to those deputies from the French, a few of whom intervene within the Meeting solely to defend the nationals and the pursuits of their different nation. Members of Parliament are the one ones who shouldn’t have twin nationality as a result of making legislation they can not have twin allegiance.

It is simply soccer. However it’s throughout these worldwide sporting occasions that it’s nonetheless tolerated to put on the nationwide colours, to sing our anthem with out being accused of utmost proper. As a result of loving different nations is regular. Loving France is suspect. It’s even the one second when Macron forgets for some time the European Union, to which his allegiance goes, meting out us together with his typical criticisms in opposition to our flaws that he likes to record. At every sporting encounter with a bled nation, the celebration is ruined. The opportunity of a nationwide and standard communion is decreased to ashes. It is not the wars of independence which are replayed, it is solely soccer. A sport. Who shouldn’t go away this bitter style… If France wins, the intense leftist will say that it’s because of its gamers of African origin, from whom it advantages however who’re African. If it loses, the traditional excessive proper will say that it’s due to these identical gamers who’re too little French.

Those that love France the best way everybody ought to love their nation will assist France and its gamers, whether or not they lose or win. And who have to really feel that their binational compatriots share this love that binds us to one another. Confronted with this disqualification of French patriotism which binds us to the land of our fathers would exclude the youngsters of immigrants, the Republic provides compatriotism, which binds us to one another, between those that take step one by selecting to belong and to say to belong to the nationwide group, that one turning into our brother or sister in Nation.

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