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INTERVIEW. Matteo Tramoni: “Calcio made me grow”

Passing through the Ajaccian region at the beginning of July before resuming training with Cagliari, Matteo Tramoni recharged with his family. The opportunity for the former nugget of the ACA to discuss the past season in Series B with Brescia.

What is your analysis of this first season in Series B?

Overall, a good season even if there were times when I played less. However, even with less playing time, I managed to be decisive and to score, it gave me confidence. I learned a lot and especially gained in maturity. But the disappointment of having missed the Serie A accession by little was enormous. The club was ambitious, we fought hard and the hardest part was failing so close to the goal. We lost too many points at home. In the play-off, we were eliminated in the semi-final against Monza, which reached Serie A. It was a disappointment because we lost twice 2-1 while leading 1-0. I bring the goal on the way out and I score on the return. We knew we had the ability to access even without going through the play-offs. It’s infuriating!

The B-series?

The level is very high compared to Ligue 2. We find relegated from Series A and former mythical clubs who all want to go up. But the big difference is in the atmosphere in the stadiums. Nothing to do with the championship of France and even certain atmospheres in Ligue 1. The supporters sing from the 1st to the last minute, it’s really another world at this level. On the ground, we feel like growing wings.

Your debut in Serie B after the experience in Cagliari?

The osmosis with the public was made immediately. He is very close to the players, especially the kop and gives voice throughout the match. I was very surprised by the atmosphere from the first match. With the Covid, the stadiums were empty the first year in Cagliari. Besides, I had been injured. There, I really discovered Calcio and the atmosphere in Italian stadiums.

You rubbed shoulders with a star of world football, Pippo Inzaghi. What were your reports?

Before he was ousted, they were excellent. He always had the right word to give me the right advice and even teased me from time to time. I didn’t know him as a player but his aura is impressive. He is a gentleman respected throughout Italy. I had pretty good stats with him. The arrival of the new coach changed a lot of things, starting with the game system. I was no longer in the plans. I continued to work in training to regain my place in the group. I found playing time and finished stronger.

Your stats?

In total, I’m at eight goals and two assists. When I arrived here, I had set myself to be decisive ten times, I got there. Perhaps I could have done a lot more by being more lucid at times, but I broke all my records by scoring eight goals when my total was two goals per season with the ACA.

What difference do you make between the French and Italian championship?

The championship is much more tactical in Italy and this leads to more phases of play. In Ligue 2, football is more direct with counter-attacks and duels. In Serie B, the teams set themselves up directly, hence the emergence of various phases. It’s a less direct game where everyone knows what they have to do. Overall, football is a real institution in Italy. People only live for that. They talk about it in the street, comment and it shows as soon as you arrive in a club.

“The ACA will continue”

How was your relationship with your teammates?

Very good ! As in many clubs, we have more affinity with some. We had restaurants. And I had, of course, a special relationship with Matthieu Huard with whom I played at ACA and other French players like striker Florian Ayé for example.

Your progress with the ACA?

Calcio made me grow. I progressed tactically and mentally. Serie B is very rigorous, like Italian football. I also had less haste in my choices and my game. However, I still have to progress in the area of ​​the last pass, making the right choice at the right time. This year, I could have been even more decisive.

The future ?

Brescia did not wish to exercise the purchase option concerning me. So I returned to Cagliari where we resumed training. The competition will begin on August 12 with a trip to Como. The club have been relegated to Serie B but competing for membership is an interesting challenge. I remain focused on this eventuality without ruling out other possibilities, especially in Series A.

A wish ?

Playing in Milan would be a dream! I was on the bench with Cagliari in Serie A. San Siro is a mythical stadium where the greatest footballers in the world have played. I also like the Bundesliga and more particularly Borussia Dortmund, but it’s another league, I have to progress in Italy above all.

How did you experience the ACA season?

I was unable to follow certain matches because we sometimes played at the same time, but I was indeed a fierce supporter of the club throughout the season. I pushed like I was there and screamed at every goal. I am very proud to see the club represent Corsica at the top of French football. There will be four descents and everyone already condemns them. The recruitment was judicious and with the state of mind of the group, I don’t worry about them, they will maintain themselves.

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