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INTERVIEW. Laurent Peyrelade: “Ligue 2 has become a Ligue 1 bis!” The coach of Rodez gives himself up before the resumption of the season this Saturday

the essential
This Saturday evening July 30 (7 p.m.), the RAF players begin their fourth season in a row in the French second division. First opponent: Quevilly-Rouen, in Normandy. This season again, the objective of the Aveyronnais will be to stay in L2.

Laurent PEyrelade, how is your workforce doing a few hours before the resumption of the Ligue 2 championship this evening at the Quevilly-Rouen stadium?

Everyone is well. We worked well during these weeks of preparation for the season. I am satisfied with the content and outcome of these sessions. We have played friendly matches against tough opponents. It was a goal to quickly raise our mental, physical and technical standards. When you face L1 teams like Montpellier or Clermont-Ferrand you have to be up to speed quickly. There is nothing better to attack the season.

During this preparation phase, can’t we forget last season with its complicated and stressful finale?

Each season is different from the previous one and ultimately from all the others. We can’t tell ourselves that we are going to play the same way and know the same story. I retain, on the other hand, our three previous seasons of L2 as three enriching experiences to better advance, to become more efficient. This is where the past is essential.

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Excuse us for going back to the past again, but last season you ended your last three games with three successes with an ideal tactical scheme for the RAF in 5-5. Are you going to do it again this year?

There will be a mix of this pattern with a 3-5-2 and a 5-3-2. Our new players must adapt to these tactical approaches as the old ones were able to appropriate them.

This question introduces the question about your vision of the coming season. Do you think the teams will be more defensive since there will be 4 runs at the end of the championship?

Defensive? I don’t think so because there are going to be two competitions within the competition. Everything will be decided after 15 days. There, we will see a group of ten clubs taking shape, playing the accession while the other ten will be engaged in the fight for maintenance over the remaining 23 days. I’m really convinced of that.

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What is your general analysis of this Ligue 2 version 2022-2023?

It is a Ligue 2 which is a Ligue 1 bis. It is even stronger than the one we knew two years ago. Moreover, it will be even higher the following season with the descent of four clubs from L1 to L2 due to the passage of the L1 to 18 clubs. Realize the opposition we have with Bordeaux, Saint-Étienne and Metz. Last year there was only the TFC which fell into this category. We measure even more the feat of seeing us in direct opposition to clubs of this value and rich in an extraordinary sporting history. We, faced with these teams, we have to oppose our will and a desire to stay in L2. Besides, look at our stadium which is under construction, which is being built little by little, we are a club that is moving forward. We must keep it in mind before starting this championship.

Building involves coming up with the strongest team possible. You recruited little, why?

We knew that we would not have our full workforce when the championship resumed because we have to do with our modest financial means compared to other professional clubs. We targeted players. We expect one per line but we don’t want to take players to take any. Our goal is to obtain real added value. These players don’t cost the same on July 15 or August 15 when they feel they might not find a club. Rodez can then become a nice place to do a season, get started or relaunch.

This evening at 7 p.m. at the Robert-Diochon stadium in Rouen, Quevilly-Rouen receives Rodez.
Referee: M Valnet.
RODEZ: Cibois, MPasi, Malanda, Chougrani, Raux-Yao, Abdallah, Coelho, Danger, Boissier, Rajot, Ouammou, Valério, Mendes, Corrédor, Depres, Bardy.
Trainer: Laurent PEYRELADE.

The program for the first day

15 hours :
Dijon – Saint-Etienne (beIN SPORTS 1)
At 7 p.m. (multiplex and full on Prime Video):
Le Havre–Grenoble
SC Bastia-Laval
Quevilly Rouen – RODEZ AF
Bordeaux – Valenciennes (manager match more co-broadcast on the L’Équipe channel)
At 8:45 p.m.: Sochaux – Paris FC (beIN1).

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