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How to get an authentic NBA jersey?

We offer you the solution to be able to train or walk around with a jersey identical to that of your favorite NBA player. Enough to make your teammates and friends jealous!

For a long time in France, getting the jerseys identical to their favorite NBA stars was very complicated. When Reebok was the official supplier of the NBA, it is the brand Champion which manufactured for France and other European countries its own replica jerseys from the North American basketball championship.

With the exception of the NBA logo and the distributor brand which were embroidered, all of the motifs were printed on the jerseys using the technique of sublimation (i.e. the names and jersey numbers of the players for example were inked into the fabric). In terms of aesthetics and resemblance to silk and embroidered jerseys worn by NBA players at the time, we have seen better. To get a more similar NBA jersey, it was imperative to go to the United States, or place an order on the internet with exchange costs (payment with euros for a product sold in dollars), shipping (international parcels) and possibly customs that this implied.

A significant change with Adidas

Then, a few seasons afterAdidas does not become the official equipment supplier of the NBA in 2006, the first flocked and then embroidered jerseys appeared in France. The brand with the three stripes has thus taken over from Champion to supply the Old Continent in terms of NBA jerseys. While the quality of the jerseys marketed was clearly better, there were still a few small imperfections, such as the presence of the Adidas logo on the tunics sold, while the equipment manufacturer’s logo did not appear at that time on the jerseys worn in competition by NBA players.

Nike, official NBA supplier since 2017

Since Nike regained control of this market in 2017 as new official supplier of the NBA until 2025, and succeeded in imposing the presence of its logo on all the jerseys it produces (including those worn in matches by LeBron James and his colleagues playing in one of the thirty franchises of the NBA), the signs of resemblances are further accentuated. The American firm, which is one of the most powerful companies in the world today, has, among other things, used new technologies in the design of its jerseys for NBA athletes and their fans.

Historically in the USA, there are three different types of jerseys: replica, swing man and original. Although they are all NBA licensed, they do not have the same characteristics. The sale prices are logically not the same, and vary from simple to double. Quality and prestige have a price! Because authentic jerseys are very rare, they are produced and then marketed in small quantities compared to swingman jerseys, which are the most popular with fans. The quality of materials used for an authentic is also superior to that of replicas and swingmans.

The main differences between the types of jersey

All elements placed on the jersey (Nike swosh, player name and number, team name) are embroidered, while they are flocked for a replica and “glued” on for a swingman. In addition, on the back of an “authentic” jersey (which is similar to a jersey worn by an NBA player), the number of NBA championship titles won by the franchise is indicated at the collar. This is an important detail that reminds NBA players of the prestige of the team they play for every time they put on their jersey before games.

From France, to buy an authentic jersey, you have to go to the European NBA Store. Or on the website of a partner distributor of Nike branded products. However, these jerseys do not have the advertising patch placed at the top right of the jersey since the appearance of advertising on NBA jerseys introduced last season. To get a 100% identical copy of an NBA jersey, you must go directly to the United States in the official store of your favorite player’s team, or order online in this same store.

Finally, for your culture, you should know that there is a fourth category of jersey, the “game worn”, which are not sold by Nike and traditional distributors, but rather on auction sites. Indeed, these are jerseys actually worn in official matches by NBA players. These are therefore extremely rare on the market, and very expensive to buy. The sale price can climb to several tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire the jersey worn during the Finals by a league superstar…

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