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Holy dream team ladies! • Malijet

Under the leadership of Ténin Konaté, voted Best batsman of the competition, the Dream Team honored its status, beating Tata de Sikasso in the final, Saturday at the Ouezzin Coulibaly stadium.

The Ladies of the Dream Team are the new champions of Mali. On Saturday, captain Youma Sangaré and her teammates won the supreme title, beating Tata de Sikasso by a wide margin 57 runs (10 eliminations) against only 39 runs (9 eliminations). The Dream Team thus becomes the second team to put its name on the championship list, after Faladiè cricket club which was crowned in 2019.

The icing on the cake for the new champions of Mali, Aïssata Konaté known as Ténin won the trophy for Best batswoman in the championship (90 points scored in 8 matches). The title of Best waitress was won by Balkissa Coulibaly, a member of the Lycée Ba-Fanta (16 players eliminated in 7 matches), while Faladiè cricket club was consoled with the trophy for Best player, awarded to Assitan Berthé.

In total, eight teams took part in this 2nd edition of the National Ladies Championship, ie three more than during the inaugural edition. These are the Dream Team, the All Stars, Faladiè cricket club, Néhémi de Katibougou, the Ségou team and the two Sikasso formations, the Tata and the Sofas. The teams competed in a one-way championship formula, at the end of which, the Ladies Dream Team and the Tata of Sikasso occupied the first two places in the ranking.

The final was played at the Ouezzin Coulibaly stadium, in the presence of a fine line-up of personalities, including, among others, the president of the Malian cricket federation (FeMaCrik), Kawory Berthé, the representative of the ministry, in charge of Youth and Sports, Allaye Samassékou, the Indian Ambassador to Mali, Anjani Kumar and the representative of the Left Bank Academy, Ms. Diallo Hawoye Maïga. The supporters, mostly composed of female supporters, were also present at the meeting. They gave voice to the two finalists and rocked the stands throughout the final.

The party will be even more beautiful, after the medals and trophies ceremony, especially on the side of coach Hama Yalcoué’s Ladies Dream Team. They sang and danced for long minutes, bringing in their wake the players of the other formations, but also the supporters who will join the group on the lawn to take part in the celebration. “I am a fulfilled man, words fail me to express my joy this afternoon (Saturday, editor’s note). The party was beautiful and the organization perfect.

Congratulations to the organizing committee, it did an extraordinary job”, expressed Kawory Berthé, after the final. “Very sincerely, will insist the first person in charge of Malian cricket, all the expectations of the federation have been exceeded. Not only has the level of the teams improved a lot, but the championship has also aroused great enthusiasm. I congratulate all the participating teams, with a special mention to the young team of Tata de Sikasso”. Already, Kawory Berthé announces an increase in the number of teams for the next championship, certain school partners of the FeMaCrik having promised to create cricket clubs, from the start of the school year.

Like the president of the governing body of national cricket, the Ambassador of India to Mali paid a warm tribute to the eight teams which faced each other this year for the supreme title, before congratulating the federation for its work . “I really enjoyed what I saw this afternoon. I am happy to have attended the final and the performance of the Ladies. They proved that Malian cricket is progressing,” said Anjani Kumar, before adding: “I congratulate President Kawory Berthé and his team, they are doing a good job.

I urge and encourage them to continue on the same path”. For the record, the Indian diplomat is a former cricketer and is never asked to come and watch cricket competitions. And at each event, Anjani Kumar comes to the stadium with his family to share this great moment of happiness with them. A reflex all the more normal as cricket is the most popular sport in India.

Souleymane Bobo TOUNKARA

Under the leadership of Ténin Konaté, voted Best batsman of the competition, the Dream Team honored its status, beating Tata de Sikasso in the final, Saturday at the Ouezzin Coulibaly stadium.

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