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Hockey Canada must clean up with World Juniors

The point that disturbs me the most since this scandal came to light (beyond the abominable acts themselves of course) is that the action against Hockey Canada and those who are called John Doe from No. 1 to No. 8 was filed on April 22, 2022. And already on May 26, HC announced that it had reached an amicable agreement with the complainant, which closed the file. Plus more comments on the situation!

This agreement was settled in less than 34 days?

In fact, we are probably talking about three weeks at the time of the agreement, because the official announcement came 34 days later.

Less than 34 days?

I’m no expert in legal affairs, but it doesn’t take a sixth year to understand that this kind of file is never settled so quickly. Normally, the organization’s insurers would do an exhaustive analysis of the file and take months, sometimes even years, before making a recommendation to the organization they insure.

Yes, we now know that there is a special fund to cover up this kind of situation and thus protect the careers of players who may commit criminal acts and, above all, save the image of the organization which obviously wants to above all.

Just writing these words makes me want to vomit, and I’m not even talking figuratively. I hurt every time I think about it.

What society do we live in that people who surely have a shred of intelligence to become directors and administrators of our national sport can be so bad?

Our national sport? What a shame!

We must go further

I come back to those 34 days, think about it, that explains everything. There was this secret and obscure fund that is estimated to be over $15 million, but there was also the timing of the filing of this action. We were a few months away from receiving the world in Edmonton for this tournament linked to these actions which have troubled the whole country for several weeks.

Of course Hockey Canada was ready, to the point of not involving its insurer and using a portion of the money paid by thousands of parents to allow their child to play hockey.

We quickly used these funds to offer the victim exactly what she wanted and shut her up, quickly, and for good. Neither seen nor known. Thus, our Junior World Championship in Edmonton will be a financial success and our sponsors will fill our coffers and, at the same time, our special fund which will allow us to continue to protect our little stars and the image of our organization.

Fortunately, several sponsors entered the bench. But with everything we know now, I believe they should go further and exit the arenathen do as many of us do: ask for a complete change of direction, otherwise the sponsorship is over for good.

The same goes for the people of Edmonton and other Canadians who were planning to attend the tournament which begins on August 9th. They should show their displeasure by leaving the bleachers empty until the cleaning is at least started. And before buying a jersey from our national team, we should ask ourselves where our money will go.

If I were the parent of a hockey player, I would wait before paying my annual dues until I could be guaranteed that my money would not be used to buy silence.

And we, viewers, who were going to watch the matches of our beloved team, are going back to play outside and enjoy the summer!

Money dominates and the boy’s club from Calgary must come back down to earth. The only way to do that will probably be through financial reprimand because they obviously don’t care about moral reprimands.

Inaction that supports actions

The other point that shines with its opacity is that of the omerta that reigns among these players of the 2018 edition. Yes, some of them have timidly mentioned in press releases written by agents or lawyers not to be part of of the group of eight.

How is it possible that a silence is so well kept? How is it possible that those who had nothing to do with this story did not immediately come out of the case made public to proclaim their innocence and condemn these criminal acts?

Allow me to doubt that a non-disclosure agreement was signed by the entire team. Team spirit is strong. But never to the point of accepting being presumed guilty even if it’s only for a few weeks if you weren’t at the bar that night.

Ditto for these great Canadian players, our heroes, those who thrilled our entire country during the 2010 and 2014 Olympic Games to make us sing theO Canada. You say nothing? Sheldon Kennedy is the only one I’ve seen speak.

If I missed any, please call me to order and mention those who dared to criticize their own organization. It must not be funny for these players to see their sport tarnished in this way.

Throughout this story, I am just as troubled by the actions of these adults, these business people, these professionals and even these CA lawyers who, through their inaction over the past few weeks, have in a way endorsed the mechanism in place . This allows young hockey players to sometimes use their star status to commit acts of abuse against people. Cheer! What a beautiful message you send to our young people!

It still hurts to write these lines, my heart lifts me, it revolts me. And if it also happened in 2003 on Canadian soil, one can wonder if there isn’t a certain custom here, isn’t it?

If you think like me and like many colleagues who have expressed the same desire to see a major cleanup at Hockey Canada before we can move forward by August 9, let’s not stop making noise. Sponsors and broadcasters will hear us.

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