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Giresunspor: Without pay since the start of the season, Mamadou Diarra terminates his contract and leaves Turkey!

New episode at Giresunspor. Taulier of the team since his arrival in 2020, Mamadou Diarra has terminated his contract due to non-payment of salary since the start of this season.

Presumably, Giresunspor has absolutely no remorse with the Senegalese who have defended their colors in recent months.

While we had just spent the episode on the separation with Younousse Sankharé at the end of a tumultuous relationship, the Turkish club, three weeks ago, sent Souleymane Doukara back through the back door. The Senegalese, naturalized Mauritanian last January, paid the cost of laughing with supporters of Antalyaspor, his former team, after a 4-1 defeat on March 20, 2022.

Mamadou Diarra left with zero cents this season

But where did Mamadou Diarra go? It is certainly the same question asked by those who have followed the player well since the start of the season when reading the squad composition of Giresunspor against Fatih Karagümrük this Saturday April 23, 2022. Because it was for the second time in a row that the former U20 international has appeared on the Green and White team sheet.

The reason ? It’s really simple: it’s because Mamadou Diarra is no longer a Giresunspor player! Why when he was not at the end of the contract? This is because he unilaterally terminated the said contract due to non-payment of his salary since the start of the season. After many claims of their claim left in vain, the player’s entourage decided to take action. It is Madou Diène, his manager, who makes it known.

We gave Giresunspor a warning about 3-4 weeks ago. I also informed them that if we haven’t received the payment we deserve my player will no longer train. Because the club has to pay according to FIFA rules, that’s how the procedure works. I want you all to know that Diarra is a professional and his only source of income is his monthly salary to support his family. I want to speak calmly to those who criticize Diarra and me. Did you know that he hasn’t received a penny of salary or bonus from the club since the start of the season? Did you know that after striving to bring Giresunspor to the Super Lig last season, despite not being able to earn a salary playing in D1, the club still owed him 4 months of unpaid wages, but the Championship bonus has still not been paid? Despite everything, Diarra stayed at the club and fought for the club’s rise to the Super Lig. Last season we rejected offers from Turkey and foreign clubs, because we believed in the club’s project. The club has failed in its commitment to us. The manager’s commission last season and this season has also not been paid.

“The club has no loyalty”

Arrived at Giresunspor in the summer of 2020 from Bursaspor, Mamadou Diarra, at the age of 24, had since become indispensable in this team. During his first season in the Second Division (2020-2021), he played a total of 27 matches, including 26 in the Championship, and largely contributed to the return to the Turkish First Division of the Green and White 44 long years later.

Moreover, in the Super Lig this season, the former Jaraaf player has worn the colors of this team very high. Holder, leader until becoming captain in the eyes of his coach Hakan Keles, who entrusted him with the armband in March 2022, Mamadou Diarra played 29 games, including 27 appointments. In total, he stops at 56 games for 2 goals and 3 assists. However, his manager did not doubt his importance to Giresun.

Diarra was the team captain. He must lead by example and be honest with the club, his teammates, but above all the supporters. If you have a family to support and you can’t do it properly, the club hires you. Here, the club only respects loyalty. So you can’t be 100% focused on football. It was a lack of respect. After 15 days, he went to say goodbye to his teammates and they understood that we were serious, then they decided to negotiate. We said okay, if you still want to keep the player in the team, you have to make an effort. They offered to pay Mamadou Diarra 30,000 euros, which is not even a month’s salary, and note that they haven’t paid him anything since the start of the season. We told them it was fine to pay 30,000 euros and after 2 days he will start training again, but they did not pay anything as usual, we terminated the contract because the club does not seem to have need him to finish the season. The club prefer to pay some players, but they can’t even pay their trusty captain a month’s salary so far.

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