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For Nick Kyrgios, there is “nothing better” than winning doubles at the Australian Open

“Congratulations on your title. Where do you place it in your career?
Nick Kyrgios:
Honestly, I’ve won big titles all over the world, I’ve played big matches, but there’s nothing better. This is my greatest victory. And when I said I didn’t want to go through this with anyone else, I really meant it. It was special. I never thought we were going to win the title. Maybe from the quarters, but no more. And I’m super proud of the involvement I’ve put into the tournament all week. I didn’t care a bit after losing to Medvedev, but doing that with “Kokk” is crazy. There is nothing better.
Thanasi Kokkinakis:
I had an incredible summer. Considering where I was coming from and what I had been through, I couldn’t have hoped for better. My title in Adelaide was the most beautiful, but this one has just relegated it to oblivion. Grand Slam champion with my sure guy, we’ve known each other since we were 8, it’s amazing. We did not expect that.

Nick, there’s been a lot of talk about your involvement this week. What has changed in you?
I feel like a different person. I’m just happy. Honestly on off days I was up at 7:30 and was here to hit the ball at 8:30 and then a cold bath. I also have to thank my team. In the past, I haven’t always had such good people around me. With them, I started the week in the right way. And I also owe it to “Kokk”. After his great summer, I wasn’t going to ruin everything. We don’t know how many Australian Opens we can still play, whether it’s because of injuries or just the desire to play. This tournament was too important for me not to do everything possible to play well. And look at the result. It is something we will never forget. We will grow old and we will always remember that moment when we got up to win the Australian Open.
It’s fucking crazy!

Did you watch Ashleigh Barty’s game?
Of course, we were fully behind her. She is amazing, a true role model. She deserves her victory. She did everything well. His family is great, I’ve known them for a long time. I traveled with Ashleigh when we were younger. I remember her when we were 8 or 9 years old. We are so happy for her because she really deserves it. I was so upset when she won!

His victory was an additional source of motivation?
Not for me. You know, I’m not jealous or envious. I know how hard she worked to get here. And that’s not too surprising to me. From an early age, it was known that she would achieve something big in this sport. She just had to be in the right frame of mind.

“Audiences are crazy and people are stuck in front of their TV when we play. »

Do you think doubles brings out the best in people, while singles is perhaps too much of a solitary activity?
Absolutely. We both love basketball. We like to evolve as a team. There aren’t many people who can describe themselves as my close friends, but Thanasi is one of them. I would do anything for him. I like being in a team.

There was still a big atmosphere in the stadium, with even people who were expelled. It’s something you’ve helped create throughout the week.
I think we created the best atmosphere this tournament has ever seen, to be brutally honest. Ashleigh’s dad came up to us and said it was the best audience he had seen. People watch my matches, wherever I go to play in the world, the stadiums are full. But I don’t think that the people who shout during the points, it comes from us. The audiences are crazy and people are stuck in front of their TV when we play. No need to say more.

“If we go to the Masters, it will be rock’n’roll. »

With this victory, you can consider the Turin Masters at the end of the year…
We won’t say no.
If we go, it’ll do the ATP good, man.
We didn’t expect to be able to play the Masters after just one tournament. It’s nonsense, really. It is sure that if we go there, it will be rock’n’roll. We’ll see… What is certain is that everyone will want to beat us, but that’s cool. It doesn’t change much.

And if not, does Nick touch your butt as often when you’re not on the court?
Yes, and probably even more. It’s not a thing for the cameras.
Much more.
It’s our way of showing our friendship.
Well, much more…

Can we consider seeing you play the other Grand Slams?
I will not play Roland-Garros and I will not double at Wimbledon. Maybe the US Open, and the Masters.
There. I will try to find another partner. Perfect. Anyway, I didn’t really enjoy this week (laughs). »


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