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Football – Rodez: maintaining Ligue 2 with multiple consequences

Apart from sporting realities, the probable rescue of Rodez in Ligue 2, which must be confirmed this Saturday against Caen (7 p.m., 38th and last day of Ligue 2), will have important behind-the-scenes aspects.

The construction of the training center

This goal in the 92nd minute from Killian Corredor, Saturday in Bastia (0-1), surely assured Raf of a fourth season in a row in Ligue 2. And perhaps even changed the destiny of young Aveyronnais dreaming of becoming like him, the savior of their club. Because the attacker from Entraygues-sur-Truyère will perhaps be the last of the Rouergat heroes… not to have made his mark at the approved training center in Rodez. “In order to be able to build it, you need a dedicated land and today, this is not the case because our teams (from seniors to young people) share the two located in Vabre”, pointed out the general manager of blood and gold. , Gregory Ursule, October 22.

With a number of private lots around the site, it is difficult to expand it. The idea of ​​reserving “the ground at the bottom” for the future residents of the structure therefore germinated: “Except that the lighting system does not go down that far. The pros train there during the day, so that’s not a problem. But if the residents of the center play there, it will be in the evening…”

The Ruthenian club therefore expects the town hall, owner of the premises, to make various arrangements to make their life easier. “We are looking for the best value for money because we have to remain financially reasonable. The discussions could have intensified a few months later if the Ruthenians had continued to revolve around the first ten places in the championship, but the project, in the pipes for a while, took a serious halt because of their results at half mast from December 13 to April 22 (18 matches without a win, including 9 losses).

“They have resumed since the team is maintained at 99%, we confide to the municipality. Pierre-Olivier Murat (president of Raf) and Gregory Ursule want to move up a gear. It is essential for the development of the club. We are going to help them by arranging certain things, the earthworks and sanitation are to be seen. The mayor (Christian Teyssèdre) hasn’t validated anything yet, but we’ll all see each other again by the end of the month. »

Invited to speak on the subject, “POM” should not reveal its plans before this meeting: “Now is not the time to talk about it. »

The works of Paul-Lignon

Whether the Raf plays in Ligue 2 or National next season, the second phase of the stadium’s renovation in progress, that which concerns the stands on the village hall side and on the gendarmerie side, must be completed at the end of the year. The inauguration of the new bleachers would of course have more allure at the professional level than at the third level, a few months after a descent. But the division in which the blood and gold will play next season could change a lot of things on a more practical side.

Indeed, the passage between the end of the current tranche and the start of the next (stands on the stud side and on the high school side) will require the stadium to be unavailable for several weeks, according to the town hall services. The truce running from November 14 to December 26, due to the World Cup in Qatar, should be used for this purpose.

Only, unlike the Ligue 2 championship, the National will not stop during this international period. What has not been taken into account in the schedule of works… A maintenance could therefore avoid certain headaches in terms of the organization of matches during this period.

HVAC money

It is a significant financial windfall for a club with a budget of 7.2 million euros over the financial year, the 17th in the antechamber of the elite. “Each L2 club will receive 1.5 million in 2022-2023 and again the same amount the following season”, announced the president of the LFP, Vincent Labrune, in the columns of L’Équipe. And this, thanks to the sale of 13% of the commercial subsidiary of the body to CVC Capital Partners.

Beyond the benefits that the sports sector of the Raf will be able to derive from it, this inflow of money will promote the construction of its training center and more generally its professionalization at all levels.

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