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five years later, Sluc Nancy goes back to Betclic and meets at Place Stanislas

This Friday, May 13 will, for sure, remain etched in all the memories of Sluc Nancy Basket supporters. It was this Friday, May 13 that the Cougars validated their direct accession ticket for the Betclic Elite, in an incandescent room. And the whole team invites its fans to meet on Sunday May 15, on Place Stanislas, at 5 p.m.

You had to see it to believe it. This atmosphere, this sports hall which rose as one man to congratulate its team. Following this victory against Elan Chalon (76-56) after an eventful season, after 34 league matches, each more difficult than the other. The Sluc Nancy Basket has become Pro B champion since this Friday, May 13, 2022, around 10 p.m.

After a tough game, well held by Elan Chalon again at halftime (39-39), the Cougars, as usual, locked down the defense after the break. They were sharper offensively, definitely overtaking their evening opponent (76-56). And the people of Nancy could then let their joy explode.

Five years that a whole club, a whole city, a whole people have been waiting for this rise in Betclic Elite. After five years in the antechamber of French basketball, the people of Nancy will finally find the elite they missed so much.

And what a story for their trainer Sylvain Lautié, already a trainer when they won the Korac Cup in 2002. And 20 years later, returned to lead this team to win this Pro B. “It’s twenty years after the Korac, I’m not going to shed a tear tonight, but maybe tomorrow”, he warns. The latter also enjoyed the moments of communion between players and fans, in a sold-out room. “Basketball is a local sport. We see the players mixed with the spectators: that’s sport for me, that’s basketball. There is a real communion, we must keep this state of mind. “

It’s only happiness, the public deserves it, and the fans, and the staff…

The players, at the final whistle, still had a hard time believing it. “I don’t have the words. We started the season badly, we had ups and downs, we were able to stay united. I’m really happy with what we’ve achieved”smiles Stéphane Gombauld, MVP (Most valuable player) of the championship. And again author of a huge match with 30 points on the clock. “I don’t know if I realize for the moment, I just want to enjoy and see my family”completes Vincent Vent, the other interior of the workforce.

And inevitably, the players have not forgotten their audience in the thanks, like Antony Labanca. “With each basket we heard a howl. It was a whole block, it’s magnificent. I’ve had a climb before but this one was incredible.” Before Stéphane Gombauld engages. “It’s just happiness, the public deserve it, the fans deserve it, the staff deserve it, everyone is happy.”

If we want to be sure to stay there for the long term (in Pro A), we have another budgetary hypothesis which is a little more “punchy” and it is the one that will have to be sought

Aurélien Fortier, president of Sluc Nancy Basket

Inevitably the president Aurélien Fortier, in office for three years, the satisfaction is very present. “There are still three matches, we were second and we thought we had the advantage for the play-offs. We weren’t thinking of direct access. It’s fantastic.” But next season is already necessarily in a corner of his head. “We have two budgetary hypotheses. One that allows us to survive in the elite. that it will be necessary to go to seek”explains the president of Sluc.

But the players have a little more time to think about next season, as Mérédis Houmounou, captain of this team, puts it so well. “There, we will think about the holidays: the beach, what swimsuit we will wear. And then we will think about next year. But before that, we will savor.” Before going on a well-deserved vacation, the players have a last meeting, on Sunday May 15 at 5 p.m., on the forecourt of the town hall, place Stanislas. Where many, many Sluc Nancy Basket fans are expected to celebrate their players, to celebrate their team, to celebrate their club, which will be back in Pro A next season.

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