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Field hockey: Leopold still leads the dance

The day of recovery in the men’s division of honor offered some nice surprises. Above all, she confirmed that the elite clubs should fight with panache until the last day to secure their place in the playoffs or to avoid the descent.

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Oree – Leopold: 2-5. The Uccle club won an 8th success (in 13 games) by letting their experience and above all their realism speak for themselves in the Cercle de l’Orée, deprived of John-John Dohmen (broken toe). Before the break, the visitors made the powder talk via Tom Boon who once again demonstrated his sense of goal by scoring 2 goals (19th and 26th on stroke). Xavier De Greve’s players were punished twice even though they seemed to take control of operations during these first 35 minutes. After the break, the Woluwe-Saint-Pierre club tried to correct the shot but, once again, it was punished on a new moment of defensive wavering. In less than 60 seconds, Tanguy Zimmer (43rd) then Arthur Verdussen (44th) struck in quick succession and already precipitated the end of the hopes of their opponents of the day. Tomi Domene gave a boost to his partners by converting a penalty (48th) but, 10 minutes later, the yellow card of the French international, Amaury Bellenger, put an end to the last local hopes. In the 60th minute, Tom Boon offered himself the hat-trick from the penalty spot and widened the gap a little more in the scorers’ rankings with 30 goals. Tomi Domene’s goal, from the penalty spot, in the very last second of play only counted for the statistics.

Herakles-Waterloo Ducks: 1-2. Excellent operation for the Brabançons who took advantage of the combined missteps of Racing and Dragons to take 2nd place in the standings at the end of this 14th day. William Ghislain had given the visitors the impetus from the 10th minute before Gauthier Boccard doubled his lead in the first period, from the penalty spot. The Watducks calmly dominated the exchanges and did not seem to be able to be joined. But, at the very end of the game, Arno Van Dessel reduced the mark for the Lierrois who pushed and who were finally 2 fingers away from creating, also, the surprise.

Dragoons – Beerschot: 2-3. The Belgian champions most certainly imagined a completely different recovery after the winter break, especially in front of their home crowd. Especially since they had taken command of the match, from the 17th minute, on a somewhat confused penalty converted by their Argentinian international, Nicolas Della Torre. But over the minutes, it was indeed the visitors who gained confidence and who showed themselves to be more and more enterprising. After the break, Marin Peeters, Gaëtan Perez (pc rebound) then Louis Capelle struck in less than 7 minutes to launch their team towards a long-awaited 4th victory in this championship. In the 56th minute, Felix Denayer gave a little hope, on penalty, to the Brasschaat club but the Bee held on and pocketed 3 crucial points in the fight for maintenance. The Dragons will have to recover as quickly as possible to stay in contact with their competitors for the playoffs.

Braxgata-Racing: 3-2. The Ucclois had predicted that the duel in Boom would be complicated and they did not think so well. This recovery has turned into a nightmare for the Brussels club which is already wasting precious units in its quest for a place in the last four. On the other hand, the Antwerpers carried out an excellent operation by seizing 3 points which allowed them to move away from the dangerous zone but also to relaunch themselves, given the results of the day, in the fight for a place in the playoffs. In the first period, Loïck Luypaert opened the scoring on stroke (13th) before demonstrating his usual efficiency on the penalty spot (13th and 33rd). But the reaction of the visitors, via Cédric Charlier and Tanguy Cosyns (on stroke), revived the interest of the debates. The last goal of Maxime Loots (59th), on a rebound from the penalty spot, was celebrated with dignity by the local supporters.

La Gantoise – Leuven: 3-3. For their first outing in their new facilities, the Flanders certainly hoped to achieve a result other than a split against University students who believed they were returning home with all of the stakes. Yet it was Blaise Rogeau who launched hostilities at the quarter of an hour. in their chances. But Luke Madeley’s reply, from the penalty spot, was immediate. It was then Pilou Maraite who gave the Brabançons the lead on stroke. The Ghent remained in contact via Maxime Deplus. In the 53rd, Pau Quemada made it 2-3 but Maxime Deplus equalized from the penalty spot and scored twice.

Daring – Antwerp: 2-1. It was the meeting at the top at the bottom of the standings. The 6-point match between the last 2 of the honor division. A duel that the Molenbeekois perfectly negotiated since they managed to emerge thanks to 2 goals from their captain, Alex Van Linthoudt (17th and 27th). Yet it was the visitors who had taken the lead in the quarter of an hour on a penalty converted by Milan Van Baal. But the rest of the game was to the advantage of the people of Brussels who showed themselves to be the most enterprising and the most dominant. A fourth success which may well weigh heavily during the final count in this fight for maintenance and which could allow the Daring to save its skin. On the other hand, this 10th setback for Antwerp is likely to do great damage to the morale of the players of the Metropolis who will absolutely have to take points over the next few weeks to keep hope.

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