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Euro 2022. Originally from Sablé-sur-Sarthe, his daughter is number 10 of the French football team

Flavien Mateo and his daughter Clara, who plays in the French women’s football team and competes in Euro 2022. ©Flavien and Clara Mateo

Flavian Mateowho lived in SandonSarthe (Sarthe) until he was 22, is currently in England to live theEuro 2022 Women with his daughter Clara, player of the team of France. He tells us about his career, his dual profession, his goals and the trip to England.

First steps near Nantes

Clara Mateo knows its first football pitches in LoireAtlanticat HolyLuceonLoire, where she will play until she is 14 years old. Direction then The rockonYoon where she will climb the ladder: national U19s then integration of the professional group in Division 2 with which she will experience a rise in Division 1, in the elite of the soccer Feminine French. Unfortunately, the club does not succeed in maintaining itself and Clara receives an offer from the FCF Juvisytoday the Paris heart rate which she accepts.

Juggling between two professions

Clara has been playing for six years in division 1 at Paris FC but is not just a professional footballer. “She wanted to get her materials engineering degree. Diploma she had, ”explains her dad. His 4th year internship, in master’s degree, went very well in the company Arkemachemistry group.

Since February 2021, Clara is now working at Arkema, which is also the official sponsor of the French women’s first division. “She is on a 40% permanent contract. His schedule is arranged according to his training, travel, etc. She telecommutes a lot. It’s a situation that pleases her, since she loves her job, and at Arkema too since, as a sponsor of the championship, it’s rather good to have a professional player in its ranks”.

It’s a balance that Clara has always wanted

Flavien Mateo, father of Clara

On the rise

Over the last two seasons, Clara Mateo has scored 24 goals and 7 assists in 44 games.

And to top it all off, the Paris FC player was named in the standard Division 1 team at the UNFP Trophies of football 2022. A reward all the more deserved as she is the only player named out of the 11 to play neither for the PSGnor for Olympique Lyonnaisthe two emblematic clubs of French women’s football.

A meteoric rise in recent years: “Yes Clara is in full development at the football level. The club trusts her and she has more and more responsibilities within the team,” says Flavien Mateo.

Videos: currently on Actu

The 2024 Olympics in the viewfinder

Clara Mateo has known all the categories of young people in the French team: U16, U17, U19, U20 and U23. She wins the Europe championship under 19 and reached the final of the Chopped off from world under 20 years old. On August 21, 2018, when she was only 20 years old, she was called for the first time by Corinne Deacon in the group of the France A team.

This season, Paris FC finished 3rd in the championship, which is synonymous with the preliminary round for the Champions League. Regarding her future objectives, “Clara will wish to continue to be selected for the French team and to participate in the 2023 World Cup which will take place in Australia and in NewZeeland. And of course the Olympic Games 2024 of Paris“.

The Mateo family in England to support Clara

The Mateo family has been in England since the start of the competition to come and support Clara: “It’s our summer vacation. When there are no matches, we simply do tourism”. Because of the Covid, the moments shared with Clara are limited: “We have the right to see her every day after a match for an hour and a half, with the mask on our nose”, he explains.

The Mateo family, before each match of the French team, gathers in front of the stadium with all the families of the other players of the team then watches the match all together in the stands near the French bench.

These are great moments to share with family

Flavian Mateo

For his father, this great event that is the Euro “will allow him to gain a lot of experience. These are great times for her. But also for us! These are great times to share with family. We take full advantage of it because it only lasts a few weeks.

A sabolian paternal family

To come back to Flavien, he grew up with his parents throughout his youth in Sablé. He played football at the star of shortbreadformer club Sablé FC, until he was 18 and was also part of AS Sablé Athletics.

Flavien Mateo left Sablé for studies when he was 22 years old. “I am from the generation of many leaders or ex-leaders of Sablé FC like Patrick Marchand, Patrick Vivier, Eric Naïsor Thierry Lambert. I came to watch a match Shortbread FC two years ago to see everyone again. »

At the time of closure (this Tuesday, July 26), the French team is in the semi-finals of the Euro and faces Germany on Wednesday evening.

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