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CASE. The TFC back in Ligue 1: “We don’t dream but we have faith in ourselves!” launches TFC coach Philippe Montanier a few days before the resumption of the season

the essential
Chocolate mousse is his cute sin. While waiting to taste it, the Norman coach granted us a half-time. Avoiding any subject. Verbatim, as the TFC begins its season – that of the return to the elite – Sunday August 7 at the Stadium against Nice (1 p.m.).

One week before the start, is the off-season – with 5 wins in 8 friendlies – satisfying you?

We had prepared it as it should be beforehand. Afterwards, what will count is what will be behind: if we manage to chain the good results. Because one cannot draw hasty conclusions; we are too often out of step with the adversaries we meet.
Do you have doubts ?

We will be in front of the wall. We will see the masons that we are. But you will be ready on Sunday…

It is the objective ! Now, will the others be more so than us? Or not. We’ll see at 1 p.m.

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The last few days, it’s the F1 settings to be fine-tuned.

Physically and technically-tactically.

His vision

Personally, in what state of mind are you?

Serene. We did the job we had to do. The group ? We wanted to be in L1 so much that now we are there, we have to assume.

Always better to start at home?

I don’t know if there is a good formula. In any case, we cannot choose. So we adapt. The same question is whether it is better to finish outside. First, it will be important to be quickly operational.

Nice, Troyes, Lorient, Nantes, Paris-SG! From the end of August, will we see a little more clearly about what the TFC can give this season in Ligue 1?

I’m not sure. Because last year we got off to a good start and, in the end, we weren’t thrilled with our productions either. It was at the end that we noticed a real evolution. The first month will be essential; there are so many left behind that the others should not be neglected. Necessarily.

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Last season, you had this formula: Maintaining… in the top two. What is it in 2022-23?

Go as high as possible, the expression pleases us. Because it means not setting limits; or, if there are, try to fend them off. Today, we arrive in Ligue 1, we don’t really know our level even if we will soon see it.

Is there a defined presidential objective?


Do you already know which XI will start against Nice?

We have an idea (smile). I will need a 17-18 core. Everyone wants to start, and that’s normal; so I say to the players who remembers that the one who scored the title goal, was not a starter (Denis Genreau, editor’s note)… Sometimes, the one who receives the laurels was not in the entry XI. It’s football.

His coaching

So, 4-2-4?…

Rather 4-4-3, we would have one more element by playing 12! I say that because one day I got tangled up in a chat. And since there are still players who follow, they said to me: “Coach, this is perhaps the best strategy; by playing with the numerical superiority, we should get by…” The 4-2-4 is a possibility. Last year, we started in 3-4-3. But then we went back to 4-3-3; we also used 4-2-3-1. In short, any system is fixed at the start, but when you then see how it moves in all directions…

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The credo remains the same: attack!

Bah… we have great offensive potential. Salvation goes through play. I’m not the only one to claim it. My colleagues are of the same opinion: we are convinced that if we play well over time, we are more likely to be good.

Revelations during the preparation? We think of Chaibi…

Yes, Fares; we saw qualities in him and he was really very present throughout the preparation. It is complete, versatile.

Farès is athletic, has power, speed, he is very, very enduring. A real athlete who can evolve box-to-box, on the sides, even in point. I will also mention the “little” Kévin (Keben; lateral/central); a 2004. We should look at the average age of the team: we will still be fed…

Begraoui seems transfigured…

Some young people, after the holidays, take on thickness. Yanis performed well during the month. We stabilized him as a right winger… We put him on the left since he had this preference and, ultimately, he is better on the other side.

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Duped or Haug in goal?

You will find out in due time… The advantage is that we wanted to have two good goalkeepers, we have them. Interested parties will be notified this week, quietly… Then this season we saw that things had changed a lot on the job. The goalkeeper is a player: according to performance, if we have to change, we change.

Your captain, still Dejaegere?

Last exercise I had several. It will be the same. Brecht will be one; but I will need 2-3 more depending on the team lined up.

Duped, Diarra: we’re just aiming…

Anyway, there aren’t thirty-six possibilities either, since there are a lot of foreigners who don’t speak the language.

Van den Boomen also wore the armband in friendly matches.

Branco is an essential player who speaks French better and better; that’s what I wanted in relation to the referees. He is comfortable. He’s one more captain.

By the way, can we imagine that he continues to be the penalty shooter?

It worked pretty well last year, didn’t it?

His expectations

Maintenance is first played at home. The Stadium will have to play its role as the 12th man more than ever.

Yes. Especially since we stayed last season on an incredible passion, an incredible fervor that carried the players. People come to the stadium because they like the state of mind of the players. There is really this communion. Now, I don’t forget either that we have a very young group, very perfectible, which will therefore make mistakes. But his enthusiasm, his burst of energy should also give pleasure to the supporters. Then (he pauses) two things delight me: there is a beautiful fervor when it sings and shouts, you feel taken in the guts. And the good-natured, friendly, warm atmosphere. We don’t feel aggressive. No never. As in Spain, in England too, I love seeing families arrive with their offspring. These are our players, educators, fans of tomorrow!

Have you evolved in your Toulouse management since last year?

I have to juggle languages. Dutch, Danish, Brazilian, Japanese… super rewarding. You have to be very flexible; we often talk about managerial agility, it’s true. We are mostly dealing with men. We saw it last year: one of the keys to our success was the human adventure. We must first take an interest in the individual so that he is in the best conditions in order to optimize his potential.

You seem very close to the players.

Yes and no. For my part, there is a real affection because I really like my group; they are good guys. On the other hand, I am aware that we have nothing in common culturally. The generational gap is huge. In music, for example, the only one I tolerate putting it on in the locker room and who has become our official DJ is Nathan (Ngoumou): jazz, funk; thanks to his dad. But, rest assured, we have a lot of mutual esteem and respect.

His aspirations

What will be the hardest thing to assimilate this year for TéFéCé?

Rhythm and level. The L2 is a fight; the L1 is the intensity. There are players in Ligue 1 who send, what. Faster, more powerful, smarter.

Your wishes at will!

Let’s be in continuity. With a lot of forward play, passion. Of course, keeping the right balance. Back, we will have to live up to our ambitions.

No more worried than that, then?

Happy… while being aware of the difficulty. We are not dreaming: we know very well that the matches, this season, will be another pair of sleeves. But we have faith in ourselves, we know our qualities. And we will throw ourselves into battle!

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