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BREUIL BASKET CLUB: Fruit of the sports policy carried out, the club has no less than 185 members

Sophie Antonini was greatly applauded for the important work carried out alongside Alexandre Tosetto.

Alexandre Tosetto opened the general meeting on Friday evening by paying a warm tribute to Sophie Antonini for the 5 years spent by her side at the head of the club. “Sophie, it has been a real great adventure this five-year term and I would like to thank you personally for all these moments, these discussions, these exchanges around the BBC during these five seasons. We shared a lot of things, good and bad, and it will remain as a great human adventure…” said Alexandre, noting in passing that Sophie will remain at the office of the club to which she has given so much. Returning to the sporting evolution of the BBC, the co-president was happy to announce the successes that marked the season. “Our motto “Basketball for all and by all” has had a great echo this season, as our club now welcomes a multitude of public. We had never been so numerous, 185 licensees if I combine the licensees of the two federations to which we are affiliated. For a municipality and a structure like ours, it is exceptional…”. Like what, the recipe works and the offer and the diversity in the practices offered at the BBC make it possible to attract people with different expectations. “This confirms our strategy and we will continue in this direction…” launched Alexandre Tosetto, recalling later that the BBC is today a community with a form of collective intelligence which allows it to bring together everyone’s knowledge to move towards a common goal, that of welcoming people around basketball, giving pleasure and ensuring that everyone finds their place.

And of course, he sincerely thanked all those who contributed to these remarkable results: the Town Hall, educators, leaders, volunteers, officials, players, referring parents, parents, spectators, public and private supporters…

Five major events

It’s not easy to sum up a full season as the events have followed one another this year. However, Alexandre gave five very important in his eyes: The great success of the agreement with Etang sur Arroux which allowed the BBC to meet new people and set up an ambitious project; the progress of all the young teams. Then mentioned the setting up of the billboard that came to illuminate the JB Dumay room, the good overall behavior of the players, accompanying persons and parents for peaceful and respectful basketball, and the photo that came from Congo with young Congolese basketball players thanking the BBC of equipment collected and sent. “To see those old BBC jerseys marked with the ladybug worn by young people who are not as lucky as ours, to see their smiles and their pride in wearing our colors and now theirs for a new life of these equipment on another continent… That’s something”. Alexandre had to end his remarks with two winks. The first towards the one who left a deep legacy around all the values ​​​​that unite the members of the club: “Tell him that we miss him while hoping that where he is from, he is proud that the little blacks continue to bring honor to the club. As for the second, it is a question of giving, receiving, sharing, so many fundamental virtues of the athlete. They are of all fashions and all eras. They are sports!

Preparing for the next season on the same bases

It was then a question of preparing for the coming season with a project to welcome in the best possible conditions next season as many licensees (185). Highlighted in this sense a time slot problem Jean Baptiste Dumay room, to be studied with the town hall. We were to learn at the end of the meeting that the name of the one who will take over the position of vacant co-president and who will accompany Alexandre in the adventure of the club will be known in a few days. We already know that Alexandre Tosetto will keep the sporting part. For her part, Chantal Cordelier, mayor of the town, welcomed the strong commitment of BBC leaders who want to move forward with important values ​​and actions such as the desire to develop sport for all. Recalling the financial efforts for the room’s equipment, Chantal Cordelier was to announce the launch of the replacement of the bay windows in the JB Dumay room.
As for Léon Matuszynski, his deputy, the latter praised the in-depth work carried out by everyone: “This club is running well, there are things to improve in terms of the time slots in the hall, we are going to study that…”.
Lucien Marinaro represented the departmental basketball committee. He highlighted the excellent results and exemplary behavior of the club’s various teams.


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