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Benjamin Hébert, the end of the galleys?

This is the big comeback on the DP World Tour of Benjamin Hebert ! Le Briviste is indeed committed this week to the Catalonia Championship ($2 million endowment). More than two and a half months after this bad fall in his hotel room in Ras Al Khaimah (United Arab Emirates).

The scaphoid of his right wrist fractured and this is how doubt settles again in the mind of the French golfer, only a few weeks after losing his full right to play on the European Tour, ending the 2021 financial year in 122nd place. the race. Only one rank from the “promised land”. Bad luck !

I felt like I was coming backhe explains calmly today. The game had been very good from Tuesday to Sunday (Editor’s note, four cards under par for a 35th place at -9)when I was in lack of regularity these last months. And then happened what happened. I hurt myself on Sunday (February 6). I may have been weak at that level. »

There was no rehabilitation. Only a month of splint, which allowed me to remove it, to move my wrist

Fifteen years ago, Benjamin Hébert had already experienced the same kind of problem. Worse. Both wrists broken. Three months in casts, three months in splints… He hadn’t played golf for six months…

So I knew what to expecthe adds. I know the process is long. But the doctors in Paris took me in urgently, operating on me as quickly as possible (February 11) and in the best conditions. It was handled pretty well. There was no rehabilitation. Only one month of splint, which allowed me to remove it, to move my wrist, etc… While avoiding carrying heavy loads. It’s been a good month that the wrist is free, I went back to the gym at the same time but we feel that it still remains ” brittle “. We can’t do anything… I shouldn’t get a big tendinitis or a big inflammation on top of it… »

In training at the beginning of April with Team St Laurent at… PGA Catalunya

Having received the green light from the doctors on April 4, the six-time winner on the Challenge Tour between 2011 and 2014 went on an internship with the Team St Laurent to PGA Catalonia. A smooth recovery with his coach, Olivier Leglise. With a program mainly focused on chipping and putting.

The big game? It requires a bit more twisting of the wrist and greater mobilityhe analyzes softly. It was a bit more complicated. We didn’t try too hard on that point. I then took a week off at home in Andorra. Calm. And as I felt that the wrist was improving, I tried last week (Editor’s note, four days of training on the Basque coast with his coach). I may have typed a little too much. But I needed to get back into a rhythm, to find sensations. It was correct. »

It’s worth a try and see how it turns out in tournament play. I repeat, the sensations were rather correct…

Left to join this Sunday the PGA Catalunya, host of this Catalonia Championship,-” a place that I know for having passed the Cartes there in 2009 and where we often go for training with the Team St Laurent – Benjamin Hébert admits he is eager to pass this real life-size test.

We’re going a bit into the unknown somewhere. In training, I hit the grass but also the carpet, I chipped in the rough… On the Basque coast with Olivier, the weather was terrible. We couldn’t go on the course. We don’t know what can happen. A slightly thick rough, the wrist that does not pass… »

But it’s worth a try and see how it turns out in tournamentshe continues. I repeat, the sensations were quite correct… I still have a little pain. But it is bearable. And then when I’m there, I’ll hit fewer balls. A bucket in the morning to warm up and a course in stride. Last week with Olivier (Leglise), I hit between two and three buckets of balls a day. »

Somehow I didn’t deserve to keep my card full

So is this the end of the galleys for this surfing enthusiast, 35 years old since February 19, today 551st player in the world? He was still in the top 100 when the Covid-related pandemic came to upset everything, with a possible participation in the Olympic Games.

For three years, I have been going through a complicated periodhe breathes. But you have to believe in your lucky star. There are cycles in life. I have a staff around me who helps me to think positive, I think in particular of Meriem Salmi (Editor’s note, his psychologist). I’m obviously disappointed to have missed out on full playing rights on the European Tour for a place. But it kinda stuck in my face. The game was not in place. I was too limited. In sport, you can rarely lie. It hurts but I’ve digested it all now. »

Somehow I didn’t deserve to keep my card fullhe continues. In 2021, there was no top 5, no top 3. I finished 7th in Porsche European Open and 16th at Abu Dhabi… But for the rest… Before 2019, I played 25 tournaments and passed 20 cuts… There, it’s very poor. That little kick in the ass did me good. In December, I completely cut golf. I focused on myself, I stayed at home in Andorra, I went to the Canaries for a bit to surf… With everything that is happening, in addition to the Covid, I really needed to settle down… »

Play both co-sanctioned tournaments with the PGA Tour

Holder of a category 16, he will be able to play a large part of the tournaments on the season calendar, apart of course from the very lucrative Rolex Series. But he also does not rule out the idea of ​​going to compete in the two tournaments co-sanctioned with the PGA Tour in July, placed in front of the Scottish Open and of theBritish Open. the Barbasol Championship and the Barracuda Championship

I normally leave for three weeks of competition, to Belgiumhe confirms. Now, if Friday night, I’m in pain, I’ll take a break again and wait for it to pass. But we are getting closer to the end. The wrist is stronger than before. We must monitor all this, place a small patch (anti-inflammatory) on it, and it will pass… »

It’s up to me to move my buttocks, or plant one to change category. Above all, you have to find the desire to work, the desire to question yourself, the desire to move forward.

Last year, and that’s also why I decided to change coach and go back to see Olivier, I felt that my game lacked consistency. I could hit the ball very well on Thursday and the next day it was not good. Beside that, I struggled psychologically to stay calm, keep control of myself, etc. But a tournament is long. I felt that technically I didn’t have all the keys, my game was unraveling as the week went on. I took a lot on myself. And it’s true that on Sundays, when you have to redouble your energy, I sometimes arrived tired, I had struggled all week to stay in touch… And it wasn’t working. And that’s also what cost me, somewhere, my place in the Race. »

Before concluding, determined but also very lucid:
My injury in February caused me to miss four tournamentshe continues. I think I will start 15 to 20 tournaments this year. It’s up to me to see how my wrist behaves. I know I’m going to have to take breaks but if in September, I need points, I know I’ll do six or seven tournaments in a row… It’s up to me to move my buttocks, or else plant one to change of category. Above all, you have to find the desire to work, the desire to question yourself, the desire to move forward. Between my three years as an amateur and now, I’ve only played golf for more than 15 years. Since 2005 finally. With ups and downs… But at some point, even asking yourself a lot of questions, you tell yourself that the life you lead is still great. Even if there are difficult periods, a life made up of long journeys, doubts too, I admit that I like it… »

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