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Beijing 2022 Olympics: in curling, Matt Hamilton did not go unnoticed

OLYMPIC GAMES – Colorful shoes, hair in the wind and perfectly trimmed mustache: the look of Matt Hamilton, American curling player, did not leave indifferent fans of this sport, which is relatively unknown in France but which finds the spotlight every four years at the Winter Olympics.

This year, the 32-year-old curler has fueled many conversations on social networks, becoming a real darling. “Like a little weakness for the American curling team style ‘hair in the wind’”, for example tweeted the journalist of France 3, Émilie Tran Nguyen. “I have just discovered a wonderful reason for living: Matt Hamilton, from the US Curling team”, reacted another Internet user. “And he’s going to the Olympics with Rick and Morty socks! This guy (Matt Hamilton) is a legend!” raves a fan.

The United States also encourages their colt with a unique style. “Moustache, mule, who wears Paul Rodrigues sneakers with Rick and Morty socks is just the best who represents us”, enthuses an American. Opinion shared by another supporter: “The hair. The shoes. The bandaging. Matt Hamilton is the most stylish person in curling.”

But who is this athlete who is so talked about? He is the second pitcher of the American curling team, reigning Olympic champions after their gold medal at the PyeongChang Olympics in 2018. According to the American agency AP, he had already stood out four years ago for his extravagant personality, which contrasts with the rather austere image of curling.

At the time, the one who is also a golf lover already sported his Mario Bros mustache but the hair was clean shaven. Why such a change? On Twitter, he explained that he worked with the StacheStrong association for which he let his hair grow in order to raise money for children with cancer.

The sportsman, philanthropist and who shows his support for the Black lives matter movement, also has a sense of humor and takes the modifications made to his Wikipedia page with philosophy. Anonymous contributors have indeed written that he was related to Mario Bros, married to his sister or “very involved in his charity to treat irritable bowel syndrome because he suffers from it himself”.

Shortly before leaving for the Games, he reacted to this hacking of the collaborative platform. “I’m not even the most famous Wisconsin person with a great mustache, but I love being in the conversation, so these Wikipedia edits are fine with me,” he said according to EPSN. . “Most people know that everything is peer-edited, so anyone can go in there and tinker. It’s the Internet, where you can say anything, so the only way to beat the system is to ignore it,” he philosophizes.

Rather than checking his Wikipedia profile, his goal, as he posted on his Instagram account, is to enjoy these Games which his sister Becca, who is part of the women’s curling team, also competes in. And to aim for a new Olympic medal?

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