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Basketball / Elan Béarnais: “Behave like a playoff team”, anticipates Eric Bartecheky

The good news this Thursday is necessarily the return to the field of Justin Bibbins, hamstrings repaired?

” Yes. He started again this morning (Thursday) when he was theoretically not supposed to participate in the 5 against…

The good news this Thursday is necessarily the return to the field of Justin Bibbins, hamstrings repaired?

” Yes. He started again this morning (Thursday) when he was theoretically not supposed to participate in the 5 against 5 with opposition, just the warm-up and the set-up that we do while walking at the end. With the agreement of the medical staff, he participated in all the training and it went well. It bodes well for him to take his place on Saturday, his return is crucial. »

Precisely, how does the presence of Bibbins improve the performance of the team, since during his two absences, against Paris then Boulogne, Elan lost twice?

“It is important for several reasons. Already because Justin is a pure playmaker while Brandon (Jefferson), who plays leader when he is alone, is more of a position 2, oriented towards scoring and shooting. With Justin on the field, it frees Brandon from the pressure of directing the game. With both in play, we are smaller in size, but we have more control of the ball, of the game. Against Levallois, I take Brandon out unless 1 and two possessions later we are at minus 7. Justin is also speed, defensive pressure on the ball. »

Is the team destabilized by all the events on the sidelines?

“Yes, I think it impacted the players. There was this problem with the delay in the payment of salaries. It happened today, I hope we won’t talk about it anymore. Until then, it was on their minds. We had a complicated last week because of that, things happened. Saturday we had to train, we didn’t do it because of these problems. »

How do you handle this situation?

“Without getting upset. We are at the end of the season, it is our state of mind that will allow us to win the match that we still need to be sure of participating in the playoffs. »

Unlike your direct opponents who only have one game left on Tuesday, do you have two chances with this late game against SIG?

“You really shouldn’t think like that. We know that Strasbourg will be very difficult, but we must put everything in place to take this match before going to Roanne more liberated. »

Which Strasbourg team should we expect? A GIS released because already qualified or a revenge GIS of the French Cup?

“Released, surely not. Afterwards, they may have a feeling of revenge for the final, but I see them more with a desire to win and build for the playoffs. Especially since they recorded the return of John Roberson, a very strong leader, who adds talent to this team by bringing points and serenity. »

After a failed start to matches in Orléans and against Boulogne, are you going to warn your players about the very likely strong physical intensity that Strasbourg will want to deploy?

“Already, it’s been four times in a row that we have lost at home. Opposing teams must tell themselves that if they start hard there is a way to pass. We are going to warn the players of that and of the fact that at this time of the season we have to behave as if we were in the playoffs. If we show the same intensity as Tuesday by conceding 31 points in the first quarter, leaving easy lay-ups, adding 7 stray balls, it is not possible. We need to stop giving out so many entrance gifts. It was the same thing against Cholet. If we are animated by this state of mind, we will not succeed. It is necessary to display the state of mind displayed in the final of the cup, with mutual aid, intensity, and above all to do it over forty minutes. »

LNB trophies: no Pau among the nominees

Next Wednesday, the winners of the LNB Trophies will be revealed from 7 p.m. during a special live broadcast on beIN sport. No stress in sight for Elan supporters since no Pau is among the finalists unveiled this Thursday by the National League.
2and top scorer in the championship with 18 points on average and 4and at the evaluation, Brandon Jefferson is therefore not one of the three players in the running for the title of MVP and thus succeeding Strasbourg Bonzie Colson. There are leaders Will Cummings (Boulogne-Levallois) and David Holston (Dijon, MVP in 2019), as well as Le Mans interior TaShawn Thomas.
For the coaches of the year, are in the running Vincent Collet (Boulogne), Lassi Tuovi (Strasbourg) and Massimo Cancellieri (Limoges). Juhann Begarin (Paris), Nadir Hifi (Le Portel) and Victor Wenbanyama will be decided for the title of best young player, while Alpha Diallo (Monaco), Ismael Kamagaté (Paris) and Lahou Konaté (Boulogne) are eyeing the trophy of best defender .

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