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Australian Open 2022 – Three positive tests, freaking out, depressed: Pair, a year and a half of trouble in 8 dates

July 27, 2020: UTS, recovery tournament and freaking out

The “Ultimate tennis showdown” takes advantage of the weeks left vacant by a circuit still on hiatus to offer an innovative formula. Shorter matches per quarter, “cards” in the form of jokers to be used at the right time, the second version brings together Dimitrov, Gasquet, Verdasco or even Moutet. Benoît Paire is also in the game and takes advantage of the absence of the code of conduct in force on the ATP circuit.

Opposed to Fernando Verdasco on the second day, the French reacted quickly when the referee asked him to wait to serve. He didn’t need more to freak out. Insults and racket throwing, the Pair that we will see for several months shows up for the first time.

ATP Roma

A bubble apart for Djokovic, the glass ceiling of Tsitsipas


UTS 2 – Insults and racket throwing: Paire’s new freakout against Verdasco

August 30, 2020: The first positive test, the withdrawal from the US Open

The first of his many positive tests for Covid-19. Tested on the eve of the launch of the US Open, Paire is forced to forfeit. Other French players, including Gasquet and Mladenovic, contact cases, are also isolated. Fourteen days later, Paire comes out of the hotel room in which he had to stay locked up. “The form ? I don’t know if you can say that. I’m out of juice. Another six days of Fortnite and Fifa (video games), I’m progressing, but physically I’m regressing“, he explains to Richard Gasquet during a live Instagram.

September 14, 2020: Deplorable attitude in Rome

After several months of break forced by the start of a pandemic which is still going on, the circuit resumed and with a Roland-Garros which took place at the end of September, the Masters 1000 in Rome found a place a week earlier. Benoît Paire is registered there but the period weighs on him. Playing without an audience is a hassle for him. Once again, it’s a discussion with the referee that triggers everything. New racket throw and last game completely redacted against Jannik Sinner, the Avignonnais displayed his discomfort in public with a frankly inappropriate attitude.

Paire played against Sinner for a bit and sat down to chat with the ref

September 23, 2020: The second positive test

Three weeks after his positive test in New York, the Frenchman saw the same misadventure in Hamburg. He explained this at the time to L’Équipe. “When I arrived, I tested positive for Covid again. I’m tired, I can’t take it anymore. I said, I’m out! And then the guy said to me: ‘Here in Germany, if you are positive for Covid and you have already completed your quarantine period, normally we no longer test the players, because even if you still catch it, you don’t are more contagious'”. Authorized to play, he gives up in the 1st round.

September 30, 2020: Ill-being at Roland-Garros

Two small turns and then goes away. Winner of his first match at Roland-Garros, Benoît Paire fell in the second round in a match where he talked to himself a lot and out loud. He pours out his discomfort at a press conference.

I’m going home, I’m very happy. Usually, when I lose at Roland I collapse. I just want to go to a restaurant even if it closes at 10 p.m. This season, she looks like nothing. I try to do my best on the court. Afterwards, with everything that’s happened to me, it’s not easy. Everyone will say that I make excuses, but when you spend ten days in a hotel room… I was still locked up in Hamburg for five days, so it’s a completely truncated preparation. I am physically and mentally tired.”

April 11, 2021: Defeat in the 1st round in Monte-Carlo and “really nothing to worry about”

The start of the 2021 season is an ordeal for Benoît Paire. From January to the end of June, he won in all and for all two matches and suffered 17 defeats. In Monte-Carlo, his post-reverse press conference is a new opportunity for him to say how much the ATP circuit no longer brings him any pleasure.

Frankly this match… I have a double again, and then I break home, two hours away. Arriving in such cemeteries depresses me a little. I really don’t care. It no longer brings me anything happy, tennis, when you see the conditions. It’s absolutely sad when it’s usually the best tournament in the world… Don’t give a damn, I’m going home!“.

August 30, 2021: Insults towards the public

Back at the US Open, Benoît Paire is not cured. At least, it doesn’t take much for him to switch to the wrong side again. Quarter-finalist in Cincinnati in preparation, he is led by a set by Dusan Lajovic in the 1st round in Flushing before, once again, flipping out. If he defends himself the next day on social networks, Paire seems to be insulting a spectator who is guilty in his eyes of having spoken during his service gesture.

Penalty point, insults thrown at a spectator: Benoît Paire in cracking mode

December 29, 2021: Third positive test for Covid

Hello, my name is Benoît Paire and for the 250th time I am positive for Covid!! Frankly, I can’t take your shitty Covid anymore!!”. For the third time, the Frenchman has therefore tested positive. “Since the start of the season, I feel bad mentally. I don’t feel very well physically either,” says Melbourne, who claims to have been “infected” with his loved ones in the first two weeks of the year. After his great success on Dimitrov, he collapses at the microphone of Eurosport. With a good eighth to play against Tsitsipas and unfailing support from the public, Paire has, perhaps, found a smile for good.

It was disjointed, but it was good: the summary of Paire’s victory against Dimitrov

ATP Roma

A 6th Roman triumph for Djokovic


ATP Roma

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