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at what time and on which channel to follow the tests? All the competition program in Budapest

From artistic swimming to diving, from open water swimming to pool swimming without forgetting water polo, the world swimming championships in large pools open on Friday June 17 in Budapest, and end on Saturday July 2. The best on the planet meet in Hungary less than a year after the Tokyo Olympics. This edition is exceptionally organized this year due to the Covid-19 crisis, three years after the Worlds in Gwangju (South Korea), and while those in Fukuoka (Japan), already postponed twice, will be held in 2023. .

Around Florent Manaudou but also Charlotte Bonnet, Léon Marchand, Marie Wattel (in the race), Aurélie Muller, Marc-Antoine Olivier and Axel Reymond (in open water), and Gary Hunt (in diving), the French team has arguments to win more than one medal, the total brought back by the tricolor delegation at the Tokyo Games. The French women’s water polo team also qualified for these Worlds.

Where to follow the Worlds on France Télévisions?

Every day, from June 18 to 25, follow the World Championship Series from 9 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. (until 12:15 p.m. on Saturday June 18, 12 p.m. on Tuesday June 21 and Friday June 24, 11 a.m. on Saturday June 25) by live on The end of the day, with the semi-finals and finals of the pool race events, will be broadcast on France 4 from 6 p.m. (until 8 p.m. every day except Sunday June 19 until 7:40 p.m., Wednesday 22 June until 8:05 p.m., Thursday June 23 until 7:55 p.m., and Saturday June 25 until 7:50 p.m.).

The swimming race program

Saturday June 18

Series and finals : 400m freestyle men, 400m freestyle women, 400m medley men, 4x100m freestyle women4x100m freestyle men.
Series and semi-finals : Women’s 100m butterfly, men’s 50m butterfly, men’s 100m breaststroke, women’s 200m medley.

French sprinter Florent Manaudou, at the start of the 50m freestyle at the Mediterranean meeting, March 4, 2022. (KEMPINAIRE STEPHANE / KMSP / AFP)

Sunday June 19

Heats: 1500m freestyle femalemy
Heats and semi-finals: 100m backstroke femalemy100m backstroke men, 100m breaststroke femalemy200m freestyle men.
Finals: 100m breaststroke men100m butterfly femalemy50m butterfly men200m medley femalemy.

Monday, June 20

Series: 800m freestyle men
Heats and semi-finals: 50m breaststroke men200m freestyle femalemy200m butterfly men.
Finals: 200m freestyle men1500m freestyle femalemy100m backstroke femalemy100m backstroke men100 m breaststroke femalemy.

Tuesday, June 21

Heats and semi-finals: 50m backstroke femalemy100m freestyle men200m medley men200m butterfly femalemy.
Heats and final: 4x100m mixed medley relay
Finals: 800m freestyle men200m freestyle femalemy200m butterfly men50m breaststroke men.

Wednesday, June 22

Heats and semi-finals: 100m freestyle femalemy200m backstroke men200m breaststroke femalemy200m breaststroke men.
Heats and final: 4x200m freestyle femalemy.
Finals: 200m butterfly femalemy100m freestyle men50m backstroke femalemy200m medley men.

Thursday, June 23

Heats and semi-finals: 100m butterfly men200m backstroke femalemy50m freestyle men50m butterfly femalemy.
Heats and final: 4x200m freestyle relay men.
Finals: 100m freestyle femalemy200m breaststroke femalemy200m backstroke men200m breaststroke men.

Friday, June 24

Heats and semi-finals: 50m freestyle femalemy50m backstroke men50m breaststroke femalemy.
Heats and final: mixed 4x100m freestyle relay
Finals: 50m butterfly femalemy50m freestyle men100m butterfly men200m backstroke femalemy800m freestyle femalemy.

The start of the women's 50m freestyle at the 2019 long course world championships, in Gwangju (South Korea), July 28, 2019. (ALEXANDER VILF / SPUTNIK / AFP)

Saturday June 25

Heats and final: 400m medley femalemy4x100m relay 4 strokes men4×100 m medley relay femalemy.
Finals: 50m backstroke men50m breaststroke femalemy1500m freestyle men50m freestyle femalemy.

The program of artistic swimming, open water, diving and water polo

Friday, June 17

Artistic swimming: series in technical solo and technical duet.

Saturday June 18

Artistic Swimming: Combined and Mixed Technical Duet Series, Technical Solo Finals

Sunday June 19

Artistic swimming: series in technical team, finals in technical duet.

Monday, June 20

Artistic swimming: free solo series, finals in mixed and combined technical duet.
Water polo: France-Spain

The French Audrey Daule, ball in hand, against Italy.  (MAXPPP)

Tuesday, June 21

Artistic swimming: free duet series, technical team finals.

Wednesday, June 22

Artistic swimming: free team heats, free solo finals.
Water polo: Thailand – France

Thursday, June 23

Artistic swimming: highlight series, free duet finals.

Friday, June 24

Synchronized swimming: mixed free duet series, free team finals.
Water polo: France-Greece

Saturday June 25

Synchronized swimming: mixed free duet finals, highlight finals.

Sunday June 26

Open water: 6 km team relay
Diving: heats and final in the men’s 3 m springboard, heats and semi-finals in the women’s 10 m springboard.
Water polo: Round of 16 of the women’s tournament and classification matches.

One of the open water specialists, Marc-Antoine Olivier, in competition on December 16, 2021. (KEMPINAIRE STEPHANE / KMSP / AFP)

Monday, June 27

Open water: 5 km men and women
Diving: series and semi-finals in the men’s 3m springboard, women’s 10m springboard final.
Water polo: Round of 16 of the men’s tournament and classification matches.

Tuesday, June 28

Diving: men’s synchronized 10m springboard heats and final, men’s 3m springboard final.
Water polo: tournament quarter-finals feminine.

Wednesday, June 29

Open water: 10 km women and men
Diving: women’s 1m springboard heats and final, team 3m and 10m springboard finals, mixed synchronized 3m springboard finals.
Water polo: quarter-finals of the men’s tournamentin.

Thursday, June 30

Open water: 25 km women and men
Diving: women’s synchronized 10m springboard heats and final, men’s 1m springboard heats and final.
Water polo: tournament semi-finals feminine.

Friday July 1

Diving: women’s 3m springboard heats and semi-finals, mixed synchronized 10m springboard final.
Water polo: semi-finals of the men’s tournament.

Saturday July 2

Diving: men’s 10m springboard heats and semi-finals, women’s 3m springboard final.
Water polo: women’s tournament final.

Sunday July 3

Diving: women’s synchronized 3m springboard heats and final, men’s 10m springboard final.
Water polo: men’s tournament final.

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