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An ice brawler tournament will be held next week in Alberta

When I heard Georges Laraque announce on the air earlier this week that he was going to return to Edmonton on May 21 to watch a brand new strongman competition on the ice, I wondered if I had understood correctly.

What? In 2022? An on-ice brawling event when there is a growing movement to stop brawling in hockey? Isn’t that from another era?

I understood well.

A new type of combat sport is well and truly emerging in North America: Ice Wars International, the King of the rink.

Four events are already planned, including the first on May 21 in Alberta. Eight goons will participate in this first event, including Quebecer Jean-François Lafrance (LNAH).

In fact, the gala will be held in Enoch, a suburb of Edmonton.

Each fight will take place according to the following format: two one-minute rounds on the ice judged by experts. A KO or a TKO obviously puts an end to each fight.

Fighters will wear style gloves cfu under traditional hockey gloves that they will throw away at the start of the fight. They won’t fight with their bare hands.

There will be three categories (weight): under 205 pounds, 205 to 220 pounds and over 220 pounds.

Kicking and headbutting will be prohibited, as will biting, hair pulls, legs and knee strikes. A fighter will also not be able to retain his opponent’s gloves and he will have to keep his helmet on throughout the fight. He will also be partially dressed as a hockey player.

A boxing commission and doctors will supervise each event.

Each evening is a tournament with eight fighters where the one who has won his three duels will have won the evening championship.

At first glance, this kind of event does not really appeal to me. I feel more like going back in time ’80 than anything else and to attend a circus or a fair. But I still believe that there will be strong supporters for this kind of show. It remains to be seen how much…

Note that each event will be broadcast on the TV a la carte ( Between 500 and 2,500 seats can be sold in the Enoch’s River Cree Resort and Casino. How many will be occupied on May 21, in less than 10 days?

For the moment, there are still a lot of tickets available on ticket master.

The second gala will take place in Texas and the organization would like to present its third in Quebec. Alberta…Texas…seems to me Quebec doesn’t have the bid kind to complete this trilogy, right?

Oh yes… each fighter will be housed, fed, moved for free and paid for their performance. I hope!

A lot of

– The CH would have Shane Wright at the top of their list.

– Already a jersey that refers to Shane Wright!

– A possible full house awaits the Rocket tonight in Laval.

– Influenza has entered the Remparts locker room.

– Victory for FAA.

– Alistair Johnston, injured last Saturday, is back in training.

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