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AMIENS SC – John Williams: “Today, we close the Ligue 1 parenthesis”

There were a lot of people at a press conference on Monday to discuss the arrivals of Antoine Leautey and Abdourahmane Barry but also the rest of the transfer window.

The first subject, it was all the same above all, the presentation of the two recruits. And as a preamble, John Williams said to himself “delighted to welcome them both. » Then came the time to describe the two thieves in a little more detail. On the one hand, a young defender, Abdourahmane Barryabout which Williams did not “There is no doubt about his ability to adapt, he will bring us his defensive quality, his quality of passing and his good humor. » And Philippe Hinschberger continue : “He has all the qualities of a good defender, duel, recovery…” And the versatility since the player explains that last season, he “played a lot piston, right.” »

A corridor where the priority will still be the offensive profile ofAntoine Leauteyas John Williams explains: “Antoine comes to take the right lane, he has a good quality of passing, dribbling and speed. » Philippe Hinschberger outbids moreover from his personal experience, that of a player who “has always given a hard time to [s]are defenders. He is a boy who masters the qualities of a side animator, movements, finishing quality, last pass “ And who will be able to come back strong from an additional experience gathered at Gil Vicentein Portuguese D1. ” It’s a different championshipmore technical, more tacticalexplains Antoine Leautey. On these aspects, I think I passed a level, the coach had a different mentality than in France, I also played in another system, I think it’s a set of things. »

Group life as a factor of choice

A player who, as a result of this experience, “also comes to be a player leader of this team. » Because between this profile and Barry’s good humor, “the question of personality was important, it was necessary improve something in the life of the group” launches John Williams. “We are always trying to do bettercontinues the coach of Amiens SC, to, intelligently, be able to take stock, what are the problems that we may have encountered, in particular a lack of a leader, it is very clear. You must have a just mix between youth and experience, more experienced leaders, young people who will bring enthusiasm. »

Bongani Zungu will no longer be from Amiens next season. He will have played 75 games with the ASC.

A mentality that has already passed a first revealer. ” They have gave their consent very early », thus slips John Williams, thus underlining that, in spite of other requests, the two men kept their word. The idea being to have players perfectly in tune with the club’s project: “The important thing is to recruit men before recruiting players, I think that today, we are closing the Ligue 1 parenthesis. I am happy to have two good guys here to experience things and not to survive. » A group from Ligue 1 which finally sees one of its last elements leave, Bongani Zungu. “We asked ourselves the questionadmits all the same the Amiens recruitment manager, but he had other aspirations, we decided to move on. »

Degreasing operation in sight

And now, isn’t the risk that players will leave, leaving another important task for recruitment? It’s not relevant, to believe Bernard Joannineven if he warns that he is not “not here for [s]e put in the way of the careers of the players. “Before a funny outing on the anticipation of possible departures: ” You can not don’t have a roadmap, it is the market that dictates the roadmap. »

A roadmap, however, is what is in question in the speech by John Williams, evoking the one ” having 22 outfield players. » A mission accomplished, he explains without specifying the exact identity of these 22 players and who is excluded. Because yes, some are not part of it. In addition to mentioning, “players on loan, mainly”some names are released, all the same, Ouhatti, Gaoussou Traoré »when he explains what is now the priority of the transfer window: “Some players who are not in the coach’s plans will leave. » Departures which should also quickly settle: “This is an important point that is in progress, we are making great progress, with foreign clubs, National, we hope to have news soon. »

Another point, mentioned implicitly, of this roadmap, to have a full workforce as soon as possible. However, this is the case, according to John Williams: ” Today, we are complete, the team is coherent. » An observation shared by Philippe Hinschberger, in addition to the satisfaction of taking over “with a small group” esteeming his team “pretty well balanced”. A reasoning that would almost suggest that the group is formed and should not move. But John Williams and Philippe Hinschberger, in line with their president, bring nuance. The first notes that” We already have refused offers for Tolu, Badji, we don’t need to sell, but we already have leads just in case. » The second, not fooled, is aware that there is “potential departures, no one knows if and when it will happen. But recruitment must bring us added value in all areas. »

Matthéo Xantippe remains, the 3-5-2, not necessarily

Beyond these considerations, this press conference made it possible to sweep other points as for the constitution of the workforce. On the one hand, the important part played by the Amiens training. ” We have 13 players out of 26 from the training center in the groupwelcomes John Williams. We are starting to reap the benefits, we had to be patient. » Although, he warns, “Not everyone is going to be a starter. »

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If it is not yet acted, John Williams assures him, Matthéo Xantippe will finally sign his first pro contract this week.

He also referred to the case Mattheo Xantippeabout which he expressed confidence: “Matthéo will sign his contract by Wednesday, it’s a question of the availability of his agent to see each other physically, we will find an agreement, we have no doubt, he will be from Amiens the coming season. »

From there to see the piston again? Why not, but not necessarily. Philippe Hinschberger does not exclude anything in terms of system, even if he admits having “pretty much enjoyed playing with two forwards. » And that he inquired about the compatibility of Leautey with this system: “If we leave in this organization, I had this discussion with him at the signing, our eccentrics must play high, our pistons are offensive, from there, Antoine is suitable for this position. » For the rest, “more than talking about schema, I want to talk about progression lines : we only won 9 games, our away journey, our number of draws (17, editor’s note), set pieces. »

But, for the moment, noobjective. So, it was the newcomers who took charge of it, evoking their “goal of ascend. » If the beginning of the transfer window is not high-sounding, it seems that it is, on the other hand, not devoid ofambition.

Morgan Chaumier
Photo credits: Morgan Chaumier / Léandre Leber / Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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