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“Allowing all the pros to meet

Can you recall what PGA France is and what are its missions?
French PGA – PGA meaning “Associated Golf Professionals” – is an association which was founded in 1925 and today has around 1500 members. On the one hand, we have 240 professional players in activity, that is to say holders of a category on a circuit, and on the other, teachers in activity or not, since among these there are retirees, the unemployed, teachers who exercise another profession such as that of director-pro or student monitors. Our main mission is to promote exchanges between our members, and we do this through various actions, including the organization of events. There are on the one hand 150 which are organized by our regional leagues, and on the other hand some large ones which are managed at the national level: these are the French circuit access cards that we are co-organizing with the French Golf FederationI’open PGA France of Mont-de-Marsanthe PGA France Grand Prix at Roissythe French doubles championship in Aisses in June, which is reserved for teachers, and the Marrakesh pro-am at the end of the year which is open to all. So much for the game. As for the other actions intended to promote exchanges, we take care in partnership with the ffgolf of the continuing education of teachers, we support our members in the day-to-day of their activity on the administrative and legal levels. , and we provide them with an online store and a travel service, so that all members of PGA France benefit from support in all aspects of their activity.

How did the idea of ​​organizing a professional tournament in Mont-de-Marsan come about?
In 2015, when Schweppes withdrew from the PGA France Grand Prix which was being played at the time at the Medoc Golf Resort, we found ourselves without a test intended for professional players. And as it is part of the functions of our association to offer them competitions, we wanted to create a new one. We questioned our leagues and Robert Mas, the president of the Sud-Ouest league, told us that he had good contact with the Mont-de-Marsan golf course and its then president, Philippe Revel-Mouroz. So we set up the tournament together, with the help of local partners and the ffgolf one more time. The event therefore started in 2015 and has continued since, and we are very happy to organize it, whether for our players or for the club. This year is the seventh edition since that of 2020 had been canceled due to the pandemic: as always, we are delighted to have a very nice field of players which includes in particular Gregory Havret, Gregory Bourdy, Julien Quesne, Sebastien Gros, Victor Riu or Edward Spain.

In two weeks, from April 21 to 23, the PGA France Grand Prix will take place in Roissy, an event relaunched two years ago. Where are you in its development?
Yes, the Grand Prix was reborn from its ashes two years ago, after a four-year hiatus. We are supported in the organization by the agglomeration and the city of Roissy, Ugolf and the federation, and we are all the better for having relaunched this historic French golf tournament (created in 1928, editor’s note) that we have committed to in 2020 for ten years. So it’s a long-term event, with a nice prize pool of 50,000 euros, and which, like Mont-de-Marsan, aims to allow players to prepare for the rest of their season as well as possible. , and to all involved, who can be men or women, young or less young, to exchange. We bring in a fitting truck, we install a players lounge friendly, so we do our best to welcome them. This year we have small additional arrangements with a large leaderboard to create animation and greater media coverage. And also, for the first time since we relaunched it, we’re going to have a full year between two editions (the Grand Prix was organized in mid-July last year and at the end of October in 2020, editor’s note)and I hope that this time at our disposal will help us find new partners and continue to grow the event.


2021: Ugo Coussaud and Joanna Klatten
2020: unorganized
2019: Mathieu Fenasse
2018: Matthew Pavon
2017: Victor Perez and Valentine Derrey
2016: Anthony Grenier and Valentine Derrey
2015 : Julien Grillon

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