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all dates for the 2022 Baseball season

After much uncertainty and a long lockout, MLB will finally resume its rights this month, with the first regular season games scheduled for next week. Less than a week before the start of hostilities, We Sport lists the main dates to remember from the 2022 season calendar.

2022 MLB Schedule: Key Dates

  • April 7: Opening Day
  • July 15-19: All-Star Week
  • July 17-19: MLB Draft
  • Late July: MLB Trade Deadline
  • August 11: Field of Dreams Game
  • August 21: Little League Classic
  • October 5: start of the playoffs

MLB schedule – April 7: Opening Day of the 2022 season

At last ! After (too) long weeks of waiting and a Spring Training express, MLB franchises will begin their season on April 7. Initially scheduled for March 31, the season opener will therefore take place a week later, and will see sixteen teams on deck next Thursday, with the other twelve starting their season the next day.

The program of the Opening Day 2022:

  • Boston Red Sox @ New York Yankees [19h05]
  • Milwaukee Brewers @ Chicago Cubs [20h20]
  • New York Mets @ Washington Nationals [22h05]
  • Seattle Mariners @ Minnesota Twins [22h10]
  • Cleveland Guardians @Kansas City Royals [22h10]
  • Pittsburgh Pirates@Syou Louis Cardinals [22h15]
  • Cincinnati Reds @ Atlanta Braves [2h08]
  • Houston Astros @ Los Angeles Angels [3h38]
  • San Diego Padres @ Arizona Diamondbacks [3h40]

July 15-19: All-Star Week

Planned on the side of Dodgers Stadium Los Angeles, All-Star Week will take place in mid-July, culminating in the Home Run Derby on July 18 then on July 92and All-Star Game the next day. Voting to decide which players will take part is scheduled to open in late June, and fans will then have a week to vote for the players they want to send to California.

As a reminder, last year, the All Stars of the’American League beat those of the National League 5 to 2. The Home Run Derby had been won by Pete Alonso (New York Mets), already winner in 2020 and who will therefore be a double defending champion*.

* In 2021, the All Star Game did not take place due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

July 17-19: MLB Draft

A major mid-season event in MLB, the Draft will take place this year in Los Angeles, California. Worst record at the end of the 2021 season, the Baltimore Orioles will inherit the 1er choice, while the Arizona Diamondbacks (2and) and the Texas Rangers (3and) will complete the podium. The Orioles will follow the Pittsburgh Pirates, holders of the first pick last year they used to select Henry Davis (C, Louisville).

Late July: MLB Trade Deadline

The date has not yet been finalized in the MLB calendar for 2022, but the MLB Trade Deadline should take place at the end of July. Deadline from which franchises no longer have the right to exchange players, it is often accompanied by numerous transactions, marking one of the busiest days of the year. This deadline should take place between July 28 and August 3.

August 11: Field of Dreams Game

Popularized by the eponymous film released in 1989 – and moreover built for the occasion, the Field of Dreams will be entitled to a new match in 2021. Located in Iowa near Dyersville, this stadium hosted a match between the White Sox and the Yankees last year, won 9 to 8 by Chicago. This year, MLB will return for another matchup, this time between the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago Cubs. If this will only be the second edition of this match, it is already a regular fixture in the MLB season.

August 21: Little League Classic

In an effort to interest more children in baseball from an early age, MLB has been organizing since 2017 a meeting at the Bowman Field of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, on the fringes of Little League World Series. Annual competition for children between 10 and 12 years old, it crowns the best state each year. For the sixth edition of this meeting, it will be the Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles, two AL East franchises, who will face each other.

MLB calendar – October 5: start of the playoffs

Official date of the end of the regular season, October 5 will mark, at the same time, the beginning of the postseason of the 2022 season. From this season and following the new collective agreement signed a few weeks ago, here are the main changes concerning the playoff formula:

  • The number of franchises qualified in the playoffs increases from ten to twelve. The three division winners from each league will qualify, along with the top three records from each of the leagues.
  • In each league, the two best records among the division winners will be entitled to a week off. The last division winner and the three wild cards will go through the Wild Card Roundwith best-of-three series (first to two wins).
  • There is no reseeding between rounds. The #1 seed will face the winner of the series between #4 and #5, while the #2 seed will face the winner of the series between #3 and #6.

For the rest, and therefore from Divisional Seriesthe formula remains the same until World Serieswho this year will crown the successor to the Atlanta Braves, titles in 2021.

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